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Pride’s Spell

, || Book 3 in the Sin du Jour series. New York’s exclusive caterers-to-the-damned—find themselves up against their toughest challenge yet when they’re lured out west to prepare a feast in the most forbidding place in America: Hollywood, where false gods rule supreme.

The Ghoul King

|| Book two of The Dreaming Cities. Quinn is down on his luck, and travels to the very edge of the civilized world to restock his small but essential inventory. He finds himself in the employ of a woman on a quest to find the secret to repairing her semi-functional robot, but the technological secret it guards may be one truth too many…


|| The Minerva Sierra Challenge is a grueling spectacle, the cyborg's Tour de France. Competitor Marmeg Guinto doesn’t have funding or support -- she's cobbled her gear together from parts she found in rich people’s garbage, all for a chance at a better life for herself and her younger brothers.