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Apr 22 2014 12:00pm

Short Fiction Spotlight: Come As You Are

Nirvana Adam Johnson

Welcome back to the Short Fiction Spotlight, a weekly column dedicated to doing exactly what it says in the header: shining a light on the some of the best and most relevant fiction of the aforementioned form.

Which, as it happens, is exactly what The Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award is trying to do too: raise readers’ awareness of a form of fiction that’s obscenely easy to overlook. That said, this a prize with a particularly high profile. Each year, the winner of the world’s richest and most rewarding award for a single short story takes home £30,000—a princely pot that has given short fiction valuable visibility since the Sunday Times first presented the prize in 2010.

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Mar 31 2014 9:45am

Can You Name All 43 Cartoon Theme Songs in This Mashup?

Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble ACJW decided to put their musical talents to the best possible use—mashing up 43 different cartoon theme songs into one performance! The video has animated clues sprinkled throughout (such as the piccolo player dressed as Spider-Man, above), so close your eyes if you want to guess each theme without any hints! How many do you recognize?

[The ending is perfect.]

Jan 16 2014 3:00pm

A Sloth in Space is a Very Fine Thing

Sloths in Space by The Weebl

Here’s the important info: There’s a song. About a sloth in space. It’s really catchy. It’s somehow not by Parry Gripp but is by The Weebl. There’s a Space Science Button that the sloth uses to do space science. Get out of the way! It’s sloths in space!

[Naptime rampages]

Dec 31 2013 10:00am

Painting Ziggy Stardust for Rolling Stone

We hope you enjoy this encore post from our Bowie Week series, which originally appeared in January 2012.

In a chaotic January day, I was asked by Rolling Stone to work on a cover. The subject was Ziggy Stardust, and celebrating 40 years since he landed on earth. Music is one of the things in this world that makes life better. It can make you laugh or cry or move or imagine. Bowie holds a very special place in my heart. As an artist, he pushes boundaries. Man or woman, human or alien, rocker, disco, soul, metal, singer/songwriter, Bowie is always ahead of the curve. I suppose the often repeated analogy of a chameleon is not right, though it is true for most artists, as they take the form of what is already there. Bowie went to a new place and people followed.

The creation of Ziggy Stardust asked his fans to meet a new person. You suspended what you thought you knew of Bowie and instead looked at him as a musical visitor. Nothing lasts forever and Bowie moved on. It stands as one of the most bold creations in the history of music and one does not have to look far to see how musicians today are applauded as ‘innovators’ for wearing outrageous clothes. Really?

[Read more and see all the cover drafts!]

Dec 23 2013 11:00am

The Complete American Gods Mix Tape

Neil Gaiman American Gods If you’re familiar with Neil Gaiman’s work, then you know that music tends to play an important part in his writing, both on and off the page. This is certainly the case with American Gods, a road trip novel with its own offbeat, colorful soundtrack. When we started our American Gods Reread, I decided to keep track of each song mentioned or alluded to in the novel, to see how the music fit in with the events of each week’s chapters. Along the way, I added in some song choices of my own, where they seemed to fit in—in part because it’s fun to think ahead to the TV series and what the show’s soundtrack might be like—I, for one, already have my heart set on a theme song….

The songs below range from classical music to classic rock, pop songs to power ballads, show tunes to traditional folk melodies, and each song plays a part in the larger narrative—I’m still surprised by how much the musical references can inform and illuminate one’s reading of the text, once you start paying attention. I’ve covered each song in relative depth, chapter by chapter, but without further ado, here’s the complete American Gods Mega-Mix, for your listening enjoyment!

[A playlist worthy of the long as the gods like karaoke]

Dec 18 2013 12:27pm

Christopher Lee Wants You to Have a Heavy Metal Christmas

Christopher Lee, Jingle Hell, heavy metal

Did you know that in addition to fighting Nazis, knowing everything about Lord of the Rings, and changing his own Dracula dialogue because he didn't like it, Christopher Lee has also released heavy metal music about the Holy Roman Emperor Charlmagne? (Note: Everything listed above is entirely true. We're not being cute because no one is allowed to be cute about Christopher Lee.)

