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Feb 12 2015 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Are We Supposed to Call This Chair “Sexy”?

Laughing Squid shared this chair that looks so comfy, we may become bigger on the outside just from sitting in it too much. Artist Shannon Witt reupholstered the Bergere Regency chair in Shauntung silk, which was handpainted to look like a certain madman’s box. Check out more of her work here!

Morning Roundup, like all of you, is grappling with the universe-shaking ramifications of Spider-Man’s move to the MCU. We’re also cautiously optimistic about a Super Sad Story, and excitedly optimistic about another Alien movie!


Oct 17 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup Wants to Retire to the Library Planet!

TARDIS-Book-Doctor-WhoWe found the best Tumblr bookstore ever at Geek-Without-Braces! Between the Game of Thrones sign and this TARDIS sign, we really just want to spend the rest of this autumn day in front of a fireplace with the largest possible mug of cocoa and the longest possible book...check out the rest of the signs here, and we hope you get to spend at least part of today reading!

Morning Roundup is an overstuffed burrito of links! We’ve got some updates on the Man of Steel sequel, the Guardians of the Galaxy film, and Neil Gaiman has some reading advice for kids!

[Plus some amazing re-imagined X-Men!]

Jun 28 2013 5:15pm

Nathan Fillion Gives Us Permission to Fly Serenity (er, on GPS)

Nathan Fillion TARDIS Serenity GPS Garmin

Are you driving this summer? Perhaps you’re bored with normal GPS navigation images, and you’d like to make your roadtrip a little more epic? The site Geeks are Sexy used one of the images provided by Garmin Heaven, and turned their car into a TARDIS! You can do almost anything with your car’s avatar, like converting it into, um, Avatar, or the Millennium Falcon, a Cylon ship, two different Batmobiles, a lightcycle, or even Wall-E and Eve. (We must decry their deplorable lack of rocketships, however.)

[And it’s all thanks to Nathan Fillion]

Apr 29 2013 12:00pm

These Maps of the TARDIS Interior Are Maddening, Beautiful

TARDIS interior maps Doctor Who

Doctor Who episode “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” recently gave us a look inside the Doctor’s infinitely-sized ship, a look that viewers had been waiting almost 50 years to see. And while the events of the episode would defy any sane cartographer’s efforts, the attempt nevertheless must be made.

[Maps of the interior of the TARDIS]

Dec 12 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: You Need This Hobbit Dwarves Cheat Sheet

Hobbit Dwarves cheat sheet

From the excellent LOTR Project comes the cheat sheet you really do need before The Hobbit comes out this weekend. Seriously, we’re planning on memorizing this before we head to the theatre Thursday at midnight. (via The Mary Sue.)

Highlights of your daily offsite links include more handy pieces of geeky information.

  1. Can you read the whole of The Hobbit during The Hobbit movie?
  2. On John Harrison.
  3. Gandalf’s magic street cred.

[Read more]

Dec 10 2012 11:30am

Doctor Who Christmas Surprise: A Brand New TARDIS Interior!

The brand new TARDIS interior from the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special, The Snowmen

Hot on the heels of the revelation that Ian McKellan will be voicing one of the Snowmen in the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, showrunner Steven Moffat just dropped another wibbly-wobbly surprise: the inside of the TARDIS will be getting a makeover! Speaking to Radio Times, Moffat hinted at a new “darker” interior, which will be both literally and perhaps also, thematic. So far, all we’ve seen is this one photograph which features characters from the Gallifreyan alphabet. 

“[There’s] a brand new Tardis,” announces Moffat in the Christmas double issue of Radio Times magazine. “Same old police box, of course, but when you open those magic blue doors...”

This will mark the third redesign of the TARDIS interior since the show’s relaunch in 2005. In the episode “Time Crash” the visiting 5th Doctor revealed this change was known as “the desktop theme.” Will you miss the previous design? Should it have stayed longer?

Sep 20 2012 11:00am

Which Doctor is Better? or, The Contradiction in Doctor Who

Which Doctor is Better? or, The Contradiction in Doctor Who

There are two generations of Doctor Who fans now. One set of fans is grey or greying and remembers a long scarf, a car named Bessie, a celery stick, and villains made from Bubble Wrap, tin foil and glue. The other, usually teenage, set of Who fans obsess on bow ties, bananas, sometimes leather jackets, and second-rate CGI tricks.

