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Mar 31 2015 4:00pm

Love Storytelling? New Convention NerdCon: Stories is for You!

NerdCon: Stories Hank Green convention Welcome to Night ValeWhat makes humans truly uniquee? It’s not opposable thumbs or the ability to make tools or self-awareness. What sets us apart is stories.

Or, more accurately, our ability to communicate, teach, and evolve via storytelling. Hank Green—brother of YA author John Green, one half of Vlogbrothers, cofounder of VidCon—decided that it’s about time we celebrated this treasured art, and he’s rounded up some amazing authors, storytellers, podcasters, and performers to help him do so. The resulting convention, NerdCon: Stories, will celebrate how we change storytelling, and how stories change us.

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Feb 10 2015 2:15pm

Afternoon Roundup: Valentines for the People Worth Melting For

Disney valentines Olaf grab my butt

BuzzFeed has come up with a way to ruin your childhood with these suggestive Disney valentines. But hey, at least you’ll have hilarious cards to hand out to your friends and loved ones!

Afternoon Roundup would watch Patrick Stewart ride around the world in Wolverine’s motorcycle; resists the urge to kick Spot the four-legged robot; and wants MODOK here, now, in this elevator.

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Nov 10 2014 6:00pm

The YA Roundup: YALLFest Announces West Coast Sister Event, YALLWest

YALLFest YALLWest Santa Monica 2015

Welcome to The YA Roundup, the best source of movie news, bookish gossip, new releases, and cover reveals from the YA genre!

This week covers a new west coast YA event, a trio of hilarious Hunger Games parody songs, one famous author’s failed attempts at writing YA as a teenager, and upcoming adaptions for The Scorpio Races, Tiger’s Curse, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

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Sep 17 2014 2:00pm

Aloha HawaiiCon!


This past weekend was the first ever HawaiiCon. I was one of the 199 Kickstarter backers last year, and was excited for the chance to attend. In all, the new con had about 700 attendees (including guests and comps), with the split between Hawaiians and mainlanders about 50/50. Although the Kickstarter hailed it as a science and SFF con with a Hawaiian twist, and touted its authors, celebrities, and comic book artists, the con really ended up being roughly 60% hard science, 30% SF, and the rest a sundry mix.

[“The Science, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention with Aloha!”]

Aug 7 2014 9:00am

Second Annual Nine Worlds Convention Feautres Zombies, Cheese, and Saucy Poetry!

Nine Worlds 2014 convention Despite its youth (this is only the second year!), Nine Worlds already has a well-deserved reputation as one of the UK’s best SF/F conventions. This is a testament to con’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, multimedia approach and rampant enthusiasm.

All of which is pretty awesome. And most important of all? Nine Worlds is a ridiculous amount of fun. Whatever you’re into—be it reading, writing, gaming, crafting, learning, arguing or eating—Nine Worlds has something for you.

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Jul 16 2014 7:30am

And Finally, For Now, the Fall of the Novel

Young Adult Literature Convention

Welcome back to the British Genre Fiction Focus,’s regular round-up of book news from the United Kingdom’s thriving speculative fiction industry.

In this, the last edition of the British Genre Fiction Focus before the column goes on hiatus over the holidays—more on which in a moment—we’ve got some pretty Patrick Rothfuss cover art, a round-up of some of the conversations to come from the UK’s first Young Adult Literature Convention, and an argument that the modern novel may be “losing the narrative arms race.”

All that, plus the Waterstones Children’s Laureate comes over all Klingon, author Allan Ahlberg takes a stand against Amazon, the first male Queen of Teen is crowned, and more.

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Jul 9 2014 2:00pm

SciFi in the Motor City: An Interview with the Committee of Detcon1

For SF/F fans who can’t make it out to London for Worldcon this summer, there is another event to put on your roster: Detcon1, this year’s North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC), happening in about two weeks in Detroit, Michigan. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to several of their committee members about what to expect at the convention, and more. Special kudos to Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad, member of Detcon1’s Diversity Advisory Board, for his help in arranging this chat.


[Rev up your engines and head down to Detroit, July 17-20]

Jul 9 2014 11:40am

Battling the Embuggerance

Discworld Con British Genre Fiction Focus Terry Pratchett

Welcome back to the British Genre Fiction Focus,’s regular round-up of book news from the United Kingdom’s thriving speculative fiction industry.

Sometimes the news is good. In addition to informing folks about facts, it can inspire, entertain and engage us. Equally, of course, it can cause frustration, anger, sadness and so on. This week in the British Genre Fiction Focus, we walk the line—between an inescapably upsetting story about Sir Terry Pratchett’s early-onset Alzheimer’s and several exciting items, not least news of Adam Nevill’s imminent next novel and a new Harry Potter short by J. K. Rowling.

