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Jul 24 2014 1:00pm

Spoiler Thread for A Read of Ice and Fire, Part 6!

Welcome to Part 6 of the Song of Ice and Fire thread, in conjunction with Leigh Butler’s fabulous Read of Ice and Fire. (The first, second, third, fourth, and fifth threads are now massive, but you can read through them at your leisure.) Please join us below for our ongoing, spoiler-filled dissection of George R. R. Martin’s bloody fantasy epic.

(Please note that while the forums are closed for comments, you can still access them here if you’d like to read up on previous conversations in the the thread.)

[All the dirt that’s fit to print]

Jun 18 2014 11:30am

Spotted: A White Walker at the “John Snow” Pub!

White Walker John Snow pub Game of Thrones Jon Snow Reddit

Redditor jakes_in_here snapped this funny photo of a White Walker hitting up a local pub in London. Well, not just any pub, of course—we’re betting he was looking for a certain member of the Night’s Watch. We’re guessing that facial expression is because he’s realized he misspelled Jon Snow’s name.

Photo: Reddit

Jun 6 2014 12:10pm

Let George R.R. Martin Murder You for Charity!

Valar Morghulis, but a few lucky, charitable people will get to die more than once! Before their actual, physical death, George R.R. Martin will fictionally kill them in the ever-expanding pages of ASOIAF. Martin has started a campaign on Prizeo to ask Game Of Thrones fans to help the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Santa Fe’s Food Depot! He’s offering rewards including t-shirts, signed memorabilia, and even thank you notes from George himself. However, if you have a few thousand dollars hanging around, you can go for a bigger prize: Martin will name a future Game Of Thrones character after you, allow you to pick a career for the character, and, best of all, grotesquely murder your avatar! But wait, we still have to cover the best prize of all...

Click through to meet the Westeros Wolf Pack!


Jun 3 2014 5:20pm

George R.R. Martin’s Editor Teases Possible Eighth Book in Song of Ice and Fire Series?

Daenerys bored

Anne Groell, editor of the Song of Ice and Fire series, was at a Q&A with fans recently, where she hinted at possible expansion for the series. Dany is expecting some rage over this, as evidenced by the above picture.

Eight books for Seven Kingdoms?

[Read more]

Jun 3 2014 10:00am

Feuding Targaryens: A Non-Spoiler Review of George R. R. Martin’s “The Rogue Prince, or, A King’s Brother”

Rogues Anthology review George RR Martin The Rogue PrinceAs one might suspect from the title, “The Rogue Prince” from the upcoming Rogues anthology is a companion piece to Martin’s “The Princess and The Queen, Or, The Blacks and The Greens,” which capped off last year’s Dangerous Women anthology. Once again, the story is framed as a formal history set forth by Archmaester Gyldayn of the Citadel of Oldtown, whose dedication to the sober and serious task of recording the dynastic struggles of the Targaryen clan can’t entirely stifle the rich strain of scandalous rumor and gossip woven throughout the official record.

“The Rogue Prince” fills in much of the backstory leading up to the extremely bloody events of “The Princess and The Queen,” in which competing branches of the ruling house waged a violent war of succession which brought the Targaryens and their dragons to the brink of extinction, almost two hundred years before the events of A Game of Thrones. Chronicling the familial tensions and personal hostilities that eventually grew into the full-scale bloodletting known as the Dance of the Dragons, this new story is “a consideration of the early life, adventures, misdeeds, and marriages of Prince Daemon Targaryen,” who wreaked all kinds of sexy, swashbuckling havoc during the reign of his mild-mannered brother, King Viserys I.

[Prince Daemon was Trouble—with a capital “T” and that rhymes with “D” and that stands for DRAGONS.]

Jun 2 2014 4:35pm

George R. R. Martin and Rand al’Thor are Best Friends Forever!

George R. R. Martin poses with his good buddy Rand al'Thor! The epicness of this fantasy bro hug is heightened not only by Martin's beer, but also by the way Rand appears to be playfully socking Martin in the ribs. We can just see these two kicking back and watching a Jets game, snarfing some nachos, and debating about whether Lan or Jaime Lannister would win in a fight.

[via Dragonmount]

May 23 2014 2:30pm

Game of Thrones Season 5 Cast Sheet Reveals Focus on Dorne

Note: Spoilers ahead.

