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February 26, 2015
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Keith DeCandido
February 23, 2015
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Feb 27 2015 4:30pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: Seventh Season Overview

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 7

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Seventh Season
Original air dates: September 1998 – June 1999
Executive Producer: Rick Berman
Executive Producer: Ira Steven Behr

Station log: Just as with TNG, DS9 went into its seventh season knowing it would be the last. Even more than the show it spun off of, though, DS9 went even further with it, knowing that they would have to end the war, and also with a much bigger cast of characters to deal with.

And one of those characters was new, as in addition to closing out the series, they had to introduce a new Dax, with Nicole de Boer joining the cast as Ezri, the newest host of the Dax symbiont, following Terry Farrell’s departure.

[A part of us, a very important part, will always remain here on Deep Space 9.]

Feb 26 2015 10:00am

Introducing the Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch

Star Trek Original Series Rewatch

Having spent the last four years of my life doing rewatches of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I am now turning my attention back to the show that started it all back in 1966: Star Trek. The original, as it were.

“But wasn’t there already one of those?” I hear you cry. And yes, Eugene Myers and Torie Atkinson did an excellent rewatch of the first two seasons, followed by my good buddies Dayton Ward and David Mack doing the third season (as well as “The Cage”). But that was five years ago now (yes, really) and that’s an eternity in Internet time.

[To seek out new life and new civilizations...]

Feb 25 2015 3:00pm

I Know My Value. Agent Carter: “Valediction”

Agent Carter: Valediction

I’m having a hard time remembering the first 30 minutes or so of the Agent Carter finale “Valediction.” The really gripping stuff, the takedown of Faustus and Dottie and the showdown between Peggy and Captain America’s emotional shadow doesn’t happen until near the end, and until that happens the show isn’t so much about Agent Carter as it is about Agent Carter’s Friend Howard.

How did we get here? Let us re-select the episode on Hulu and part the veil of time.

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Feb 24 2015 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “What You Leave Behind”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on What You Leave Behind“What You Leave Behind”
Written by Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by Allan Kroeker
Season 7, Episode 25
Production episode 40510-575
Original air date: June 2, 1999
Stardate: unknown

Station log: It’s the eve of the big push into Dominion territory. Bashir wakes up with Dax, the pair having spent the night together, with the inevitable reference to how far down her spots go. O’Brien is nervously making sure Keiko has everything under control with the family (which of course she does), and we find out that he’s received an offer to teach at Starfleet Academy when the war’s over, which he’s going to accept (though Molly is dubious about whether or not he’s really accepted given that he hasn’t actually told Bashir about it). Sisko ministers to his pregnant wife, promising to come home to her, and then Jake walks him to the Defiant. Odo walks with Worf to the Defiant, both expressing the hope that they find Kira on Cardassia.


Feb 24 2015 2:00pm

Time Flies, and So Do Heads! Sleepy Hollow: “Tempus Fugit”

Sleepy Hollow Tempus Fugit

So. There was a scene, in Season One, that made me love this show. It was a scene in “The Sin Eater” (Remember? When we met Henry?) and in it Ichabod agreed to poison himself for the greater good, and tried to get Abbie to leave him, so she’d be spared watching him die. But she refused to let him die alone, and held his hand, with every intention of staying there to the end. This was a great moment for many reasons: the show opened itself up in a way to see the depth of love and trust between these two characters, and allowed you to imagine an entire world around them in the process.

Last night’s episode, “Tempus Fugit,” gave us another moment like that.

[The show is finally good again!]

Feb 24 2015 11:20am

Gotham: Under “The Red Hood”

Gotham The Red Hood

This week’s episode of Gotham is a thematic continuation of “The Blind Fortune Teller” in the way that it continually trolled the true identity of the Clown Prince of Crime. What makes “The Red Hood” stand out is that it had stakes, drama, subtlety, emotion, genuine character interactions, and plenty of surprises.

“The Red Hood” was so good that I didn’t even hate the Barbara scene (that much).

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Feb 18 2015 3:00pm

Everyone Believes in Peggy Carter: Agent Carter, “Snafu”

Agent Carter: Snafu

“Snafu” has two big jobs this week: Get Peggy Carter out of that interrogation room in one piece, and set up whatever needs to be set up for next week’s rollicking finale. But first, we must stand witness to the powers of Dr. Ivchenko, War Hypnotist. You see, during World War II he realized his constant repetition of the word “focus” allowed him to do amazing things, like turning the sawing-off of a man’s leg into a pleasant chess game. How this led to a desire to topple Western society, we don’t know. (Maybe he wants to saw off the leg…of capitalism?) But hey, Agent Carter filmed the scene, so it has to go somewhere.

Anyway, on to the more cognizant bits of the episode.