Obviously, many from the first generation are pleased with the results of the second, and some second generation Who fans can appreciate the first generation. Still, a debate is always simmering just below the surface.

It’s a simple question, one that is impossible to answer, but one that we’re compelled to ask nonetheless:

Which Doctor is the best Doctor?

[Read on...]

May 28 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Dragon Capsule Docks, Thor to Play Texas Hold ’Em

The big news from the last few days includes the revelation that Thor’s next nemesis will be none other than Mads Mikkelsen; famous for playing Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. Will Thor have to play poker against this guy?

The other big news is that the private space flight company SpaceX docked with the International Space Station on Friday. The rest of your offsite links aren’t quite as historic

Highlights include:

  1. More news on the Dragon capsule
  2. Things that look like the TARDIS
  3. Sookie’s end is coming...

[Read more]

Mar 9 2012 5:00pm

It’s Always Time to Rock With a GuiTARDIS

GuiTARDIS by Arthur LewThink your guitar could stand to be a bit more timey-wimey? Take a page from Arthur Lew and make it happen! Behold the guiTARDIS! Click the picture to enlarge and see more detail. You can also check out Arthur’s Facebook page to see step-by-step photos of the process.

Now if only someone would get around to creating finely carved sonic drumsticks...

Aug 26 2011 10:42am

Doctor Who in a Corset

A few days ago, the image of a Doctor Who-inspired corset appeared online. The corset, modeled after the Doctor’s TARDIS, was an instant sensation, and has since flown around the internet, appearing on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

[But who is behind this magnificent creation, you ask...]

Mar 18 2011 9:58am

Make Your Own Paper TARDIS

Weekly Who is taking a break this week so we can present to you this fun Who home project!

Cubee TARDIS by CyberDrone

Make your own paper TARDIS! ...Or Dalek, or Cyberman, or Adipose, or even Doctor.

deviantARTist Cyberdrone (Chris), has created free, downloadable Doctor Who Cubee figure patterns for all eleven Doctors, many of the companions, a handful of TARIS models (even the Bad Wolf one), and a slew of enemies. He’s made more varieties of Dalek than you can shake a sonic at. And you can make any of them using nothing more than a printer, some scissors, and a sharp knife/box cutter.

[What’s a Cubee?]

Mar 10 2011 3:40pm

Steampunk Stylin’ Event in Brooklyn this Sunday

Steampunk StylinLooking for someplace to hang your top hat in Brooklyn? Why not check out the newly-opened Way Station in Prospect Heights? This steampunk bar has gotten loads of attention in sci-fi circles for its TARDIS bathroom, and this Sunday, March 13th, from 6-10 PM we’ll be hosting an opportunity for steampunks to check out this great watering hole.

This event will feature the musical talents of Psyche Corporation, Eli August, and Painless Parker, belly dancing by the beautiful Samara Martin, a reading from authoress Leanna Renee Hieber, book raffles sponsored by and Orbit Books, and much, much more.

Not only that, but the lovely gents from BBC International will be joining us! They’re scoping out the American steampunk scene to report back to folks across the pond. So stop by for a drink and experience some of the variety that our community has to offer.

Hope to see you all on Sunday!

RSVP on Facebook

Ay-leen the Peacemaker is the founding editor of the multicultural steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana. She plans on attending dressed to the nines and wants you there too.

Feb 4 2011 9:48am

Weekly Who: The Doctor Abides

Welcome to our Weekly Who roundup! Every Friday morning we collect random/cool Doctor Who-related news and things that we’ve found in our internet travels. Feel free to point out your own finds in the comments!

Earlier this week we asked the Twitter and Facebook followers what their name would be if they were a Time Lord and they did not disappoint! (As you can see above.) Click through for the complete list.

[Rubber Doctor, you’re the one....]

Jan 28 2011 9:42am

Weekly Who: Colin Firth for a Sweeter, Gooier Master

Welcome to our Weekly Who roundup! Every Friday morning we collect random/cool Doctor Who-related news and things that we’ve found in our internet travels. Feel free to point out your own finds in the comments!

And we know that this is the third time out of three posts that we’ve opened with Daleks, but we can’t help it. This week brings us the Ride In Dalek by toy company Zappies who, it appears, also make Angry Birds toys.

