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October 14, 2014
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October 10, 2014
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October 10, 2014
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October 7, 2014
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October 3, 2014
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Oct 16 2014 2:19pm

Palpatine’s Newly Revealed First Name is More Appropriate Than You Think

Palpatine first name

Star Wars: Tarkin, the next novel in the news series of canonical Star Wars universe novels coming from Del Rey, has a casual surprise for its readers: the revelation of Emperor Palpatine’s first name.

It’s a reveal that makes you pause for a second. Don’t we already know his first name? Surely that got slipped in somewhere, in a deleted scene or an EU novel or on the back of some toy packaging. Is this really the first we’re hearing of it, more than 30 years after the character showed up?

Apparently so, according to Wookieepedia. Ladies and gentlemen and Jedi and death stick enthusiasts, say hello to Sheev Palpatine. He’ll be oppressing you for the next few decades.

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Oct 16 2014 2:00pm

Gaming Roundup: Dare to Survive The Evil Within

Legendary survival horror developer and creator Shinji Mikami made his return to the gaming world as his latest endeavor, The Evil Within, launched worldwide this week. Mikami, best known for his creation of the Resident Evil franchise and his work on Dino Crisis, was last heard from in 2011 when the underrated Shadows of the Damned released. Since then, he has been hard at work on returning to the roots of survival horror, the genre that made him a legend. How did he fare with The Evil Within?

[“What do you fear, little one?”]

Oct 16 2014 1:30pm

Now You Can Wear Phèdre’s Marque With RockLove’s Kushiel’s Dart Jewelry

Kushiel's Dart Phedre marque necklace RockLove jewelry Jacqueline Carey

Clearly, RockLove Jewelry is taking over all of your favorite fandoms. A week after debuting their Star Trek collection at New York Comic-Con, RockLove announced an exciting collaboration with Kushiel’s Legacy author Jacqueline Carey: the Phèdre’s Marque Necklace, depicting her iconic roses-and-thorns marque.

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Oct 16 2014 1:00pm

A Read of Ice and Fire: “The Mystery Knight” Part 1

George R R Martin Song of Ice and Fire Mystery Knight Dunk & EggWelcome back to A Read of Ice and Fire! Please join me as I read and react, for the very first time, to George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Today’s entry is Part 1 of “The Mystery Knight: A Tale of the Seven Kingdoms,” which originally appeared in the anthology Warriors, edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois.

Previous entries are located in the Index. The only spoilers in the post itself will be for the actual chapters covered and for the chapters previous to them. As for the comments, please note that the Powers That Be have provided you a lovely spoiler thread here on Any spoileriffic discussion should go there, where I won’t see it. Non-spoiler comments go below, in the comments to the post itself.

And now, the post!

[I was going to say “Alexander McQueen” but wasn’t sure if non-fashionistas would get the reference. Not that I am a fashionista, really really really not, actually, but, you know. Right. Yeah, just click the link, I clearly got nothing.]

Oct 16 2014 12:00pm

Words of Radiance Reread: Chapter 14

Brandon Sanderson Words of Radiance Stormlight ArchiveWelcome back to the Words of Radiance Reread on Last week Alice began Book Two and Shallan tried to make herself comfortable in the company of slavers. This week we see Adolin in the dueling arena, and I’m forced to eat my words regarding his chosen life path. Everyone likes seeing me eat my words, right?

This reread will contain spoilers for The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and any other Cosmere book that becomes relevant to the discussion. The index for this reread can be found here, and more Stormlight Archive goodies are indexed here.

Click on through to join the discussion.

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Oct 16 2014 11:35am

Concept Sketches for Star Wars: Episode VII Possibly Leaked

Star Wars Episode VII concept art leak

A large number of concept sketches for Star Wars: Episode VII have been found online on an ImageShack account called “themillenniumfalcon,” and if the concept art is real, it gives us many, many tantalizing details about what’s to come in the next Star Wars film.

