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Feb 13 2015 8:15am

Announcing The Kitschies’ 2014 Shortlists!

The Kitschies 2014 shortlists PornokitschThe Kitschies, the annual tentacle-themed prize for works containing elements of the “speculative and fantastic,” have released their shortlists for the most “progressive, intelligent, and entertaining” fiction of 2014.

This year’s shortlists have been narrowed down from 198 submissions, coming from over 40 different publishers and imprints. This year also features the prize’s first self-published finalist.

Another change is new director Glen Mehn organizing and overseeing this year’s group of judges, authors, and artists. Congratulations to all of the finalists—we can’t wait to see who will take home the coveted squid statue!

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Feb 2 2015 1:40pm

Afternoon Roundup: Captain America May Have Beaten Star-Lord, But We’re All Winners!

Chris Pratt Chris Evans Super Bowl bet photo

Can we watch every major sports through the lens of a superhero rivalry? After talking trash over Twitter for the past two weeks about their respective teams, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans decided to watch the big game together, aww. And even though Cap’s Patriots won (that interception you guys whaaat), both Marvel heroes are going to visit children’s hospitals in-character and wearing each other’s jerseys, aww. You can also buy a commemorative T-shirt to remember this most charitable of rivalries.

Afternoon Roundup wants that ring, precious; ponders its favorite Knight of the Round Table; and makes “phtoo, phtoo” sounds with Scarlet Witch.

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Oct 23 2014 3:20pm

Hayley Atwell Beats Up Everyone on the Set of Agent Carter, Mostly on Purpose

Agent Carter, Hayley Atwell

All hail Peggy Carter and her upcoming show where she beats up all the peoples who dare to step on her agency and all-around amazingness. At least, we assume that this is what the show is about given Hayley Atwell’s current Twitter stream, which seems to be a torrential downpour of apologies to the various stunt men and set pieces she has given injury to.

[The best. It is the best.]

Sep 2 2014 12:00pm

Short Fiction Spotlight: Time Will Tell

The Bone Clocks David Mitchell

Welcome back to the Short Fiction Spotlight, a weekly column dedicated to doing exactly what it says in the header: shining a light on the some of the best and most relevant fiction of the aforementioned form.

The longlist of novels nominated for this year’s Man Booker Prize is notable for any number of reasons. The prevalence of American authors in a field formerly dominated by Brits and writers hailing from the countries of the Commonwealth can hardly come as a surprise, being a direct effect of the new rules, but the lack of big hitters—foremostly favourites like Martin Amis and Ian McEwan—indubitably does.

David Mitchell’s longlisting for his new book, The Bone Clocks, bucks both of the aforementioned trends. Aside a sojourn in Sicily and eight years of teaching in Hiroshima, he’s a University of Kent-educated Englishman who has been what you might describe as a Booker bridesmaid not once or twice but thrice: for number9dream, Cloud Atlas, and finally, four Prizes past, for The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. Could 2014 be his year? Having read ‘The Right Sort,’ an experimental short set in the same world as the author’s upcoming novel, I’d put to you that it’s a real possibility.

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Aug 7 2014 12:54pm

The Internet is Having a Field Day Making Fun of Terminator: Genisys

Terminator Genisys reactions Twitter making fun Arnold Schwarzenegger Instagram photo

How times have changed: You have to imagine that movie audiences were beyond thrilled when Terminator 2: Judgment Day was announced in the early 1990s... but now, the latest Terminator film news was met mostly with laughter. Then again, it could have to do with the title—Terminator: Genisys.

[Click through for our favorite scathing tweets]

Jul 15 2014 3:45pm

Joss Whedon Revives Wash! On...Single Page Firefly “Sequel”

Joss Whedon Firefly doodle napkin Buffy doodle Wash not dead Mal River Coulson

Remember that time Joss Whedon summed up Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a doodle for a fan who asked him to bring the show back? Now Joss has one-upped himself and revived another beloved series—this time a certain space opera, and this time on a piece of notebook paper.