[Wait, you what?!]

May 30 2014 11:15am

Pity Captain Kirk, For He Has No iPhone: Douglas Preston and John Scalzi at BEA!

John Scalzi, Douglas Preston, BEA 2014

John Scalzi and Douglas Preston took to the stage on Thursday at this year’s BEA to talk about the future! Do you ever wonder what it would be like for an artificial intelligence to encounter the internet for the first time? Or whether you’d rather live on Mars than have the internet? Or perhaps you’re concerned about how the digital age will affect the next generation? Fear not! This will soothe your worried heart.

Or it might just leave you with new, more complex questions—the future is difficult that way.

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Apr 17 2014 10:30am

JordanCon 2014: The Return of the Con Report, Part 2

Hello,! I’m back again. I’m sorry.

Because, JordanCon! Whoo!

As you may or may not have cared seen, I posted Part 1 of my JordanCon 6 Report earlier this week, and promised to come back with the rest of the ridiculousness ASAP. And lo, I totally have returned, with much more ridiculousness. Go me!

So without further ado, mind the excessive photo gap, and click on for the rest!

[Lemme take a selfie]

Apr 15 2014 1:00pm

JordanCon 2014: The Return of the Con Report, Part 1

It’s that time again, kids!

Once more, your Auntie Leigh has returned from the seriously over-pollinated wilds of Atlanta, Georgia, fresh from attending the 6th annual JordanCon, this year known as “Asha’Con.” And also once more, I bring you excess verbiage and mostly shamelessly pirated photos to share the experience with you!

Well, most of the experience, anyway. I figure y’all will appreciate it if I keep the allergy attack and hangover symptoms to myself, so I will. That’s because I love you.

(Seriously, So. Much. Pollen. And booze, but that was a given.)

…And as it turns out, there is way too much awesome to fit into one post, so this is actually only Part ONE of my Report!

Anyway, be warned for many many (many) photos under the cut, and click on!

[Remember when we were such fools]

Mar 25 2014 5:00pm

Kevin J. Anderson Begins His Comic Con Tour of America This Week!

Kevin J. Anderson is hitting the road this week! The author will be stopping by Comic Cons across the country to read from his latest books and meet his fans! March 11th saw the release of Mentats of Dune, the new extension of the Dune universe which Anderson wrote with Brian Herbert. You can read an excerpt here on This summer will mark the release of two new Anderson books: Dark Between the Stars (June 3rd), and Hellhole Inferno (August 12th), also with Brian Herbert.

See below for the full list of tour dates and see of Kevin J. Anderson is coming to your con!

[Click through for a full list of tour appearances!]

Nov 19 2013 11:00am

Does The Geek’s Guide to Dating Work on a Real Date?

Eric Smith and Chris Lough

Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

If you’ve been looking at or anywhere around the general geekosphere in the last couple of months then you’ve probably caught sight of The Geek’s Guide to Dating, a new how-to book by Eric Smith, coming out on December 3 from Quirk Books.

We’ve gotten a chance to read the book and absorb the lessons it imparts, and while those same lessons are straightforward and admirably presented without shaming, or pigeonholing, we couldn’t help but do they work in the field?

To find out, our production manager Chris Lough went on a date with the author himself! Read on to see what advice he followed, what advice he didn’t, and how it all ended up.

[The Geek’s Guide to Dating dates geekily]

Nov 1 2013 10:00am

How to Stay Safe When You Cosplay

Star Trek, cosplay tips

Hey all—I’m a cosplayer! And I do it for a lot of reasons… mainly because I never got over my love of Halloween. Silly, but true. Unfortunately, as many con-goers will tell you, cosplaying can invite certain types of attention that you’d just as soon avoid.

It’s never acceptable, but you should never feel powerless either! Here are just a few tips I’ve gathered over the years—I thought I’d share them in case they prove useful to anyone in the future. And for the purposes of illustrating these points without using images of actual cosplayers without their permission, I will be using pictures from Star Trek. Obviously.

[Once you’re all covered in latex/spandex/chainmail…]

Oct 31 2013 10:05am

What Happens When We Speak: On Con Harassment and Fandom

Keep Calm and Backup

“So I heard that you won Tumblr,” a coworker joked with me the other day.

He was referring to the maelstrom of activity that was triggered when I posted about my con harassment experience at New York Comic Con by the film crew of the YouTube web series Man Banter, hosted by Mike Babchik. I won’t reiterate everything that happened, but kept pretty good documentation. Other industry professionals and geek news sources had done the same, too. There is a petition out, created by the activist group 18 Million Rising in order to hold Babchik’s employer, Sirius XM Radio, accountable for his actions since Babchik had gotten into the convention using his job credentials. Since the incident happened, New York Comic Con had assured that they will tighten their safety policies, and I even had a nice wrap-up interview about making convention spaces safer with NYCC show manager Lance Fensterman.

