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Apr 15 2013 1:50pm

Ian Cameron Esslemont Answers Your Return of the Crimson Guard QuestionsYou asked and Ian Cameron Esslemont responded! In conjunction with the conclusion of the Return of the Crimson Guard Malazan reread, we’ve got the answers to your questions about the Malazan series, Return of the Crimson Guard, and more. (Just a small note before we begin, submitted questions were condensed and collected by username.) Click through to start reading!

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Feb 7 2013 5:00pm
Ian Cameron Esslemont

Malazan fans! Take a look at the latest tome, Blood and Bone by Ian Cameron Esslemont, out on May 21:

In the western sky the bright emerald banner of the Visitor descends like a portent of annihilation. On the continent of Jacuruku, the Thaumaturgs have mounted another expedition in a bid to tame the neighbouring wild jungle. Yet this is no normal wilderness. It is called Himatan, and it is said to be half of the spirit-realm and half of the earth. And it is said to be ruled by a powerful entity who some name the Queen of Witches and some a goddess: the ancient Ardata.

Saeng grew up knowing only the rule of the magus Thaumaturgs but it was the voices from that land’s forgotten past that she listened to. And when her rulers launch their invasion of this jungle, those voices send her and her brother on a desperate mission.

To the south, the desert tribes are united by the arrival of a foreign warleader, a veteran commander in battered ashen mail men call the Grey Ghost. This warrior leads these tribes on a raid unlike any other, deep into the heart of Thaumaturg lands.

While word comes to K’azz, and mercenary company the Crimson Guard, of a contract in Jacuruku. And their employer? Could it be the goddess herself...

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Apr 12 2012 1:00pm
Ian Cameron Esslemont

Check out the prologue for the latest Malazan Empire novel, Orb Sceptre Throne, out on May 22:

Darujhistan, city of dreams, city of blue flames, is peaceful at last; its citizens free to return to politicking, bickering, trading and, above all, enjoying the good things in life. Yet there are those who will not allow the past to remain buried. A scholar digging in the plains stumbles across an ancient sealed vault. The merchant Humble Measure schemes to drive out the remaining Malazan invaders. And the surviving agents of a long-lost power are stirring, for they sense change and so, opportunity. While, as ever at the centre of everything, a thief in a red waistcoat and of rotund proportions walks the streets, juggling in one hand custard pastries, and in the other the fate of the city itself.

Far to the south, fragments of the titanic Moon’s Spawn have crashed into the Rivan Sea creating a series of isles...and a fortune hunter’s dream. A Malazan veteran calling himself ’Red’ ventures out to try his luck—and perhaps say goodbye to old friends. But there he finds far more than he’d bargained for as the rush to claim the Spawn’s treasures descends into a mad scramble of chaos and bloodshed. For powers from across the world have gathered here, searching for the legendary Throne of Night. The impact of these events are far reaching, it seems. On an unremarkable island off the coast of Genabackis, a people who had turned their backs upon all such strivings now lift their masked faces towards the mainland and recall the ancient prophesy of a return.

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May 13 2011 5:23pm
Ian Cameron Esslemont

Stonewielder by Ian Cameron EsslemontPlease enjoy this second excerpt from Stonewielder by Ian C. Esslemont, a new novel set in the Malazan universe. The first excerpt (Prologue) is up here on



What is an old man but a pile of fading leaves?

Wisdom of the Ancients
Kreshen Reel, compiler

Year 33 of the Malazan Occupation
Korelri year 4178 sw
North of Elri, Korel Isle

The desk of the lord protector of the stormwall is constructed of planks taken from the wreck of a Mare war galley that the Stormriders, the enemy, had captured and used in an attempt to ram the wall. It had been one of their most successful stratagems of the recent century. Over thirty of the Chosen gave up their lives in holy martyrdom to stem that breach. The Lord Protector of the time, one of the few non-Korelri ever to have attained that august office, ordered the desk built to serve as a reminder to all his successors that while the Stormriders had for centuries thrown themselves against the wall in so far predictable, even repetitive tactics, one must never become complacent regarding them.

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May 10 2011 10:26am
Ian Cameron Esslemont

Stonewielder by Ian Cameron EsslemontPlease enjoy this excerpt from Stonewielder by Ian C. Esslemont, a novel set in the Malazan universe, newly out today from Tor Books! And stay tuned!—we'll have more for you from the Malazan universe this week...



The Elder Age
Height of the Jacaruku Crusades
The Many Isles

Uli knew it for a bad omen the moment he saw it. he’d been readying his nets for the pre-dawn fishing when the unnatural green and blue aura bruised the sky. It appeared out of the lightening east and swelled, becoming more bloated with every passing moment. The bay was choppy as if as agitated as he, and he’d been reluctant to push his shallow boat out into the waves. But his family had to eat, and cramped stomachs belch no end of complaints.

Through the first of the morning’s casts he kept his face averted from the thing where it hung in the discoloured sky, blazing like the baleful eye of some god. The catch that morning was poor: either his distraction, or the fish fleeing the apparition. In either case he decided to abandon the effort as cursed, threw his net to the bottom of the craft, and began paddling for shore. The blue-green eye now dazzled brighter than the sun; he shaded his gaze from the points of alien light glimmering on the waves. He paddled faster.

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