Well, Saruman is back this year to wish us a very merry holiday with his new metal track, “Jingle Hell.” (Note: We are still entirely serious.)

[Also Frank Sinatra's “My Way” gets covered.]

Dec 4 2013 11:10am

Benedict Cumberbatch Tells Us What Smaug’s Favorite Music is in Twitter Interview

In a cute, short Twitter interview, Benedict Cumberbatch gave answers to fan questions to promote the upcoming Hobbit film. While all of his reponses were charming as usual, we were particularly tickled when he was asked what sort of music Smaug favored:

“Liberace. A little bit of Burt Bacharach. And Enya.”

That is one sparkle-tastic answer. There are more of them over at Cumberbatchweb, where you can see his answers to questions about Martin Freeman, motion capture dots versus neutron cream, and whether he would prefer to fly or breathe fire. Check it out!

Nov 15 2013 2:30pm

Perfect Infant Stops Crying When the Star Wars Theme Plays

For your dose of “awwww” before the weekend rolls around, we offer up this excellent video of an adorable baby who has the one thing every parent dreams of—a No Cry Switch. And this particular switch is the majestic chords of John Williams’ “Star Wars Theme.”

We’re melting.

[Click for all the cute.]

Oct 28 2013 5:00pm

Marching Band Has Been Won by These Movie Nerds—Everyone Else Go Home

Ohio State marching band, Superman

Okay, we know that marching band is a noble endeavor, attempted by only the most valiant souls. But for a good portion of the population... they just don’t get it. Why can’t you just play your music sitting down? Or standing in place?

Well, maybe because you could never form a walking, eating T-Rex that way. Or the Eye of Sauron. Or fighting pirate ships.

[These guys over in Ohio...]

Oct 14 2013 5:00pm

William Shatner Has Performed “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” With Sir Paul McCartney

William Shatner, singing New York Comic Con

The great William Shatner was all too keen to talk about his upcoming prog rock album with fans at his NYCC panel, which adorably confused about half the audience. There was some kind of metaphor about how prog rock is to music what science fiction is to fiction, and about how it was exploring new boundaries, and how he doesn’t understand musicians because he can never figure out when he has to come in on a track.

This is why you go to a Shatner panel, of course. He is master of the ambling metaphor.

[And you find out about that one time he sang on stage with a Beatle.]

Oct 2 2013 5:10pm

“Space Oddity”-Singing Astronaut Chris Hadfield Slowly Turning Into David Bowie

Chris Hadfield, David Bowie, Aladdin Sane, Christopher Wahl

Remember that awesome video of Chris Hadfield singing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” aboard the International Space Station? You should. It was kind of the best thing ever.

But photographer Christopher Wahl didn’t think his transformation went far enough. When he was asked to do a photoshoot with the returned astronaut, he decided it was time to blend Bowie and Hadfield into one. Check out the transformation in the video below!

[A lad insane...]

Sep 5 2013 11:45am

Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” as Performed in Mario Paint

Is there anything Mario Paint can’t do? YouTube user jeonghoon95 recently used the 21 year old game’s music editor to re-create Daft Punk’s current earworm “Get Lucky” and the results are adorable. Take a listen!

[Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” as performed in Mario Paint]

Aug 29 2013 7:30am

A Fight Song for a Friend: “Unfettered”

“Unfettered,” the tune:Unfettered it’s a fight song. It incorporates every story in the anthology of the same name. I wrote it to help a friend—to help anyone fighting cancer. And you can listen to it on first.

The best answer to most questions is: Music. I’ll illustrate with a story. When asked by Shawn Speakman to contribute a video describing my involvement in the Unfettered anthology—to help get the word out—I replied: How about I write a song instead. Besides writing fiction, I’m also a musician. And music hath charms.

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Aug 21 2013 12:35pm

Avril Lavigne Music Video Creates Steampunk SharkBear Comics Genre. Yes(?)

Avril Lavigne Rock N Roll video steampunk sharkbear comics

Okay, so we’re all confused as to how Avril Lavigne is still a thing, since her skater-girl-teen-queen years have passed, but if she’s determined to hold that throne... well, no one’s going to take it from her, so that’s okay?

