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January 21, 2015
Don’t Touch That Dial: Midseason SFF
Alex Brown
January 21, 2015
Agent Carter, I Think I’m in Love
Liz Bourke
January 21, 2015
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Genevieve Cogman
January 16, 2015
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January 15, 2015
What Are Your Favorite Non-Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Shows?
Stubby the Rocket
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Jan 23 2015 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Penumbra”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Tor.com: Penumbra“Penumbra”
Written by Rene Echevarria
Directed by Steve Posey
Season 7, Episode 17
Production episode 40510-567
Original air date: April 7, 1999
Stardate: 52576.2

Station log: Sisko has purchased land in the Kendra Valley on Bajor and he intends to build a house on it as soon as the war is over. Yates likes the idea very much, and Sisko thinks that he was meant to come here. Yates points out that the circumstances of his birth—that his conception was manipulated by the Prophets—makes “destiny” more than a concept.

Dax, Bashir, and O’Brien’s conversation in the replimat is interrupted by Kira, who reports that the Rotarran and the Koraga were ambushed near the Badlands. Worf was in command of the Koraga, and it was destroyed, and of the six lifepods the Rotarran recovered, Worf wasn’t in any of them. The Defiant is aiding in the search, but three days of looking turn up nothing, and a Dominion patrol forces them to cut the search short.

[Cut it out, old man, I don’t buy it!]

Jan 23 2015 10:00am

Winter 2015 Anime Preview: Season of Sequels

It’s still plenty chilly outside, and what better reason to stay inside with a fluffy blanket than a new season of anime? Actually, calling winter a “new” season is a little misleading: with the amount of sequels airing, it’s difficult to think of a season less new than this one. After five years, fan favorite Durarara!!’s long-awaited second season is finally on the air with a new studio behind it and about twice as many characters as I remember. Shinto romance Kamisama Hajimemashita graces us with an unexpected but very much appreciated second season, and sports powerhouse Kuroko’s Basketball returns for a third. Meanwhile, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Aldnoah.Zero, and Tokyo Ghoul all continue from where they left off at the end of summer.

As far as new shows go, winter is traditionally a lean season, but there are still a few worthwhile titles to help us get through these cold months. Perhaps the macabre theater of Death Parade, or the vibrant energy of The Rolling Girls, or the labyrinth of visual metaphor that is Yurikuma Arashi can help keep the winter chill at bay. With simulcasts a click away, there’s no reason to wait until spring. Here are five of the best new shows available to watch right now.

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Jan 22 2015 3:25pm

CBS Casts Melissa Benoist as Its Supergirl

CBS Supergirl cast Melissa Benoist Kara Zor-El

Just last week, CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler was describing their ideal Supergirl as “a very strong, independent young woman,” saying, “She’s got to be an every woman. She’s got to be specific.” Now, the network has found its independent fledgling superhero Kara Zor-El, in Glee alum and Whiplash star Melissa Benoist.

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Jan 22 2015 12:36pm

J. Michael Straczynski Will Adapt Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars for Spike TV

J. Michael Straczynski adapt Red Mars Kim Stanley Robinson Spike TVIt’s been a long road bringing Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars) to the small screen. First it was James Cameron who held the rights, with the intention of creating a five-hour miniseries; later, Gale Ann Hurd had a similar idea, intended for Syfy. The next network to set its sights on the trilogy was AMC, back in 2008 and fresh off the start of Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

Finally, Spike TV took over the rights—and according to Deadline, they’ve signed on Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski to adapt Red Mars.

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Jan 21 2015 5:00pm

Don’t Touch That Dial: Midseason SFF

Midseason Television

Caped crusaders not enough for you? Need an SFF fix? Well, you’re in luck. On our second misdseason installment of “Don’t Touch That Dial,” let’s take a gander at a time-traveller trying to prevent the end of the world (12 Monkeys), an exorcist with a chip on his shoulder trying to prevent the end of the world (Constantine), and a pair of holy witnesses trying to prevent the end of the world (Sleepy Hollow). I’m sensing a theme here...

[“Without the threat of apocalypse, what is my place in the world?”]

Jan 21 2015 3:00pm

Supernatural: Dark and Monstrous


Previously on Supernatural: Dean creeps closer to evil, Sam becomes a total worry wort, Cas tries to figure out what women want, Crowley goes full mama’s boy, Rowena cackles and stabs her way through Hell’s hierarchy, Hannah takes a timeout, and Claire has some issues.

[“Ok, who talks like that?”]

Jan 21 2015 12:00pm

Sleeps With Monsters: Agent Carter, I Think I’m in Love

Agent Carter Hayley Atwell

At the time of writing, I’ve seen the first two hours of Marvel’s Agent Carter miniseries.

And I think I’m in love.

[Which is not to pretend that it has no problems]

Jan 20 2015 5:47pm

Daniel José Older’s Bone Street Rumba Series Optioned for TV/Film

Half Resurrection Blues Bone Street Rumba optioned Daniel Jose Older Anika Noni RoseDeadline reports that Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, Elementary) has optioned the TV/film rights to Daniel José Older’s urban fantasy series Bone Street Rumba. The first book of the series, Half-Resurrection Blues, was published January 6 by Roc Books; you can read our review as well as an excerpt of the novel.