WinterisComing.net has obtained a partial casting breakdown for Game of Thrones season 5, which is slated to begin shooting this summer. The fifth season promises to be a notable one for book readers, since it is still unclear how the show will tackle the concurrent timelines of A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons. One thing now appears to be confirmed: We’ll be seeing a lot of Dorne.

[Partial casting breakdowns for Game of Thrones season 5]

May 23 2014 11:30am

Check Out this New Excerpt from The World of Ice and Fire!

The World of Ice and Fire George R. R. Martin

Westeros.org has posted a new excerpt from The World of Ice and Fire, “The Rhoynar!” The good people behind the site, Elio M. García and Linda Antonsson, are working with George R. R. Martin on TWOIAF, and added this section to follow the excerpt Martin gave us last month.

From Westeros.org: “Our own excerpt features the beginning of “The Ten Thousand Ships,” the section devoted to the events leading to the arrival of the Rhoynar in Westeros, beginning with the relationship—and eventual conflict—between the people of the Rhoyne and the Valyrians.” Check out the full excerpt here

May 23 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: We Suggest a New Strategy. Wookiee Cake!

Happy birthday, Peter Mayhew! Disney presented our favorite Wookiee with this wonderful Chewbacca cake, and we can only hope he sliced it with a lightsaber. Also? We want that shirt

Morning Roundup presents some opposing views on She-Hulk...let us say that a little better...a correct view of She-Hulk, and batshi a less correct one. George R.R. Martin updates his Livejournal, and the world fills with joy! And, we check in with Wolverine, Deadpool, and Gambit! 

[Plus tha alternate universe ROTJ we all want.]

May 5 2014 10:30am

Game of Thrones Episode Review “First of His Name”

Game of Thrones First of His Name Sansa Alayne

A wedding where no one dies? What bullshit Game of Thrones episode is this?!

A new bride and groom, a new king, a new queen, and one old outstanding debt made for a pretty talk-heavy first half of “First of His Name.” The pace did take an unexpectedly fast turn into action north of the Wall, transforming what promised to be a huge detour from the books into a mere spin around the block. After the tantalizing speculation on what a jaunt to Craster’s Keep could mean for two Starks I have to admit that I feel a little silly for getting so excited.

But not as silly as Sansa must feel after meeting her aunt Lysa.

Major episode spoilers ahead. Book comments fair game in the comments. Tread carefully.

[“Mostly I poured wine...”]

Apr 30 2014 10:00am

The Political Science of Game of Thrones

If there is one thing Machiavelli’s The Prince needed, it was more dragons. Alas, it would have been so easy! All he had to do was mention Saint George.

Although the closest Machiavelli came to discussing these mythic beasts was a brief shout-out for Chiron the centaur, such omissions make HBO’s Game of Thrones and George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire all the more interesting in today’s classroom. After all, if Daenerys Targaryen were a Poli Sci major today, she’d have every reason to throw down her textbooks and demand: “Where are my dragons!”

[Read More]

Apr 17 2014 12:32pm

Read a New Sample From The World of Ice and Fire

Aegon on his dragon Black Dread, art by J. Gonzalez from The World of Ice and Fire

George R.R. Martin has released a new sample from The World of Ice and Fire, the companion book detailing the history of the Seven Kingdoms from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, currently due out from Bantam on October 28, 2014.

The sample details Aegon’s slow conquest of the Seven Kingdoms:

The maesters of the Citadel who keep the histories of Westeros have used Aegon’s Conquest as their touchstone for the past three hundred years. Birth, deaths, battles, and other events are dated either AC (After the Conquest) or BC (Before the Conquest).

It’s a must-read for fans of the book and television series, as it details a period of Targaryen history that informs so much of the struggle in the current series and adds depth to Daenerys’ claim to the Iron Throne. (Also that painting of Black Dread is totally sick.) Check out the full sample and a larger version of the art here!

Apr 17 2014 9:00am

Game of Thrones Episode Analysis: “The Lion and The Rose"

Game of Thrones The Lion and the Rose Joffrey Margaery

The last drop of wine has long since been drunk, the joyousness of Sunday night’s celebrations linger no longer and the ghosts of Monday morning’s regretful headaches have dissipated. And so now there’s a bit of distance to talk about Everything Else that occurred in the second episode of Game of Thrones.