Jul 11 2014 3:45pm

Hannibal At the Zoo Twitter is “Terrifying Collision of the Sacred and the Profane”

@ZooHannibal Twitter Hannibal at the Zoo funny weird wtf best tweets

It’s a bit ironic that @ZooHannibal, the bizarre and weirdly funny Twitter account collecting Hannibal Lecter’s existential musings from a day at the zoo, is so pro-animal. You know, considering that the good doctor has such a predilection for feasting on human parts—the rawer, the better.

At any rate, the account (which was started in May) reads like an especially bizarre piece of fanfiction. @ZooHannibal’s random tour through the butterfly garden and marmoset enclosure brings us tweets on captivity, power, and feeding time, and even a message for his patient Will Graham.

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Dec 17 2013 1:05pm

All the Facts You’ve Been Dying to Know About Martian Santa!

Martian Santa tweets from Sarcastic Rover

The Twitter account SarcasticRover took some time today to give us facts about the ever-elusive Martian Santa! And they are glorious. We honestly wish Santa was exactly like this.

[A rover named “Jeff.”]

Dec 4 2013 11:10am

Benedict Cumberbatch Tells Us What Smaug’s Favorite Music is in Twitter Interview

In a cute, short Twitter interview, Benedict Cumberbatch gave answers to fan questions to promote the upcoming Hobbit film. While all of his reponses were charming as usual, we were particularly tickled when he was asked what sort of music Smaug favored:

“Liberace. A little bit of Burt Bacharach. And Enya.”

That is one sparkle-tastic answer. There are more of them over at Cumberbatchweb, where you can see his answers to questions about Martin Freeman, motion capture dots versus neutron cream, and whether he would prefer to fly or breathe fire. Check it out!

Jul 17 2013 5:05pm

You Could Be Looking at the Script for Star Wars: Episode VII

Bad Robot, Star Wars Episode VII script

Last night Bad Robot’s Twitter account posted the above picture with the tweet: “Hot off the presses. Can you guess what’s behind the cover? #FoundAtBR #MysteryScript”

Our best guess is the initial working draft for Star Wars: Episode VII! Which makes us wonder if more information won’t be on the way soon. (Don’t crush our hopes and dreams, Bad Robot.) On an unrelated note, how cool do the scripts for Bad Robot look? Lovely color scheme, cute robot on the front.... We would like all our official documents printed this way from now on. Now, if we could only update Stubby’s printing matrix.

Mar 19 2013 4:30pm

Chat About Gaslamp Fantasy with Ellen Datlow This Wednesday!

This Wednesday, March 20th at 4pm, TorChat returns to Twitter with the amazing Ellen Datlow to discuss the anthology she just co-edited with Terri Windling: Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells. She’ll be joined by contributors Jeffrey Ford, Catherynne M. Valente, Kaaron Warren, and Leanna Renee Hieber. They’ll be talking about the gaslamp stories in the new book, so come prepared with your questions!

You can join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #TorChat. See you there.

Feb 22 2013 10:30am

Your Publishing Questions Answered

We know there’s a certain amount of curiosity about the route of the manuscript to the bookshelf. And what publishers and editors actually do (contrary to popular belief it’s not read and drink coffee all day—sorry!). So we recently asked via Twitter whether anyone had any burning questions they just had to know about publishing.

Aside from the many variations of “How do I get published?” Here are a few of them answered below.

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Feb 20 2013 2:45pm

Talk to Mad Scientists Authors TODAY on #TorChat!

Talk to authors this Wednesday during the Twitter TorChat for The Mad Scientist's Guide to World DominationToday, at 4 PM EST #TorChat is taking you behind the scenes in some very dangerous places—the minds of several mad scientists. Joining readers will be the mistress of time travel and author of the New York Times bestselling Outlander novels, Diana Gabaldon; the creator of Soon I Will Be Invincible’s Doctor Impossible, Austin Grossman; and creative genius (and by that, we mean mad scientist) Seanan McGuire, the author of the October Daye series, as well as the Newsflesh Trilogy (as Mira Grant). Together, they’ll be discussing the perfect layout to the underground lair, how to perfect your evil laugh, and, of course, the best way to try to take over the world!