Rose has optioned the series through her production company Roaring Virgin Productions. It’s unclear if she plans to adapt the Bone Street Rumba books into a series of films, or if we’ll be seeing another urban fantasy TV series in the future.

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Jan 20 2015 5:00pm

Do That Pazuzu That You Do So Well: Constantine, “The Saint of Last Resorts” (Part 2)


When last we left our curmudgeonly British anti-hero, he was dying in a Mexican sewer known as the “Friday 10pm time slot.” Will he survive the move to the 8pm Friday time slot, now that he is armed with the knowledge of the group behind the Rising Darkness?

Spoilers: of course he will, because he’s the title character, which kind of saps the dramatic tension out of an otherwise suitably creepy Exorcist homage.

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Jan 20 2015 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges”

Star Trek Deep Space 9, inter arma enim silent leges“Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges”
Written by Ronald D. Moore
Directed by David Livingston
Season 7, Episode 16
Production episode 40510-565
Original air date: March 3, 1999
Stardate: unknown

Station log. Kira is running a meeting that includes Cretak, Worf, Odo, and O’Brien, discussing repair schedules and shore leave requirements and other such fun stuff, which includes a great deal of snarking back and forth between Worf and Cretak on the subject of their respective nations’ prosecution of the war and need for shore leave.

Cretak is off to a conference on Romulus, which Bashir is also attending. Garak and Bashir discuss the conference—Garak was less than impressed with Romulus when he was assigned there as an agent of the Obsidian Order—and then Bashir is awakened in the middle of the night by Sloan, who says that Section 31 has an assignment for him: to gather data about the Romulan leadership, to take the pulse of the Romulan government. Bashir doesn’t like the idea of working for 31, nor does he like the idea of spying on an ally. Sloan points out that they’re a temporary ally at best, and he’s just there to gather information. Sloan predicts that, when the war ends and the Dominion retreats to the Gamma Quadrant, the Federation and the Romulans will be the only significant powers left, as the Klingons will take a decade to recover from the war and the Cardassians will be an occupied nation.

[Like most human expressions, completely devoid of meaning.]

Jan 20 2015 2:30pm

Fox Signs Director Mark Mylod for Minority Report Pilot

Minority Report pilot Fox director Mark Mylod

Fox is prepping a Minority Report TV pilot, intended as a sequel to the 2002 film starring Tom Cruise. However, don’t expect to see Cruise or his character John Anderton, as the pilot is set 10 years after the movie and will focus on one of the “precogs” from the film. In fact, Fox hasn’t announced casting at all, but it has signed on a director: Mark Mylod, known for ABC’s Once Upon a Time and Showtime’s Golden Globe-winning The Affair.

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Jan 20 2015 12:00pm

Reopening the Time Loop: 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys Pilot

I’ve been a fan of Terry Gilliam ever since the first time I watched Monty Python & the Holy Grail—which of course, was before I saw any of his post-Monty Python films. And of those wonderful, wonderful movies that he’s made in the intervening years, 12 Monkeys has always ranked at the top of my list of personal favorites. I’m a sucker for a good time travel flick, and the bleak determinism of 12 Monkeys has always appealed; how the film creates a complete and concise circle of cause and effect.

As such, upon hearing the news of the 12 Monkeys television adaptation on SyFy Channel, I found myself torn: on one hand, I love that story and universe so so so so so much that I was eager to see it explored in a new and modern context. On the other hand, my adoration of the original film (to say nothing of La Jetee) has a lot to do with the perfectness of its cyclical paradox. Going into the SyFy series, I couldn’t help but wonder: how is it even possible to extend such a perfectly structured time travel story into an ongoing series?

But then I watched the pilot episode and leaned back in my seat and thought, “Damn. All right. I’m in.”

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Jan 16 2015 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Tor.com: Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang“Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang”
Written by Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by Mike Vejar
Season 7, Episode 15
Production episode 40510-566
Original air date: February 24, 1999
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Bashir and O’Brien are at Vic’s Place inviting Fontaine to join them in the Alamo program. (Why he gets invited and poor Lieutenant Ilario doesn’t is an exercise left to the viewer.) Fontaine starts singing “Alamo,” but in mid-song the décor changes and a bunch of female dancers come slinking on the stage. A gentleman named Frank “Frankie Eyes” Chalmers, an old acquaintance of Fontaine’s from their childhood in Philadelphia, has bought the hotel and fired Fontaine. His bodyguard, Tony “Cheech” Cicci is happy to physically throw Fontaine out if he won’t leave on his own. O’Brien’s attempt to delete Frankie and Cheech and to freeze the program both fail.

[The best is yet to come, come the day you’re mine.]

Jan 15 2015 9:00am

What Are Your Favorite Non-Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Shows?

Rob Lowe Parks and Recreation

We are all well-rounded people in our fantasies and as well-rounded fantasy people we strive to experience media and culture outside of our chosen workspace of science fiction and fantasy. Also Doctor Who isn’t back until August and Game of Thrones isn’t back until April and we’ve watched the entirety of all five Star Trek shows yes all five and Battlestar Galactica isn’t on Netflix anymore for some reason.

