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Dec 9 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Engage It So! ...Wait, Is That Right?

Cici James is the co-owner of Singularity & Co., New York’s amazing science fiction and fantasy bookshop. She is also a fabulous online presence, and she’s found us the best cake in the galaxy!

Morning Roundup brings us a new old role for Mark Hamill, a new new role for Chirstopher Nolan, and the ballad of Homestar Runner!

[Plus, imagine if The Hobbit was only one movie!]

Nov 28 2014 11:00am

Cinema’s Best and Worst Dinosaurs

Cinema's Best and Worst Dinosaurs Land Before Time

For as long as there have been movies, dinosaurs have been roaring and stomping across the screen. Gertie the dinosaur was one of the first popular animated characters, and stop-motion pioneer Willis O’Brien had an unabashed love for prehistoric life that he brought to life in silent shorts as well as classics like 1925’s The Lost World and the original King Kong. Jurassic Park later picked up the spirit of these early forays, presenting audiences with what are still some of the most spectacular movie dinosaurs ever. Since the 1993 blockbuster is briefly back in theaters starting today, it’s fitting to look back at a short list of cinema’s best and worst Mesozoic monsters.

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Sep 25 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Baby Gojira Rages Through the Nursery!

Even Baby Gojira is mighty! He just displayed it in more adorable ways. Artist Illuminescent uses his Wordpress page to tell the saga of The Fearsome Godzilla. He also gives us Gojira vs. Baby Smaug, and...Toothless vs. the Ball of Yarn??!! Awww...

Morning Roundup bring you a new perspective on Raiders of the Lost Ark, a new perspective on Disney’s Robin Hood, and a new perspective on the Science of Deduction.

[Plus, you won’t believe this mind-blowing theory about PIXAR!]

Jul 26 2014 4:50pm

Guillermo del Toro and Duncan Jones! Godzilla 2, Crimson Peak, and Warcraft Teasers! Legendary Pictures at SDCC

Legendary Pictures SDCC 2014 panel Godzilla 2 teaser Warcraft Duncan Jones Guillermo del Toro Crimson Peak

Legendary Pictures did a pretty great job of giving fans what they wanted at this year’s San Diego Comic Con panel: Guillermo del Toro garnered cheers at his appearance (as did the mere mention of Tom Hiddleston’s name) as he chatted about his new horror projects; and Duncan Jones swung by for his first-ever SDCC (aww) to talk all things Warcraft.

In addition to the directors waxing poetic, fans got to glimpse trailers for both of these projects—plus, Legendary’s Godzilla 2 and King Kong-adjacent film Skull Island!

[Click through for ALL the teaser trailer reactions]

Jul 3 2014 2:30pm

Gaming Roundup: Elite: Dangerous Gives You A Universe

Elite Dangerous gaming roundup

Last week, we took a look at No Man’s Sky, an upcoming PS4 space simulator featuring a virtually limitless universe and emphasizing exploration—a game that Sony hopes will become a key selling point for their next-gen consoles on release. This week (at our readers’ behest and because, well, it also looks pretty damn cool), we highlight Elite: Dangerous, an equally ambitious space trading and combat simulator poised to offer similar freedoms and open-ended universes as No Man’s Sky, only sooner and with its own unique stylings.

[“Blaze your own trail...”]

Jun 18 2014 3:20pm

These Existential Godzilla Haikus Make Him King of the Feels

Godzilla just wants to be understood, you guys. Did you ever stop to think that, even as he was smashing the coast to pieces in his latest reboot, maybe he’s just trying to connect? After all, he knows that no matter who he’s facing off against in a given Godzilla film, humans are still going to feel strangely guilty about his path of destruction.

So of course there’s a Godzilla Haiku Tumblr for the big G to unleash his angst and tail-whip you with his sensitive side in seventeen syllables.

[Godzilla must go / So you cannot see the depth / Of his loneliness]

May 19 2014 12:00pm

Godzilla Banks on Nostalgia, Keeps Other Monsters From Having Babies

Godzilla 2014 movie review

It’s not exactly The Blair Witch Project, but the new Godzilla is initially a little hesitant to give you a full, proper ogle at its titular monster. There he is on a TV. There he is out of the corner of someone’s eye. Wait, I think I saw part of him from the window of this air-train taking the protagonist to a flight I’m sure won’t get delayed because of Godzilla. Wait, is Godzilla late to his own movie? Fortunately, when you do see the big G in all his tall swinging, blue-fire-breathing action, you can’t help but think to yourself “Whoo-hoo! You show em’ Godzilla!” Actually, maybe I said that out loud.

But who are these other creatures he’s battling and is this movie really positing Godzilla as global monster-buster?

[Read more. Spoilers]

May 19 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Star Wars Episode VII is Going to be So Confusing!

Darth Maul ice skating

Now that filming has begun on Star Wars Episode VII we’ve been getting the most puzzling set pictures ever! How did Darth Maul survive his fight with Obi-Wan? And shouldn’t that hockey stick be double-bladed?

Morning Roundup celebrates Godzilla, takes a look at comics history, and considers moral panic at the neighborhood arcade!

[Plus, Tyrion Lannister gets the last word.]

May 14 2014 9:30am

Godzilla: The Art of Destruction Sweepstakes!

Godzilla: The Art of Destruction by Mark Cotta Vaz is out this week from Insight Editions in the U.S. and Titan Books in the U.K., and we want you to have your own stunning copy! The book delves into the making of Warner Bros. and Legendary’s Godzilla with concept illustrations, sketches, and storyboards, and is perfect for fans of big, scaly monsters who have all the feels.

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 9:30 AM Eastern Time (ET) on May 14. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on May 18. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

May 7 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Defeating Superman is Starting to Look Easier...