We realize you’re probably on the floor giggling right now, but don’t stop here! There’s more Who-ness after the cut.

[What’s really in a police box, Torchy Bears, and Colin Firth as a recently-widowed Doctor Who villain who is vulnerable and loves your kids but who won’t be able to marry you until you sort out the plot contrivances in the third act]

Jan 6 2011 4:25pm

Why a Madman is Always Better if He Has a Box

Steven Moffat, our beloved Who showrunner, has been quoted saying this in regard to the Doctor's beloved TARDIS: “I don’t care where the Doctor came from or why he travels around the universe. I just want him out of those TARDIS doors and having adventures. Us kids want Narnia, not the wardrobe.”

[Well, that wardrobe might be a little more important than that...]

Dec 3 2010 6:11pm

You’re in the TARDIS! What’s the first time/place you go to?

We were in a Doctor Who sort of mood this morning and threw a question out to everyone: What’s the first place (and time) you would ask The Doctor to take you?

We put the question out there to both our Facebook friends and our Twitter followers, and here are some of the replies.

Our very favorite answer was off of Facebook:

Marc Dolan: The TARDIS would make the perfect NYC apartment: phonebooth-sized on the outside, at least 3-bedroom within

[Excellent point. Read more of our favorites]

Nov 26 2010 3:57pm

A geeky-crafty Black Friday (or anytime) shopping list

It’s Black Friday and anyone with any sense is staying far, far away from the stores. But, the holidays are coming and there’s shopping to be done so, here’s a few geeky ideas that you can’t find at the mall.

Crocheted Cthulhu

The cutest wee’thulhu you ever did see. Hand crocheted by Cthulhu Chick, available in a vaierty of colors, themes, and sizes. You can even get gift certificates to let your soon-to-be-demented loved ones choose their own demise.

[Jewelry, posters, and...soap?]

Oct 29 2010 11:26am

On The Sarah Jane Adventures Nostalgia Literally Saves the Day!

The Sarah Jane Adventures episode

Though Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor was the guest star in the recent two-part episode of the The Sarah Jane Adventures titled “Death of The Doctor,” the real guest star was nostalgia itself. Writer Russell T. Davies taught us an important lesson in this one: if you’re ever getting your brain sucked out by alien-vulture undertakers, just think happy thoughts, allow your life to flash before your eyes, and most importantly, replay your favorite Doctor Who episode in your mind’s eye! Nostalgia will save you!

[Read more: Spoilers]

Jun 22 2010 6:28pm

In the market for a TARDIS?

It’s bigger on the ALT text.Can you picture this in your living room? British auction house Bonhams is selling off a prop TARDIS from Christopher Eccleston-era Doctor Who. The listing describes it as:

A complete Tardis prop, circa 2005, of painted rasped wood panel and glass construction, the base having painted parquet effect floor, panels fastening using bracket and bolt, having a pair of hinged doors [...]

Apparently they expect it to go for £8,000-12,000, which is about $11,808-$17,713, according to Google.

What movie or TV set geek memorabilia would you want to add to your collection? Personally, I think the TARDIS would be a bit hard to store or display—but, sticking to the Who theme, I’d love to get my hands on one of the actual sonic screwdrivers used in the show.

Ellen B. Wright lives in New York, where she works in publishing and takes an excessive number of pictures.

May 26 2010 12:43pm

The Maddening Innards of the TARDIS

As established in the TV series, the Doctor’s time-traveling TARDIS is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. (And bigger off camera than can ever be captured on film.) It is boundless, an infinity plus one, a universe in a box, and therefore unmappable. Or it was.

Over this past weekend, an intrepid Doctor Who fan took a gorgeous stab at realizing the TARDIS’ inner universe. The image above is just one page from A Partial Map of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change). The ensuing pages are even more esoteric, fairytale-esque, and eye-bending. I highly suggest downloading the entire PDF (in the above page link). There’s also a Flickr set.

If your brain can somehow hold more after all that, then hop on over to the TARDIS Technical Index for a labryinthine breakdown on how a TARDIS actually works, bit by bit. Be warned: TARDIS manuals, like their namesake, are bigger on the inside.

Chris Greenland just realized that the internet is also bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.