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Apr 2 2015 3:00pm

The Last Quarrel (Excerpt)

Duncan Lay

the last quarrel duncan lay Gaelland is a nation gripped by fear. In the country, fishing boats return with their crews mysteriously vanished, while farms are left empty, their owners gone into the night, meals still on the table. In the cities, children disappear from the streets or even out of their own beds. The King tells his people that it is the work of selkies and witches, but no matter how many women he burns at the stake, the children are still being taken.

Fallon is a man who has always dreamed of being a hero. His wife Bridgit just wants to live in peace and quiet, and to escape the tragedies that have filled her life. His greatest wish and her worst nightmare are about to collide. When an empty ship sails into their village, he begins to follow the trail towards the truth behind the evil stalking their land. But it is a journey that will take them both into a dark, dark place and nobody can tell them where it might end...

Originally published episodically, the complete edition of Duncan Lay’s The Last Quarrel is available as an ebook April 23rd from Momentum Books.

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Feb 16 2015 3:00pm

It’s Not Squamous. The 10 Words H.P. Lovecraft Used Most Often


In December of 2010, I became frustrated when attempting to find a Nook-compatible eBook, free or otherwise, of the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft. Initially, I used a nearly-complete file from the Australian Project Gutenberg and turned it into a mildly useful but still incomplete and unstructured ebook. That wouldn’t do, so I did what any good librarian-in-training would—I took the time to create a proper complete works eBook and released it to the public.

In the process of creating the eBook, I realized I had the opportunity to discover Lovecraft’s most-used words.

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Jan 13 2015 5:00pm

Great Fanfic Pairing, or Greatest Fanfic Pairing? Oisín McGann Takes Our Pop Quiz!

Oisin McGannWelcome back to The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, a recurring series here on featuring some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, and others!

Today we’re joined by Oisín McGann, a writer and illustrator who lives somewhere in the Irish countryside. Before becoming an author, he worked as a freelance illustrator, serving time along the way as a pizza chef, security guard, background artist for an animation company, and art director and copywriter in an advertising agency.

McGann has written several novels for young adults, including the Wildenstern Saga, a steampunk trilogy set in nineteenth-century Ireland, and the thrillers Strangled Silence and Rat Runners—all available now as ebooks from Open Road Media.

Join us as Oisín suggests a Muppet fanfic pairing that will either leave you laughing or cringing!

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Jan 6 2015 3:30pm

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Robin McKinley

Robin McKinley pop quizWelcome back to The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, a recurring series here on featuring some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, and others!

Today we’re joined by Robin McKinley, an American writer who lives in Hampshire, England with her husband, author Peter Dickinson, and two hellhounds nicknamed Chaos and Darkness. Open Road Media has recently released eight of Robin’s novels as ebooks, including Beauty, The Outlaws of Sherwood, and the Newbery Medal-winning The Hero and the Crown.

Join us!

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Jan 6 2015 10:05am

Some of the Best from 2014 is Free to Download Now! best of 2014

We are thrilled to announce the 2014 edition of Some of the Best from, an anthology of twenty-six of our favorite short stories, novelettes, and novellas, selected from the seventy-plus stories we published this year.

Of course, you can always read these—and all other— stories for free whenever you’d like, but starting today they will be available world-wide as a single, easy to read, free mini ebook. This offer is immediately available for Kindle, B&N NOOK store, iBooks, and other online retailers.

These stories were acquired and edited for by Ellen Datlow, Carl Engle-Laird, Liz Gorinsky, David G. Hartwell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Peter Joseph, Marco Palmieri, Paul Stevens, and Ann VanderMeer. Each story is accompanied by an original illustration.

[Table of Contents below]

Dec 29 2014 9:00am

A Library In Your Pocket: How Having an E-reader Has Changed My Reading Habits

I bought an e-reader almost two years ago. My son had one first, but he’s a technophilic early adopter. I on the other hand am a panda who likes to stick to my one comfortable grove of bamboo. But when my son came with me my signing tour in January 2011, he took his Kindle and I took eleven books. Then I bought more on the way and had to post some home from San Francisco. Even I could see the advantages of an e-reader for travel. There never was a more reluctant purchaser though.

[Read more: But now I love it]

Dec 2 2014 1:00pm

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Warren Hammond

Warren Hammond pop quizWelcome back to The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, a recurring series here on featuring some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, and others!

Today we’re joined by Warren Hammond, author of the gritty, futuristic KOP series—KOP Killer, the first in the series, won the 2012 Colorado Book Award for best mystery. Warren’s latest novel, Tides of Maritinia, is available now from HarperVoyager. His first book independent of the KOP series, Tides is a spy novel set in a science fictional world.

Read on to find out why Warren thinks the perils of demolecularization will be well worth it!

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Nov 13 2014 5:30pm

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Greg D’Alessandro and Anne Beatrice Jarmain

Greg D'Alessandro pop quiz Welcome back to The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, a recurring series here on featuring some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, and others!