While most of us geeks would normally be ambivalent to her progress as an artist(e), one can’t help but notice that her new music video contains a strange mondo-mixture of... well, “nerd-cred” was already a passe term on inception, so I’m just going to say that you should watch the “Rock N Roll” music video at least once.

[Billy Zane? Why are you rocketing away from Earth?]

Aug 21 2013 11:40am

Kermit the Frog and Steve Martin Face Off With Banjos: Wednesday is Saved!

Steve Martin Kermit the Frog Deuling Banjos

There aren’t too many celebrity banjo players in this world, so when the top two get together for a duet we want to share it with the world! Near-Muppet Steve Martin faces off with Kermit the Frog for a rendition of “Dueling Banjos”...which has somehow never happened before? The last time Steve brought bluegrass to the Muppets it was with a jug band that was not Emmet Otter’s, so the rendition below makes for an epic moment in the history banjo-based music and felt. 

[Can we request “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” next?]

Aug 6 2013 1:30pm

Hodor From Game of Thrones is a DJ and Sometimes This Life is so Rewarding, You Know?

Hodor Kristian Nairn DJ direwolf

As if Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn wasn’t already cooler than we’ll ever be, now it turns out that He Who Is Hodor is a well-respected DJ under the moniker “kharmonix”!

The news came out in 2011, so we’re late to this realization, but also OVERJOYED. We want Hodor to spin at our parties and other assorted important life events. We promise not to bother him with bad song requests. (Does Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch” count?)

[What does he sound like? Hodor spins for you]

Jul 19 2013 11:05am

George R. R. Martin Busts Up Paul & Storm’s Show Like They’re the Stark Family

George R. R. Martin Paul & Storm Neil Gaiman wootstock

Run, Paul & Storm, run like the wind.

During a performance at Wootstock on Thursday night, nerdy folk duo Paul & Storm summoned the very subject of their Song of Ice and Fire themed song “Write Like The Wind (George R. R. Martin)With deadly results.

Watch the video, taken by Veronica Belmont, of the whole thing below. GRRM really commits to his vengeance and it is kind of the best thing ever. Then someone else shows up to reign in Paul & Storm and it somehow becomes even more of the best thing ever.

[Paul & Storm get schooled by George R. R. Martin]

Jul 10 2013 2:30pm

Watch This Kitten Wander In to Help Play a Ukelele Nerd Love Song

Nerd Love Song ukelele kitten DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith’s “Nerdy Love Song” had already reached One of the Best Things Ever status, what with the ukelele and the bow tie and everything—but then Clark the foster kitten wanders onto camera and STEALS THE SHOW. Watch the kitty make it nearly impossible for Smith to keep a straight face while she plays her song.

[NSFW, because you won’t want to do anything else today but keep watching this.]

Jun 20 2013 1:30pm

Dance it Up to This Slick Ska Version of the Game of Thrones Theme

Game of Thrones ska theme Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra

Hungarian ska band Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra just released a very slick ska band version of the insidiously catchy theme song to Game of Thrones and oh man, oh MAN where are my beer-soaked checkered shoes because this puts me right back in the midst of my mid-90s youth.

The song comes complete with a GoT-themed video and if you keep the lounge-y beat going long enough you’ll end up feeling like you’re watching the opening credits to a 70s cop show. None of this is a bad thing.

[Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra’s ska version of Game of Thrones]

May 28 2013 3:00pm

Short Fiction Spotlight: Let’s All Go to the Science Fiction Disco!

Short Fiction Spotlight Let's All Go to the Science Fiction Disco

Welcome back to the Short Fiction Spotlight, a weekly column co-curated by myself and the venerable Brit Mandelo, and dedicated to doing exactly what it says in the header: shining a light on the some of the best and most relevant fiction of the aforementioned form.

Today, we’ve all been invited to the science fiction disco by the inaugural volume of Adventure Rocketship, a moreish new magazine masterminded by prolific critic Jonathan Wright to celebrate genre-oriented essays and short stories both.

We’ll look at two of the latter tales today, namely “Starmen” by Liz Williams and “Between the Notes” by World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar, but you can find out more about the fascinating first issue here, and place your orders accordingly.

[Read more]