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May 24 2010 6:00am

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy #021: African SF & Fantasy! Nollywood! Entomology! (Guest: Nnedi Okorafor)

Nnedi Okorafor, author of Zahrah the Windseeker and The Shadow Speaker, joins us to talk about Africa as it’s represented in science fiction and fantasy. Dave and John discuss portrayals of Africa in fiction and film.


[SHOW NOTES, I presume?]

May 17 2010 6:00am

GGG#020: Climate Change! Geoengineering! Terraforming! (Guest: Eli Kintisch)

Eli Kintisch, author of Hack the Planet, joins us to discuss some of the ambitious and risky geoengineering schemes that are being proposed to address climate change. Dave and John talk terraforming.


[Scientists have developed these SHOW NOTES as our last, best hope for saving the planet.]

May 8 2010 4:25am

GGG#019: Immortality! Automata! Consciousness Transference! (Guest: Robin Wasserman)

Robin Wasserman, author of the young adult science fiction novel Skinned, joins us to discuss hacking Harvard, working in publishing, human identity, and writing about the future. Dave and John try to figure out how to upload their minds. 


[When Dave uploaded his brain to the internet last week, leaving his frail and sickly mortal remains behind, he selflessly exported these SHOW NOTES. Just for you guys.]

May 3 2010 6:00am

GGG#018: Organ Repossession! Con Men! Dystopian Satire! (Guest: Eric Garcia)

Eric Garcia—screenwriter/author of Repo Men and author of Anonymous Rex and Matchstick Men—joins us to discuss con men, dark comedy, and dinosaurs living among us. Dave and John talk violent satirical ’80s science fiction movies.


[SHOW NOTES? I'd buy THAT for a dollar!]

Apr 26 2010 6:00am

GGG#017: Dragons! Fan Fiction! Copyright Law! (Guest: Naomi Novik)

Naomi Novik, author of the Temeraire series, joins us to talk about dragons, fan fiction, and copyright law. Dave and John discuss dragons in books, games, and film.



Apr 12 2010 6:00am

GGG#015: The Black Death! Archimedes! Counterfactuals! (Guest: Dan Carlin)

Dan Carlin, host of the Hardcore History podcast, joins us to discuss the history of the future, the origins of the centaur legend, and what the Black Death can teach us about postapocalyptic fiction. Dave and John get medieval on your assumptions about historical fantasy.


[No written record of the history of Geek's Guide to the Galaxy has ever been discovered. All that remains are these SHOW NOTES.]

Apr 5 2010 5:45am

GGG#014: Fairies! Unicorns! Action Figures! (Guest: Holly Black)

Holly Black, author of The Spiderwick Chronicles, joins us to talk about the Spiderwick movie, graphic novels, and D&D. Dave and John blame evil internet fairies for any number of things, possibly including the loss of their childhood action figure collections.


[To keep the evil internet fairies at bay, read these SHOW NOTES aloud in the presence of the full moon.]

Mar 29 2010 6:21am

GGG#013: Horror! Academia! Our Deepest, Darkest Fears! (Guest: John Langan)

John Langan, author of House of Windows, joins us for our horrifying thirteenth episode! Dave and John discuss scary, scary stuff, including CNN and grammar.


[Only kids are afraid of SHOW NOTES!]

Mar 22 2010 6:16am

GGG#012: Hobbits! Balrogs! My Precious! (Guest: Corey Olsen)

The Tolkien Professor, Corey Olsen, joins us to talk about Tolkien, Medieval literature, and whether Balrogs have wings. Stay with us after the interview when Dave and John discuss all things Hobbit.


[SHOW NOTES are highly visible to the Nazgûl, so read them with caution. When you’re done with them, please hurl them into the fires of Mount Doom.]

Mar 15 2010 6:00am

GGG#011: Star Wars! Ewoks! The Almighty Sarlacc! (Guest: Alexandre Philippe)

The People vs. George Lucas director Alexandre Philippe joins us to talk about the film and the love/hate relationship between Star Wars fans and its creator. Dave and John discuss their opinions of all six films and the expanded universe.