Okay, that ugly event got all wrapped up with a nice li’l bow of resolution; we can leave this in the fandom corner until the next big misogynistic thing that happens to women at conventions hits the fan (but oh wait, it just did as I typed this). At this moment, I feel like I can voice something that I’ve been holding in this whole time: I am lucky. And it shouldn’t have to be that way.

[On speaking out and staying silent]

Oct 30 2013 10:15am

Princess Deadpool Could Probably Actually Kill You (With Cuteness)

Princess DeadpoolOver on gamewiregirl’s Tumblr is a set of photos featuring her three-year-old daughter in a Princess Deadpool costume. Each picture is more arresting than the next. Of course, these “princess” versions of boy costumes crop up a lot, but what makes this particular combo are two things. First of all, gamewiregirl tells us that the design came right from the source: “My 3 year old told me EXACTLY how she wanted the costume to look and walked me through the entire thing, bossing me around. It was so much fun.”

Second of all, the range of pictures assembled proves that her daughter is in fact a mini incarnation of Deadpool. She’s got the swords, the attitude, oh, and she kills a bunch of other Deadpools at a convention. Check out the Tumblr for more pictures! Really, though, do it. Princess Deadpool will just make snarky quips about you behind your back if you don’t....

Aug 28 2013 5:00pm

Steampunk Events for September 2013

Steampunk Events September 2013Starting with the tail end of Dragon*Con’s Alternate History Track (featured last month), this fall’s steampunk events season continues with fashion shows and art galleries in London, a continent-wide network of conventions reaching across the UK, Hungary, France and Spain, and many more. With the help of my co-contributor Kevin Steil the Airship Ambassador and this month’s guest contributor Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez aka the Mr. Saturday of Mr. Saturday & Sixpence we bring to you the our monthly listing of steampunk and steam-friendly events from around the world.

Missed seeing your event here? Comment below. Looking to see your future event listed? Email before September 15th with the details!

[September 2013 steampunk events worldwide]

Jul 8 2013 3:40pm

Matt Fraction Will Fight You For Shaming Cosplayers About Their Weight

Matt Fraction note to cosplay shamersNo, it’s not a polite note. It shouldn’t be a polite note. Recently, comic author Matt Fraction was sent a little thank you on Tumblr from user thetadoctor that was uplifting and rage-inducing all at once. She told him that his positive responses to her cosplaying as Hawkeye had meant a lot because she was often made fun of for her weight when in costume. Matt Fraction responded by giving her a letter to thrust in the faces of those who decide that a fan celebrating at a convention (or anywhere else) is cause for derision.

You’re my hero, Matt Fraction. And we hope that thetadoctor keeps doing her thing because she rocks that cosplaying gig to the max.

Jun 5 2013 7:30am

Beyond the Black Crown

Jack Vance

Welcome back to the British Genre Fiction Focus,’s weekly column dedicated to news and new releases from the United Kingdom’s thriving speculative fiction industry.

Last week, Jack Vance died.

He wasn’t British, so I won’t spend a long time talking about him in this specific space, but wherever he was born, he was from early on one of genre fiction’s single most significant figures. Speaking personally, his novels moved me more often and in more ways than the entire oeuvre of the vast majority of other authors, and I simply couldn’t bring myself to start this morning’s column without at least raising a glass to the magnificent man.

He will be missed.

His presence, however, will be felt for many years yet.

But the show must go on. And so it shall, with news of the Black Crown Project, the inaugural Geek Fest convention, a revised version of Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner Chris Beckett’s debut, and the winner of the second Terry Pratchett Prize.

There are a fair few new releases to look forward to, too, including Brian Aldiss’ final science fiction novel and the beginning of an exciting new series from Chuck Wendig, alongside short stories by the marvellous Margo Lanagan and a who’s-who of fantasy’s finest.

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Apr 26 2013 11:00am

JordanCon 2013: The Actual Report

JordanCon 2013: The Actual ReportSalaam and good evening to you, worthy Tor.commers! I am now (mostly) recovered from my venture into the delightful crazy that is JordanCon, and now I am bound to tell you all about it. Whoo!

This year I was privileged to be the Toastmaster of JordanCon V, otherwise known as Tar Vacon, and it was pretty much one of the coolest experiences I have ever had in this fandom. And I’ve had some pretty damn cool experiences in this fandom before this, so give that statement the weight it deserves, people.

And of course, no Wheel of Time convention would be complete without me yammering on at length about it, so if you’re just DYING to find out how cool my weekend was (and your Internet connection can handle stupid amounts of pictures) please do click the link for more!

[“I came for the books; I stayed for the people.”]