Today we’re joined by Greg D’Alessandro and Anne Beatrice Jarmain, authors of Ava Blue, the first novel in the Seaspell series—available from Principio. Ava, abadoned as a baby on the shore of Lake Superior, is surprised to discover that she is the last surviving member of a great mermaid tribe.

Greg has had a prolific career of writing, directing and performing for theatre, TV, music and stand up comedy. He holds dual MFAs in screenwriting from USC and UCLA, and he currently lives in New York City. Anne is a native of Toronto, Canada. She has written for film and television in both Los Angeles and New York City, and she currently lives with her husband and two small children in Venice Beach, California.

Join us!

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Oct 29 2014 5:00pm

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: David Gerrold

David Gerrold pop quizWelcome back to The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, a recurring series here on featuring some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, and others!

Today we’re joined by David Gerrold, the author of over 50 books, hundreds of articles and columns, and over a dozen television episodes—including the Star Trek Original Series classic “The Trouble with Tribbles.” David recently released 12 of his classic works in ebook format, including When Harlie Was One, Moonstar, and Child of Grass. Find out more about all of the ebook releases at Gerrold’s site, and check out an excerpt from Child of Earth, book one in The Sea of Grass trilogy, here on!

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Oct 22 2014 4:00pm

The Hero and the Crown (Excerpt)

Robin McKinley

Robin McKinley The Hero and the Crown Aerin is an outcast in her own father’s court, the daughter of the foreign woman who, it was rumored, was a witch, and enchanted the king to marry her.

She makes friends with her father’s lame, retired warhorse, Talat, and discovers an old, overlooked, and dangerously imprecise recipe for dragon-fire-proof ointment in a dusty corner of her father’s library. Two years and many burnt twigs (and a few fingers) later, Aerin is present when someone comes from an outlying village to report a marauding dragon to the king. Aerin slips off alone to fetch her horse, her sword, and her fireproof ointment…

But modern dragons, while formidable opponents fully capable of killing a human being, are small and accounted vermin. There is no honor in killing dragons. The great dragons are a tale out of ancient history. That is, until the day that the king is riding out at the head of an army. A weary man on an exhausted horse staggers into the courtyard where the king’s troop is assembled to announce that Maur, the Black Dragon, has awakened.

On November 18th, Robin McKinley’s Newbery Medal-winning novel The Hero and the Crown will be available for the first time as an ebook from Open Road Media.

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Oct 22 2014 2:00pm

Child of Earth (Excerpt)

David Gerrold

Child of Earth David Gerrold When Kaer’s extended family signs up to emigrate to Linnea, a planet known for horses as large as houses and dangerously mistrustful natives, Kaer is certain the move will bring the divided household closer together. What none of them are prepared for is the grueling emigration training in the Linnean dome, a makeshift environment designed to be like Linnea in every possible way, from the long, brutally harsh winters to the deadly kacks— wolf-like creatures as tall as men.

The training is tough, but Kaer’s family is up to the challenge. Soon they begin working like Linneans, thinking like Linneans, even accepting Linnean gods as their own. The family’s emigration seems to be just around the corner. But then a disaster on Linnea itself changes everything.

David Gerrold’s Child of Earth, book one in The Sea of Grass trilogy, is available from BenBella Books. Check out an excerpt below!

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Oct 21 2014 2:30pm

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe: Nicholas Sansbury Smith

 Nicholas Sansbury Smith pop quiz interviewWelcome back to The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe, a recurring series here on featuring some of our favorite science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, and others!

Today we’re joined by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, author of several post-apocalyptic books and short stories. When he isn’t daydreaming about the apocalypse he’s likely racing in triathlons around the Midwest. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his family and several rescued animals. Smith’s latest apocalyptic sci-fi novels, Orbs and Orbs II: Stranded, are available now from Simon451, a new ebook imprint from Simon & Schuster. The third book in the trilogy, Orbs III: Redemption, is forthcoming in March 2015.

Join us!

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Sep 26 2014 10:30am

Get The Way of Kings for Free from iBooks!

Brandon Sanderson The Way of Kings

Are you looking for a new bestselling epic fantasy series? Are you interested in The Stormlight Archive, but are still looking for a sign that now is the time to jump in? Are you just tired of lugging a gigantic physical book around? We have triply-good news for you!

Apple is launching an initiative in tandem with their new iOS 8 system, and in addition to some other fine books, they’re making Brandon Sanderson’s novel The Way of Kings available as a free download from iBooks. Brandon Sanderson was excited to be part of this Apple promotion and was happy to offer the book to readers for free, saying “I believe that people’s investment of time in a book like The Way of Kings is worth more than their investment of money.”

The book will be available for free through the end of the year, so head over to iBooks to download. Note: Unfortunately, it appears that iBooks is offering this only to U.S. users right now.