The hunts, the breakups, the visions, the pageantry, and of course the spoilers for show and book.

[Where do whores go?]

Apr 9 2014 3:00pm

If the Hound Demands Chicken, Give Him Chicken!

Game of Thrones-KFC Meal Deal

Game of Thrones has turned to some innovative tie-in promotions! George R.R. Martin shared Jimmy Kimmel's GoT/KFC commercial spoof on Not A Blog.

GRRM is quick to point out that there is no actual sponsorship deal, though, as “the Hound prefers Popeyes. But not the spicy. He's afraid of fire.”

Well played, sir.

[Click through for chickens!]

Apr 9 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Don’t You Forget About Beast...

Deviant artist Rahzzah makes detention fun again with The Xavier Club! We can just imagine the wacky shenanigans these mutants will get up to as they overcome their social differences and bond over the trauma of spending Saturday in a library. Actually, The Breakfast Club kind of found the best way to spend a Saturday...

Morning Roundup has some serious thinkings on superhero ethics, the birth of a new meme, and insight into George R.R. Martin’s literary influences!

[Plus, there’s a cat at the end!]

Apr 8 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: You Avengers are All Weirdos

We don’t know about you, but our Captain America afterglow refuses to die. Luckily, the internet is here to continue stoking the flames of our pop culture patriotism. Friend-of-the-site Steven Padnick posted this piece of awesome on his tumblr, and it made us all warm and fuzzy. And feathery.

Morning Roundup includes some thoughts on race and casting, an alternate view on Captain America, and some shocking news from George R.R. Martin!

[Plus a guide to Community’s references!]

Mar 26 2014 4:02pm

Read a New Excerpt from The Winds of Winter!

Winds of Winter excerpt Mercy

George R.R. Martin has released a new excerpt from The Winds of Winter! We don’t want to give a single syllable away, so we’re just going to give you this link and invite you to discuss in the comments after you’ve finished! Please assume there will be spoilers! 

[Read More]

Mar 19 2014 5:20pm

New A Song of Ice and Fire Story Coming Soon!

George R.R. Martin, dragonGeorge R.R. Martin’s latest ASoIaF story is coming…in about three months! According to Martin’s Not a Blog, the release date for the new anthology, Rogues has been set for June 17th, and the book, edited by Martin and Gardner Dozois, will feature one Martin-penned story, as well as stories from Neil Gaiman, Joe Abercrombie, and Patrick Rothfuss!

The anthology will include a new story, “The Rogue Prince, or, the King’s Brother.” After the success of “The Princess and the Queen,” (which was included in the Dangerous Women anthology, and from which you can read an excerpt here on Tor.com) Martin wanted to tell another story from Archmaester Gyldayn’s perspective. The story will fill in some more detail about the reign of King Viserys I Targaryen and his brother, the titular Rogue Prince. We can’t wait to read it!

(Image via Game of Thrones’ Facebook page!)

[Click through for the full Table of Contents!]

Mar 18 2014 2:08pm

Check Out Donato Giancolo’s Cover to the Song of Ice and Fire 2015 Calendar

A Song of Ice and Fire 2015 calendar Donato Giancola

Donato Giancola and Random House have released the cover to the 2015 Song of Ice and Fire calendar, set for release this coming July!

From the artist’s Facebook page:

The twelve paintings of the calendar were inspired by the books, with my interpretations of the characters and places. It was a great pleasure, honor, and challenge to interpret this world, pushing my abilities to their limits to create a wonderful series of paintings.

[Read more]

Mar 14 2014 9:00am

Let’s Sort the Game of Thrones Cast Into Hogwarts Houses

Winter is coming and with it the need for hats. Sorting hats, that is, to determine what Hogwarts house you would be in (if you weren’t already in a Westerosi house). If you are wondering if this stemmed from a random in-office discussion then you are correct! You must be a Ravenclaw.

Join us as we determine which house the Game of Thrones characters would get sorted into. So everyone can enjoy the game, we’ll be avoiding spoilers by sticking with characters from the first three seasons of the show.

[You know nothing, Jon Snow. Are you a Hufflepuff?]