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Feb 18 2015 12:00pm

A Humble Six-Season Outline For a Legend of Zelda Netflix Series

The Legend of Zelda TV show

I am so into the news of a possible live-action Legend of Zelda series produced by Netflix. I don’t care that dramatized video games are historically a mess or that the Variety article hints that Netflix is really just looking to twist it into something Game of Thrones-y. I reject these precedents and approaches (especially since a Game of Thrones-style Zelda brings to mind the words “Tingle” and “incest”) and assert the following six-season structure for a Zelda TV show. Let’s do this.

[Read more. Or don’t. Who cares. It’s not like this is real.]

Feb 17 2015 4:00pm

The Killing Joke: Gotham, “The Blind Fortune Teller”

Gotham The Blind Fortune Teller

According to Gotham’s showrunners, this week’s episode “The Blind Fortune Teller” almost certainly did not not give us a possible definite origin for The Joker, maybe, and it may or may not probably involve the character of Jerome (played by Cameron Monaghan), who was featured in all of the previews clips and production stills, cackling wildly, almost like a crazy man laughing at a joke.

But this is all an obvious red herring, as evidenced by Jerome’s red hair—the real Joker would not be above such a delightful pun, and seeing as next week’s episode is titled “The Red Hood,” that means there’s only true answer to the identity of the Joker, and it’s been staring us in the face all along:

It’s Barbara, you guys. That explains everything.

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Feb 17 2015 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “The Dogs of War”

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Rewatch The Dogs of War Cardassia Prime“The Dogs of War”
Written by Peter Allan Fields and Rene Echevarria & Ronald D. Moore
Directed by Avery Brooks
Season 7, Episode 24
Production episode 40510-574
Original air date: May 26, 1999
Stardate: 52861.3

Station log: Ross delivers DS9’s new ship: another Defiant-class ship, the U.S.S. Sao Paulo. After the change-of-command ceremony, Ross hands Sisko his orders, which includes a special dispensation to rename the ship Defiant, which makes everyone happy. The ship’s been outfitted with shields that make it resistant to the Breen energy-dampening weapon, as well. O’Brien and Worf check out the shields, Bashir checks out sickbay, and Dax leaves Sisko alone on the bridge to sit and get acquainted.

Damar, Kira, Garak, and Seskal take their stolen Jem’Hadar ship to Cardassia Prime. Damar has been promised two, possibly three fleets who will pledge their loyalty to the resistance, and that’s worth the risk of going to Cardassia. Leaving Seskal in charge, Kira, Garak, and Damar beam down to rendezvous with Gul Revok—only to find the Jem’Hadar massacreing the Cardassians in the caves. Standing alongside a Vorta is Revok, saying how he promised he could lure them here.


Feb 17 2015 2:00pm

Where We’re Going, We Won’t Need Roads. Sleepy Hollow: “Awakening”

Sleepy Hollow "Awakenings"

Sleepy Hollow only has one episode left in this season, Sleepyheads! And after last night’s “Awakenings,” I am desperately hoping for a Season 3. I guess if you’re going o do something to reinvigorate your show, the penultimate episode is a good place to do it, but I’m not sure how they can wrap that final twist up in one episode.


Feb 17 2015 1:00pm

You Always Got to Wait: Constantine “Waiting for the Man”

Constantine Waiting for the Man

If I hadn’t recognized the opening scene of “Waiting for the Man” as being pulled from the Hellblazer issue of the same name, I would have thought that this week’s Constantine episode was actually a leftover one-shot script from True Detective. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; like most episodes of Constantine, it’s still a blast, offering up some nice thrills and a few moments that inspired uncontrollable audible reactions. But as far as a season finale for a show that’s been waiting for its own cancellation announcement since before it ever aired, well, “Waiting for the Man” still leaves us waiting.

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Feb 17 2015 12:45pm

Game of Thrones Season 5 Will Be “Even Bloodier” than the Books

Game of Thrones kill book characters George R.R. Martin

For the past four seasons of Game of Thrones, readers of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series have had an advantage over their TV-viewing counterparts, in knowing when the Red Wedding, Purple Wedding, and every other devastating character death will come. However, Martin has recently revealed that the show is deviating from the books in a big way, and now no one will be safe.

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Feb 13 2015 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Extreme Measures”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Extreme Measures“Extreme Measures”
Written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by Steve Posey
Season 7, Episode 23
Production episode 40510-573
Original air date: May 19, 1999
Stardate: 52645.7

Station log: Kira has brought the Jem’Hadar ship with the Breen weapon, along with an incredibly dry and flaky Odo, back to the station. Bashir is still looking for a cure, and he has some therapies that help Odo deal with the pain. Odo refuses to let Kira stay and watch him die, especially given how important her assignment is. After one last kiss, she goes off.

O’Brien has forwarded the Breen weapon to Starfleet Command, and Kira and Garak go off to rejoin Damar. Bashir and O’Brien then confide in Sisko their plan: to lure a Section 31 operative to the station with a false report of a cure. To hedge their bets, they don’t actually tell Sisko this until after Bashir has sent the false message.

[“You’re in a restricted area.” “I thought we were in the cerebellum.”]