The veracity of the concept art has yet to be confirmed (it seems weird that Disney would not have yanked this already, for one) but the details in them are very specific, so we’re treating them as if they are. Here is where the images can be found. Click at your own risk!

Note: Feel free to discuss the contents in the comments below. Potential spoilers in the comments.

Oct 16 2014 11:30am

Flatiron Books Announces Mark Frost’s The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks

Flatiron Books

Bob Miller, Flatiron Books president and publisher, announced today that Flatiron Books will publish The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks, written by Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost. The novel reveals what has happened to the people of the iconic fictional town since we last saw them 25 years ago, and offers a deeper glimpse into the central mystery from the original series. Mark Frost will also co-write and executive produce the upcoming highly anticipated Twin Peaks sequel with Lynch, a limited series set to air on Showtime in 2016. The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks will be published in advance of the Showtime series, and is set to go on sale late 2015.

Of the acquisition, Mark Frost said:

“Bob Miller and I have enjoyed a fantastic fifteen year relationship in publishing. This has long been a dream project of mine that will bring a whole other aspect of the world of Twin Peaks to life, for old fans and new. I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks has also been picked up around the world—Pan Macmillan will publish the book in the UK, with Mondadori publishing in Italy, and Kiepenheuer & Witsch publishing in Germany. The Finnish rights have been sold to Otava, while Companhia das Letras have picked up the rights in Brazil.

Oct 16 2014 11:00am

The Harry Potter Reread: The Prisoner of Azkaban Chapters 17 and 18

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban coverThe Harry Potter Reread won’t dance. Don’t ask it.

This week we’re going to learn EVERYTHING. Most things, at least. A lot of things. All the exposition. You will like it, I promise. We’re in for Chapters 17 and 18 of The Prisoner of Azkaban—Cat, Rat, and Dog and Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.

Index to the reread can be located here! Other Harry Potter and Potter-related pieces can be found under their appropriate tag. And of course, since we know this is a reread, all posts might contain spoilers for the entire series. If you haven’t read all the Potter books, be warned.

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Oct 16 2014 10:00am

Nuns, Bears, and Divine Swear Jars: God is Disappointed in You at NYCC

God is Disappointed in You

Have you ever tried reading the Bible? It can present a bit of a challenge to the modern reader. Some of the difficulty comes from the structure: Leviticus and Deuteronomy are simply lists of rules, and there are more detailed genealogies in on book of the Hebrew Bible than in the entire Silmarillion. Even in what should be the most exciting sequences, the tale of Jonah, for instance, or the Book of Revelation, the prose style can bog the reading experience down.

Luckily for this faithless generation, the “well-oiled bibilical comedy machine” of Mark Russell and Too Much Coffee Man’s Shannon Wheeler have teamed up to give us a more reader-friendly version, God is Disappointed in You. Top Shelf presented the book at a raucous NYCC panel, which featured Russell, Wheeler, and a fantastic Powerpoint presentation to introduce the new audiobook version, read by James Urbaniak, and announce that they’re at work on a sequel!

[Check out the highlights below!]

Oct 16 2014 9:00am

The Best of the West: Jawin’ with Nunslinger Author Stark Holborn

Nunslinger Stark Holborn

Nunslinger, penned by Stark Holborn, has been the best combination of contemporary and classic publishing: a terrific novel from a major publisher, but published as a series of serialised ebook adventures. Perhaps best of all, Nunslinger is a classic Western—no Weirdest, no Lovecraftian horrors, no post-apocalyptic metaphors—just a nun, some guns, and all the adventure that the 1860s had to offer. On December 5th, a year from our first introduction to Sister Thomas Josephine and her penchant for mayhem, Nunslinger is finally coming out as a single volume.

One of the great mysteries is the identity of Stark Holborn—the garrulous pseudonym selected by Nunslinger’s author. To celebrate the final instalment in this fantastic Western, Holborn agreed to grant an interview.