Illustrator Dave Dorman has been obsessed with Aliens since the early 1980s. He expresses his obsession through loving illustrations, including this one titled “Batman vs. Alien.” We may be going out on a limb here, but it look like Batman lost. Zack Snyder, take note.

Morning Roundup includes a cogent argument for villains, we have news about Christopher Nolan’s next project, and also an update on proper heraldry!

[Plus exploding Wookiees!]

Apr 23 2014 1:00pm

Godzilla in the Mist: Rediscovering the 60th Anniversary Restoration of the Classic Film

Gojira Godzilla 1954

Right now, and for the rest of the summer, touring in select movie theatres in America is a cinematic 60th Anniversary Restoration of Ishiro Honda’s immortal monster film Gojira, or as we came to know him in the US, Godzilla. And with Bryan Cranston getting ready to do battle with the big G in the newest American reboot of Godzilla, this is the perfect time to revisit the first footprint from “the king of monsters.” And I do mean literally, because even in 1954, that footprint shows up way before the monster does.

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Apr 18 2014 4:50pm

New Godzilla TV Spot Tells Us More Than all the Previous Trailers Have So Far

Godzilla movie

Only 30 seconds and we get to know who our human surrogates are and we get a clear look at the Thunder Lizard his/her/itself! Take a gander at the new TV spot for the Godzilla movie coming in May.


Apr 5 2014 10:51pm

“This is not a natural disaster.” The Extended Godzilla Trailer

After a rash of mini trailers, Warner Brothers has released an extended trailer that actually makes it look pretty good. So, how many people are going to see this because of Godzilla and how many because of Walter White?

Godzilla will be released May 16th.

[Watch the trailer]

Mar 11 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: So Many Bobas!

We found this myriad of Bobas on the Facebook page for Nerds do it Better. Look at all the Bobas! There’s a Boba holding boba! And a Boba Vet, with an Ewok wearing a cone of shame! Awww....

Man do we ever have some links today! You want Constantine? We got him. You want Godzilla? We’ve got him, too. You want Constantine battling Godzilla? Well, OK, we don’t have that... but we do have a True Detective/Alan Moore crossover!

[Plus the President of Marvel talks Guardians of the Galaxy!]

Mar 3 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: 8-Bit Game of Thrones III is a Non-Stop Killfest

We haven’t been this excited about the third installment of a video game RPG since Funcoland got Final Fantasy III in stock! This screenshot comes from a series of animated 8-bit gifs created by Buzzfeed that illustrate the most brutal deaths in Game of Thrones, from the first to third seasons.

Your morning roundup is setting Beyonce against zombies, warning NASA about its murderous new A.I., and boasting about how it knows UNIX.

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Feb 25 2014 2:45pm

Finally, a New Trailer for Godzilla!

Godzilla trailer

Warner Bros. has finally released a new, more extensive trailer for the Godzilla reboot! (Although considering the dialogue in the trailer it might be more fitting to call this a sequel?) Get your fill of the biggest, baddest monster of them all. And of Bryan Cranston as the Crazy Scientist Whom No One Believes, who spends the entire trailer yelling at Skyler.

[Watch the full Godzilla trailer]

Feb 21 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: You Must Know Something by the Final Exam, Jon Snow!

Aw, poor Jon Snow. Not only does he know nothing, but now he’s being publicly told to see the T.A., and the professor spelled his name wrong. Poor bastard can’t catch a break. (This moment of epic fantasy meeting academic reality is brought to you by Lincoln Michel, coeditor of Gigantic Worlds.)

Unlike Mr. Snow, Morning Roundup knows many things! For instance, it knows the Godzilla is HUGE, that BioShock is coming back, and that Matt Smith is one of the finest Time Lords in the universe. Read on!

[Plus, at the bottom, there are kittens. Adorable, soul-restoring kittens.]

Dec 18 2013 9:00am

Morning Roundup: The Historic Christmas Peace Accord Between Kitten and Godzilla

Godzilla and kitten historic peace accord

Christmas is a time of peace between all humans, and in this day and age, when the concept of humanity becomes so increasingly variable we’d like to think that Christmas is also a time of peace between all things in this glorious universe. Thank you, kitten and Godzilla, for showing us the way.

Your morning roundup is forcing the season 6 Buffy writers to defend their choices, imagining Tim Burton’s Doctor Who, and trying to stop actual trains by dressing as Gandalf.

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Dec 10 2013 2:15pm

Watch the Trailer for the New Godzilla Movie!

Godzilla trailer

The first trailer for the new Godzilla movie is here! Is the monster happy? Sad? Inconclusive! See for yourself.

[Watch the first trailer for Godzilla]

Jul 15 2013 5:00pm

A Spotter’s Guide to Kaiju: Seven Predecessors of the Creatures in Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim is out, and is being popularly hailed as Guillermo del Toro’s love letter to the giant monster (“kaiju”) movies of his youth—for that reason alone everybody everywhere should salute Mr. del Toro.

Let’s talk about the subjects of del Toro’s love letter. But let’s establish some ground rules too, because otherwise we’ll be here all day and I have some movies to watch. I’ll limit myself to kaiju that 1) have appeared in a live action motion picture (kaiju on TV are cool, but the big screen is where they are, well, the biggest), 2) are not just large but insanely larger than normal human scale (a great white shark is not a kaiju, a mega shark maybe is), and 3) that pose an existential threat on at least a citywide scale (King Kong might mess up 5th Avenue a little, but he’s not going to destroy New York City). Yes, this disqualifies from consideration Ultraman and his kaiju of the week, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Kroll, the housecat and spider from The Incredible Shrinking Man, and almost any bad guy from either Voltron series, but all are worthy entries.

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