[Now witness the firepower of these fully armed and operational SHOW NOTES!]

Mar 8 2010 6:12am

GGG#010: Space Battles! Giant Ants! Physics! (Guest: Tom Rogers)

Tom Rogers, author of Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics, joins us to talk about exploding cars, battles in space, and the problem of scale in the insectoid world. Dave and John discuss how much science there should be in science fiction.


[These SHOW NOTES are IMPOSSIBLE, but we’re going to use them anyway.]

Mar 1 2010 6:00am

GGG#009: Vampires! Werewolves! Unicorns! (Guest: Carrie Vaughn)

Carrie Vaughn, bestselling author of the best-selling Kitty Norville series, joins us to talk about werewolves, heroines, Wild Cards, and other things. Dave and John talk about some of their favorite werewolves and vampires.


[SHOW NOTES only come out during the full moon. READ MORE while you can!]

Feb 15 2010 6:00am

GGG#007: Escape Pod! Audio Fiction! Unabridged! (Guest: Steve Eley)

Steve Eley—editor of Escape Pod, the internet’s most popular science fiction podcast—stops by this week and we discuss the very promising future of audio fiction.


[You won’t  BELIEVE how awesome these SHOW NOTES are! Click through!]

Feb 8 2010 6:00am

GGG#006: Steampunk! Sherlock Holmes! Eschatology! (Guest: Cherie Priest)

Cherie Priest—Steampunk aficionado, amateur theologian, and author of Boneshaker—joins us as our guest this week. We explain what Steampunk is, why it’s cool, and where you can check it out.


[Crank up your analytical engine and click through for SHOW NOTES...]

Feb 1 2010 6:19am

GGG#005: Crystal Skulls! Alien Abductions! Bigfootology! (Guest: Brian Dunning)

Brian Dunning of Skeptoid joins us as our guest this week. The Skeptoid podcast is one of the most popular science podcasts around, with over 50,000 listeners. Brian joins us to discuss critical thinking and its application in everything from alien abductions to medicine in the movies. Dave and John apply a little critical thinking of their own.


[Don’t believe in SHOW NOTES? Click through and the truth will be revealed!]

Jan 25 2010 5:58am

GGG#004: Superheroes! Romance! Sea Monsters! (Guest: Marjorie M. Liu)

Marjorie M. Liu—writer of comics NYX and Dark Wolverine (Marvel) and author of the novels in the Dirk and Steele and Hunter Kiss series—is our guest this week. She tells us about attending Clarion and writing for Marvel, and Dave and John discuss comics, then and now.


[For the super-amazing and fabulous SHOW NOTES, click through!]

Jan 18 2010 11:50am

GGG#003: Robots! War Machines! Robolobsters! (Guest: P. W. Singer)

P.W. Singer, author of Wired for War, joins us this week to talk about the subject of robots in the military and the intersection between video games and war. John and Dave consider some of the science fiction works that influenced the development of robots as we know them.


[Show Notes after the jump.]

Jan 11 2010 10:26am

GGG#002: Dystopias! Global Warming! Thailand! (Guest: Paolo Bacigalupi)

Paolo Bacigalupi, author of the critically-acclaimed The Windup Girl (which was named one of Time Magazine’s top ten novels of the year) joins us this week to talk about global warming, the horrors of travel, the current state of literature for boys, and his own forthcoming YA novel, Ship Breaker. John and Dave discuss their own experiences with literature when they were growing up, and how they became science fiction fans.


[Show Notes after the jump.]

Jan 4 2010 2:35pm

GGG#001: Zombies! Video Games! The End of the World! (Guest: Chet Faliszek)

Left 4 Dead 2 lead writer Chet Faliszek is the featured interview guest on the premiere episode of The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy a new podcast talk show here on In this episode, your hosts John Joseph Adams and David Barr Kirtley take on zombies and the apocalypse in video games, popular culture, and literature. They discuss Valve Software's history of story-focused games and talk to Chet about zombies and video games and contingency plans, then discuss their own strategies for surviving the coming zombie apocalypse, and give their opinions of Cormac McCarthy's The Road.


[Show Notes after the jump.]