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Oct 16 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Just Add Strawberry Syrup for Blood Splatter!

We all express our love in different ways. For Nathan Shields, the best way to show his love of The Walking Dead is to craft pancakes modeled after the characters, then drizzle maple syrup, and perhaps some sort of fresh berries, over the grim visages of Daryl, Carole, and Tyrese, before tucking in to a hearty breakfast. If you would like to add zombie pancakes to your next brunch, check out Shield’s how-to video here!

Morning Roundup brings you yet another possible Doctor Strange, Comic-Con selfies with Gillian Anderson, and an account of the Rave of Thrones!

[Plus Ralph Steadman meets Walter White!]

Oct 15 2014 5:00pm

The Accidental Highwayman (Audio Excerpt)

Ben Tripp

The Accidental Highwayman Ben Tripp audio excerpt Listen to a free excerpt from The Accidental Highwayman, Ben Tripp’s swashbuckling adventure for young adults! The audiobook—available now from Macmillian Audio—is read by Steve West.

In eighteenth-century England, young Christopher “Kit” Bristol is the unwitting servant of notorious highwayman Whistling Jack. One dark night, Kit finds his master bleeding from a mortal wound, dons the man’s riding cloak to seek help, and changes the course of his life forever. Mistaken for Whistling Jack and on the run from redcoats, Kit is catapulted into a world of magic and wonders he thought the stuff of fairy tales.

Bound by magical law, Kit takes up his master’s quest to rescue a rebellious fairy princess from an arranged marriage to King George III of England. But his task is not an easy one, for Kit must contend with the feisty Princess Morgana, gobling attacks, and a magical map that portends his destiny: as a hanged man upon the gallows….

[Listen to an excerpt below!]

Oct 15 2014 4:00pm

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Desirina Boskovich

Desirina Boskovich pop quiz interviewWelcome back to The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, a recurring series here on featuring some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, and others!

Today we’re joined by Desirina Boskovich, a science fiction and fantasy author whose influences include cyberpunk, magic realism, the weird, and postmodern metafiction (the kind with footnotes, parentheticals and smart-ass remarks). Her work has been published in Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Nightmare, among others. Desirina is also the co-author (along with Jeff VanderMeer) of The Steampunk User’s Manual—a conceptual how-to guide available now from Abrams Image.

Join us!

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Oct 15 2014 3:39pm

Wonder Woman Standalone Movie Leads the Charge in Warner Bros’ Official DC Comics Movie Lineup

Wonder Woman standalone movie Warner Bros DC film slate

We’re getting a Wonder Woman movie!

Warner Bros just dropped that knowledge at today’s shareholder conference, along with updated intel on the various other DC Comics-based superhero movies in the works up through 2020. For instance, the studio has already planned out two Justice League films (both to be directed by Zack Snyder); they’re rebooting Green Lantern; and they’re bringing on Ezra Miller to play one of the stars of their TV properties on the silver screen.

[Check out Warner Bros’ updated movie slate]

Oct 15 2014 3:05pm

You’re Hitting Yourself. Stop Hitting Yourself! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Face My Enemy”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2, episode 4: Face My Enemy

Welcome back to another week of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This particular episode, “Face My Enemy,” was screened at New York Comic Con this past weekend, with a quick walk-on hello from Coulson himself, and the excitement afterwards was ELECTRIFYING! No, wait, the other thing, tepid.

I already thought it was kind of weird that they didn’t screen the forthcoming Mockingbird episode, since that was the most exciting takeaway from their SDCC panel, and after showing us a clunker like “Face My Enemy” I was even more confused. Having Agent May beat up Agent May is a really fun idea (just like it was on Alias), but they kind of forgot to write an episode around it. Why shine a spotlight on that?