[Where you can convene with these mad scientists authors]

Feb 19 2013 4:30pm

Cory Doctorow on Bookish Twitter Chat This Friday!

Tech guru and science fiction author Cory Doctorow will be answering questions on a special Twitter chat this Friday (2/22) at 1pm EST, sponsored by the new reading community, Bookish. Cory will be talking about his new book Homeland (the recently released sequel to Little Brother) as well as taking questions from his fans.  

The chat will be hosted by Bookish (@BookishHQ) with the hashtag #BookishChat.

Come talk with Cory on Friday and read an exclusive excerpt of Homeland here!

Feb 19 2013 1:40pm

Download Calendar of Tales: 12 New Neil Gaiman Stories for Free!

Download Calendar of Tales: 12 New Neil Gaiman Stories for Free!

This past February 4th, Neil Gaiman and Blackberry kicked off the joint #KeepMoving venture. For twelve hours, Gaiman released writing prompts through his Twitter account, themed for the twelve months of the year, with the intent of writing Calendar of Tales, a collection of new original stories based on his favorite responses.

And now those stories are here! Blackberry has released Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales in a handy PDF for free download. Check it out.

Bummed that you missed this? You still have a chance to contribute to a Neil Gaiman story! #KeepMoving and Neil Gaiman are now looking for illustrations, collages, photo manips, basically anything visual to go along with the Calendar of Tales. You can submit images through the Blackberry site linked above.

Feb 14 2013 2:35pm

Nathan Fillion is Taking Valentine Requests

Nathan Fillion Valentine applications best tweets Firefly valentines

Whereas other celebrities will probably spend Valentine’s Day posting obnoxious twitpics of the opulent presents their equally famous significant others bestow upon them, Nathan Fillion is giving back to his fans. Last night, on Valentine’s Eve, he tweeted the following challenge:

Now taking Valentine Applications. No guilt trips or sob stories- GO!

Even better than the fan submissions were Fillion’s response to each one. These are like geeky little conversation hearts for you to munch on all day.

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Sep 17 2012 4:30pm

September #TorChat Talks Tech With Doctorow & Stross

The Tor/Forge blog has just revealed the line up for this week’s #TorChat. This Wednesday, September 19th from 4-5pm EST (under the hashtag #torchat), they’ll be talking about technology, both in science fiction and in the book industry itself!

[With Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow!]

Jun 21 2012 5:30pm

Girls’ Nightmare Out on TorChat

The Tor/Forge blog is back to chat! Their monthly Twitter Chat series is set for this coming Wednesday, August 15 from 4-5 PM under the hashtag #torchat. This time Tor Books is chatting with the authors involved in Girls’ Nightmare Out.

[What is Girls’ Nightmare Out? More info...]

May 24 2012 2:30pm

Twitter Story to Launch The New Yorker’s Science Fiction Issue

In 2011, novelist Jennifer Egan was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her novel A Visit from the Goon Squad. While not strictly a science fiction novel, the unconventional narrative of the book did include a chapter set in a futuristic New York City, as well as another quasi-future chapter told entirely through a Power Point presentation. Now, Egan is back with a new mash-up of technology and prose. Starting tonight, she’ll begin tweeting her new short story “Black Box” via The New Yorker Fiction Twitter feed.

This is part of the launch of the forthcoming first-ever science fiction issue of The New Yorker. The installment will appear starting tonight between 8pm-9pm EST, and will last for ten nights. The entirety of “Black Box” will appear in the next issue of The New Yorker, which will release this coming Monday. The story involves a character from A Visit from the Goon Squad and will be a kind of spy narrative.

Read more about why science fiction fans will love Jennifer Egan here.

[News via The New York Times]

Mar 28 2012 6:00pm is On Tumblr!


We are happy to announce that is now on Tumblr! Sad that you haven’t been able to get your daily dose of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Related Subjects where you do all your blogging? This should do the trick! We’ll have everything you expect from the site, plus anything else that passes our fancy on the way. We’re so excited to be a part of the Tumblr community!

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