Feb 11 2015 3:00pm

I Believe in Peggy Carter. Agent Carter: “A Sin to Err”

Agent Carter: A Sin to Err

No time for introspection, you guys. Peggy’s on the run in “A Sin to Err”! And Jarvis is on the case. And Leviathan is pulling the stakes out of the SSR’s tent. Agent Carter continues to be more fun than a depiction of a woman who is disrespected by her co-workers and whose boyfriend is buried under ice ought to be.

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Feb 10 2015 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Tacking Into the Wind”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Tacking Into the Wind“Tacking Into the Wind”
Written by Ronald D. Moore
Directed by Mike Vejar
Season 7, Episode 22
Production episode 40510-572
Original air date: May 12, 1999
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Kira goes over the footage of an act of sabotage Damar’s resistance committed on a Jem’Hadar ship. They put the bomb in the wrong place. It worked anyhow, because the Jem’Hadar security missed it, but Kira rebukes Rusot for his people not following instructions as to where to place the bomb. When Rusot complains, he names one of the people in the cell, which prompts another rebuke from Kira and Garak on the subject of not providing names for security purposes. If Kira is captured, she shouldn’t be able to tell the Dominion the names of anybody in any of the other cells. When Rusot says he’s heard it before, Kira tartly points out that she shouldn’t have to repeat it, then.

Rusot leaves in a huff, and Damar gives him his support, which doesn’t fill Kira or Garak with warm fuzzies. Odo then returns from a sabotage mission of his own, which went off without a hitch, and he goes to the bunk room to rest—at which point he lets himself show how badly the disease has ravaged him. He’s been shapeshifting a lot the past few weeks that they’ve been helping Damar, and it’s accelerated the progression of the disease. Garak walks in on him, and Odo makes him promise not to tell Kira. She has too much on her plate, and he doesn’t want her pity.

[If you were a true Klingon I would kill you where you stand!]

Feb 10 2015 2:00pm

Angels We Have Heard Get High: Constantine “Angels and Ministers of Grace”

Constantine Angels and Ministers of Grace

There’s a lot going on in this week’s episode of Constantine, even if most seems unrelated to the whole Rising Darkness storyline that’s been simmering in the background all season. “Angels and Ministers of Grace” is ostensibly the Constantine crew’s take on a Very Special Episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and yet, even with all the head-vs-heart, light-vs-dark, angel-turns-mortal, addiction-second-chances thematic craziness going on, perhaps Manny’s greatest miracle is the fact this episode works.

It is a gripping hour of television that throws out way too many ideas without actually feeling overstuffed, with a strong emotional core and some wacky humor that somehow still fits the tone. The entire cast had a chance to shine, and I was even genuinely surprised with the villain reveal!

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Feb 9 2015 2:55pm

Robert Jordan’s Estate Does Not Approve of the Wheel of Time “Pilot”

The Wheel of Time

Fans of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time were surprised this morning to find a pilot episode for a Wheel of Time TV series, titled “Winter Dragon,” suddenly airing on the FXX channel. They were not the only ones.

In a statement released early this afternoon, Harriet McDougal, the late author’s wife and CEO of the Bandersnatch Group, which contracted the TV and movie rights to the Wheel of Time book series to Universal Pictures, has made it clear that this pilot has never been seen or approved by the Jordan estate.

[Read the statement]

Feb 9 2015 11:00am

The Walking Dead, S5 E9: “What Happened and What’s Going On”

If the midseason premiere is any indication of where the show is headed and at what level of quality, well, your guess is as good as mine. While I admire the risk of an episode like “What Happened and What’s Going On,” I’m not sure I would’ve picked it for the premiere. I mean, closing out one arc with the death of a good character who still believes in kindness and empathy only to start a new arc by killing off the last remaining character not consumed by nihilism is a bold choice. Surrounding that death with a meaningless, empty plot probably didn’t help matters...

[“I’m a struggling man, and I’ve got to move on.”]

Feb 6 2015 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “When It Rains...”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on When It Rains...“When It Rains...”
Written by Rene Echevarria & Spike Steingasser
Directed by Michael Dorn
Season 7, Episode 21
Production episode 40510-571
Original air date: May 5, 1999
Stardate: 52684.3

Station log: O’Brien meets with Sisko, Ross, Martok, and Sub-commander Velal of the Romulans, going over the battle at Chin’toka. One Klingon ship, the Ki’tang, made an adjustment to the engines that made it immune to the Breen energy-dampening weapon. All Klingon Defense Force vessels are being similarly modified, but like modifications won’t work on Starfleet or Romulan vessels, though O’Brien assures everyone that they’re working on it. Meanwhile, the Klingons are the only ones who can effectively fight the Dominion for now.

Unfortunately, just the Klingons against the Cardassians, Breen, and Jem’Hadar is pretty long odds. Martok plans to make quick attack runs with small groups of ships to keep the Dominion off balance and prevent them from launching a major offensive.

[You want to knock over some supplies, be my guest!]