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Oct 15 2014 2:00pm

Hild (Excerpt)

Hild Nicola Griffith In seventh-century Britain, a new religion is coming ashore and small kingdoms are merging, frequently and violently. Hild is the king’s youngest niece, with a glittering mind and a natural authority.

She is destined to become one of the pivotal figures of the Early Middle Ages: Saint Hilda of Whitby. But for now she has only the powerful curiosity of a bright child and the precarious advantage of a plotting uncle, Edwin of Northumbria, who will stop at nothing to become overking of Angles.

Hild establishes a place for herself at his side as the king’s seer, and she is indispensable—as long as she doesn’t lead Edwin astray. The stakes are high—life and death—for Hild, for her family, and, increasingly, for those who seek the protection from this strange girl who seems to see the future.

Drawing from the few records history has left us, Nicola Griffith has brought the young Saint Hilda’s harsh, but beautiful, world to vivid, absorbing life in Hild, available in paperback from Picador on October 28th.

[Read an excerpt]

Oct 15 2014 1:30pm

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang

Jen Wang pop quiz interviewWelcome back to The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, a recurring series here on featuring some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, and others!

Today we’re joined by author Cory Doctorow and illustrator Jen Wang! Cory is a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger. He’s the co-editor of Boing Boing and the author of many books, including the award-winning novel Little Brother and the upcoming non-fiction book Information Doesn’t Want to be Free. Jen is an cartoonist and illustrator currently living in Los Angeles, whose work includes the 2010 graphic novel Koko Be Good. Her works have also appeared in the Adventure Time comics and LA Magazine.

Cory and Jen collaborated on the graphic novel In Real Life, available now from First Second! Based on Cory’s short story “Anda’s Game,” In Real Life is a sensitive, thoughtful look at adolescence, gaming, poverty, and culture-clash. Read an excerpt from the graphic novel and check out the original comic Con/Game, set in the same universe.

[Join us!]

Oct 15 2014 1:30pm

The World of Fairyland Sweepstakes!

The Boy Who Lost Fairyland, the newest installment in Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland series, doesn’t hit shelves until March 2015, but you don’t have to wait that long to return to its world of magic, wyverns, and trolls. We want to send five winners The World of Fairyland, a collection of stand-alone chapter excerpts from The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There, and The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two, plus chapters from The Boy Who Lost Fairyland!

And you can get started on the series by reading the prequel novella, “The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland—For a Little While,” here on!

Comment in the post below to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 1:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on October 14. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on October 18. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Oct 15 2014 1:00pm

Rereading Melanie Rawn: Dragon Prince, Chapters 23 and 24

dragon prince reread melanie rawnWelcome to the weekly Wednesday reread of Dragon Prince! This week Rohan suffers a fate worse than death, Sioned deals with her many responsibilities as Princess and Chosen lover, and the war gets seriously under way.

Chapter 23

So This Happens: Rohan wakes from a drugged stupor to the sound of a man and a woman bickering. He can’t quite place the voices. It’s clear from context that they’re Ianthe and Beliaev.

Sioned meanwhile prepares to ride in search of Rohan, over her brother’s objections.

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Oct 15 2014 12:30pm

Daniel H. Wilson on the Short Film Adaptation of The Nostalgist

The Nostalgist short film

Almost exactly two years ago I was busy shopping for plane tickets from Portland, Oregon to London. At the time, the film adaptation of my first novel (Robopocalypse) was scheduled to begin filming soon. Spielberg was signed on to direct, Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway were starring, and the film was straight up greenlit. I was ridiculously excited… right up until the film was delayed indefinitely. That’s Hollywood.

But there was a silver lining. There was another director in London, and he was primed and ready to start production on a short film called The Nostalgist based on my first short story. I had given Giacomo Cimini (who wins for having the most Italian name ever) the film option on The Nostalgist, assuming that nothing would probably ever happen. It turns out he had been quietly and meticulously preparing to shoot an adaptation of the short story for months.

So, I ended up buying that planet ticket to London. And I’m so glad I did.

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