So we’re all kind of forced to watch something else. And since our love vaguely resembles a petri dish, we thought we’d list out the non-genre TV shows that we enjoy in between genre shows as a sample of what science fiction and fantasy fans may also like in between mass killings of Stark family members.

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Jan 14 2015 3:00pm

Earn Loyalty and Live. Agent Carter: “Time and Tide”

Agent Carter: Time and Tide

Peggy Carter’s fellow agent Krzeminski is a loser. His outward slovenliness hides no buried treasure of wit or deductive acumen. You get the impression that Krzeminski was good once, perhaps before the war, because how else do you find yourself on the SSR? But not now. Now he’s a joke to his co-workers and a talentless grunt in the eyes of his boss. Even Peggy, the agreed-upon office outcast, just ignores him.

Peggy Carter’s fellow sleuth Jarvis is a winner. His impeccable visage supports a sharp tongue and a noble heart. His capability is so honed and selfless that it saves lives, his wife’s paramount among them. When the SSR interrogates him in “Time and Tide” they don’t lay a finger on him, and he eventually declares their questioning over and strides confidently out of the room. Peggy, our agreed-upon protagonist, comes to find the same heroism in Jarvis that she saw in Captain America.

So why is it Krzeminski that I’m thinking about after the end of the latest episode of Agent Carter?

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Jan 14 2015 2:00pm

Warm Glowing Warming Glow: Midseason 2015 TV

Summer 2014 television previewLike every year since the second year of television’s existence, most of the midseason premieres are weighed down by stuff you’ve already seen with new window dressings. Some have been run through the copy machine with old character names crossed off and new ones scribbled in, while others are old properties warmed over with familiar, mass-market appeal actors. SFF fans, however, have had a pretty decent 2014-2015 television season so far. If you like superhero/comics, that is. Or bonkers fantasy mysteries that treat plot holes like prime real estate. Lucky for me, I fit squarely into both camps. Ya’ll can have Girls and Survivor and The Blacklist, and I’ll sit over here happily binging on Agent Carter and Sleepy Hollow and Forever.

Of course, not everything came up Milhouse. Gotham has been an increasingly grave disappointment as each episode slips further and further into pointlessness. Constantine has the distinction of premiering with the same structural/character issues currently plaguing season two of Sleepy Hollow, with both shows showing little interest in salvaging themselves from the wreckage. At least we have Agent Carter. Ah, Hayley Atwell, moon of my life, my sun and stars. Hey Marvel, can I trade an Ant-Man movie for more Peggy Carter?

[“Let us all bask in television’s warm glowing warming glow.”]

Jan 13 2015 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Chimera”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Tor.com: Chimera“Chimera”
Written by Rene Echevarria
Directed by Steve Posey
Season 7, Episode 14
Production episode 40510-564
Original air date: February 17, 1999
Stardate: unknown

Station log: O’Brien and Odo are returning from a conference in a runabout when they’re approached by a changeling disguised as a space-based lifeform. The changeling then enters the runabout through the vent and adapts a human form. He refers to himself (and Odo) as a metamorph, and O’Brien as a monoform.

His name is Laas, and Odo believes he’s one of the hundred infant changelings who were sent out into the galaxy. He’s willing to be taken prisoner in Odo’s custody until his identity is verified. Odo vouches for him to Sisko—especially after Bashir examines him and confirms that he doesn’t have the disease the Founders have—and the captain is willing to release him as long as he remains Odo’s responsibility.

[I, who can be anything, choose to be like you.]

Jan 13 2015 2:05pm

Yahoo! Announces Community Season 6 Premiere Date

Community season 6 premiere date Yahoo

We’re still wrapping our heads around how Community got renewed for a sixth season—not with NBC, but instead streaming online as Yahoo!’s foray into original programming. Now, Yahoo! has announced the premiere date, letting us know how much time we have to prepare ourselves for this most impossible timeline.

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Jan 12 2015 4:46pm

CBS’ Supergirl Will Be a Crime Procedural Crossed With “A Female Empowerment Story”

Supergirl TV show CBS feminism

This year’s Television Critics’ Association press tour revealed some interesting tidbits about Greg Berlanti’s Supergirl prequel series. For one, since it’s airing on CBS, it will indeed match a lot of the networks’ dramas in being a crime procedural. But lest you think this is CSI: Metropolis, CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler stressed the serialized arcs they’re planning, as well as the emphasis on making Kara Zor-El a compelling primetime female character.

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Jan 12 2015 11:17am

The iZombie Trailer Looks Like an Undead Veronica Mars

iZombie trailer release date The CW Rob Thomas

The first trailer for iZombie has all the hallmarks of a Rob Thomas TV series: A snarky female protagonist (med student-turned-undead girl Liv) with a self-aware voiceover... who solves crimes in unusual ways (eating brains)... all set against a wailing soundtrack. Stylistically, at least, it seems to be closer to Thomas’ other television series than the Vertigo comic book series on which it’s based.

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