Sep 25 2014 2:15pm

Get Ender’s Shadow, Mistborn, and Emperor’s Blades for $2.99 from Google Play

Google Play Emperor's Blades Mistborn Ender's Shadow

From today until September 28th, Google Play is offering the ebooks of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Shadow, Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn, and Brian Staveley's The Emperor's Blades for $2.99 each. Click through for the sale links.

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Sep 6 2014 11:00am

Descend into the Tower and Get Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation for Just 2.99!

You can now purchase the ebook of Annihilation, the first book in the Southern Reach Trilogy, for only 2.99! Get started on the trilogy that concludes with the newly released Acceptance, the end of the the dark tale of Area X, which contains both horror and weird, compelling beauty…

The Southern Reach Trilogy has been praised by Warren Ellis as “original and beautiful, maddening and magnificent,” and by the L.A. Times as “a clear triumph for VanderMeer, who […] has suddenly transcended genre with a compelling, elegant, and existential story.”

You can read Niall Alexander’s review of Acceptance here on! Much like the sanity of those who explore Area X, this offer will only last for a limited time, so order your copy today!

iBooks | Kindle | Nook

Jun 24 2014 2:30pm

Hurry! Get Max Gladstone’s Three Parts Dead Ebook for $2.99!

Max Gladstone Three Parts DeadYou can now purchase the ebook edition of Three Parts Dead, the first volume in Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence, for only $2.99! (U.S and Canada, and many other nations.) It will only be available at this sale price until July, so order your copy today!

With book three in the series, Full Fathom Five, just over the horizon, there’s never been a better time for new readers to see what all the fuss is about, or for other folks to get reacquainted with Gladstone’s secondary-world urban fantasy.

In Three Parts Dead, Tara, a first-year associate in the international necromantic firm of Kelethres, Albrecht, and Ao, must resurrect the fire god Kos before the city of Alt Coulumb falls apart. Without Him, the metropolis’s steam generators will shut down, its trains will cease running, and its four million citizens will riot. Her only help is Abelard, a chain-smoking priest of the dead god, who’s having an understandable crisis of faith.

If you’re still not convinced, you can check out an excerpt from Three Parts Dead here on first. Get the ebook from the retailers below, or from your favorite ebook provider!

B&N NOOK | Google Play | iBooks | Kindle

Jun 10 2014 3:00pm

Designing the Cover for The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide

The Thackery T. Lambshead Guide to Eccentric and Discredited DiseasesThe Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases is a uniquely entertaining collection, containing work by Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, Rachel Pollack, Liz Williams, and many others—and it’s been painstakingly put together by talented editors Jeff VanderMeer and Mark Roberts. The editors have also contributed submitted their own weird and wonderful pieces.

TorUK reissued the ebook with a fabulous new cover on 5th June. Learn more about the collection and see the full cover below!

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May 30 2014 10:00am

Get’s Original Fiction Hugo Finalists for Free

Tordotcom Hugo nominees

As you may have heard, this year’s list of Hugo finalists contain five Originals. Congratulations again to Charles Stross, Andy Duncan, Ellen Klages, Mary Robinette Kowal, Thomas Olde Heuvelt, and John Chu. We’ve managed to stop hopping with excitement for just long enough to make all five of these wonderful stories free to download from all major ebook retailers. Below the cut you’ll find links where you can get these stories for free.

[Get Hugo-Nominated Short Fiction for Free!]

May 28 2014 4:12pm

Removing Roadblocks to Community: Tom Doherty on DRM at Book Expo of America

Tom Doherty Book Expo America 2014

“Ultimately it comes down to the desire to be where our customers are, to play fair with them in the assumption that they’ll play fair with us. And you know something? It’s worked.”

Tor Books president and publisher Tom Doherty had a lot to say during his speech at the International Digital Publishing Forum at this year’s 2014 Book Expo of America, but the main item on the agenda was Tor/Forge Books’ decision to strip Digital Rights Management software from the ebook versions of their titles and whether, two years later, that decision has had any negative impact.

In the case of Tor Books it appears that it hasn’t, but as Doherty pointed out in today’s speech, the implications of DRM go beyond the financial impact to publishers, authors, and readers. Insidiously, it chips away at the very connectivity that the entire publishing community has always relied upon.

[More information and one big announcement]

May 28 2014 3:50pm is Seeking a Fiction Editor, Marketing Manager, and Publicity Manager is excited to announce that we will be expanding our original fiction program via a new imprint dedicated to publishing novellas, shorter novels, serializations, and any other pieces of fiction that exceed the traditional novelette length (17,499 words).

Each DRM-free title will be available exclusively for purchase, unlike the current fiction that is offered for free on the site, and will have full publisher support behind it. It will have a heavy digital focus but all titles will be available via POD and audio formats. We will also consider traditional print publishing for a select number of titles a year. All titles will be available worldwide.

We are using this opportunity to reevaluate every step of the publishing process and are looking forward to creating a program with a fresh, start-up mentality, but with the rich legacy of Tor Books and behind us. For more information on the imprint and its mission, please read the full description here.

[Job descriptions for the Imprint]