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Apr 8 2014 8:00am

We don’t know about you, but our Captain America afterglow refuses to die. Luckily, the internet is here to continue stoking the flames of our pop culture patriotism. Friend-of-the-site Steven Padnick posted this piece of awesome on his tumblr, and it made us all warm and fuzzy. And feathery.

Morning Roundup includes some thoughts on race and casting, an alternate view on Captain America, and some shocking news from George R.R. Martin!

[Plus a guide to Community’s references!]

Mar 28 2014 8:00am

Redditor Dontago posted some wonderful on-set pictures of H.R. Giger working on the designs for Alien! Here he is painting an egg to give it just the right amount of skin-crawling horror. You can see more of the pictures here, including a few touch-ups to the full Alien model!

Morning Roundup has news about Interstellar, details on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and shocking confession from the Game of Thrones cast!


Jan 3 2014 11:00am

You guys, we exist in a timeline where Community was never cancelled.

The season 5 double premiere “Repilot” and “Introduction to Teaching” was an excellent return to form; expertly tackling the difficulty of being funny and pulling off an even harder trick by making it feel like no time had passed while still talking constantly about the amount of time that had passed.

It also played out like the inside of my head, with all the self-loathing and misuse of Excel which that implies.

[Making you give up on your dreams is just a side effect]

Jan 2 2014 6:00pm

So we all know and love Texts from Star Trek: The Next Generation. But, with Community returning like Gandalf the White galloping in on mighty Shadowfax, we thought it was time to share a new and beautiful mashup.

We give you: Troy and Abed in Engineering. This tumblr has created a world far better than our own, in which the friendship of Geordi LaForge and Data is roughly analogous to the devotion shared by Greendale’s Troy and Abed, and mashing up ensues.

[Troy and Abed in Ten Foooor-ward!]

Dec 17 2013 12:00pm

Pee Wee Christmas

Several years ago around this time, I wrote a post about some of my favorite bizarro holiday specials to help ring in our very first Cthulhumas/Life Day/Krampusnacht/Solstice celebration. While a lot has changed since 2008, my abiding love of strange and unusual holiday-inspired lunacy is as strong as ever, so please enjoy this updated guide to some classic (or should-be classic) yuletide entertainment….

[From recent to retro, 11 shows to make the holidays a little bit more surreal...]

Dec 13 2013 10:55am

Community season 5 preview

Hot off the recently released trailer for Community season 5 comes “Beyond the Darkest Timeline,” a seriously demented preview of what is to come beginning this January 2nd, 2014.

Is that Starburns dressed as Sean Connery in Zardoz?

[Nightmare time]

Dec 10 2013 1:35pm

Community season 5 trailer

We’re a little ashamed that we forgot Community returns on January 2nd, but only a little. After all, isn’t Community a show that embraces the full shame, despair, and joy of being odd? Yes.

Now let’s watch this trailer for the forthcoming fifth season, because god it hurts to see Jeff and Britta and Troy and Abed and Shirley and Chang and Dean and Leonard again. It hurts so good.

[Community season 5 trailer]

Oct 10 2013 8:00am


Wait, why were we arguing again? Anyway, as most of you probably know, Cap’n Mal has temporarily joined the cast of Community! And it’s great to see that he’s fitting right in. Brie posted this pic on Twitter, as well as this images sequel, in which the two men drop her. Honestly, we think that if we were ever given the opportunity to hold Alison Brie, we would be more careful. Really, even if she just let us hold her purse or something, we wouldn’t drop that either...

Anyway, Morning Roundup! There are a few horrific road trip ideas, some insane Spider-Man casting ideas, and a live reading of Welcome to Night Vale!

[Plus Madeleine Albright: Celebrity Trekkie]

Oct 4 2013 2:40pm

Nathan Fillion, Captain Hammer, Community

You may have heard the stupendous-tastic news that Nathan Fillion is going to appear on the upcoming season of Community! But do you know how he got the part? Do you even know what the part is? This is Nathan Fillion, these details are important.

[Tweets will reward you greatly.]

Aug 12 2013 8:00am

Tom Hiddleston Cookie Monster Sesame Street Loki

Curse you, Loki, for turning the Cookie Monster to your side! We can only hope Thor and Oscar the Grouch team-up to halt their menace, for we are not strong enough to resist the sway of Tom Hiddleston and his EVIL COOKIES.

This promo shot comes courtesy of PBS’ Instagram. Hiddleston will appear on the new season of Sesame Street. Probably not dressed as Jango Fett.

Your Morning Roundup is trying to remember that movie you like...the dad’s a robot? They’re all made of Lego? Zardoz, that’s it.

[Read more]

Jul 23 2013 3:30pm

(image of Dan Harmon and Danny Pudi via)

Do we even need to tell you that the Community panel at SDCC 2013 was overflowing with Promethean glory? Dan Harmon came out in an Iron Man suit! Then he talks about his feelings! And failure! And apologizes for practically everything he’s ever done! So, y’know, it’s hilarious. Aside from the absence of Joel McHale and Donald Iscariot Glover it’s basically perfect. You should drop everything (unless you’re holding a baby or a kitten or something) and watch it right now.

[Click through for the opposite of the worst.]

Jul 10 2013 5:00pm

Star Trek Time Travel

There are tons of television episodes that tackle the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff that comprises time-space continuum, but these ten really stand out from the crowd.

This list is rather Star Trek heavy but that’s because Star Trek is the best. Obviously.

[Read more.]

Jun 11 2013 8:00am

Superwoman Man of SteelIGN Entertainment’s production coordinator Alexis Cozombolidis wanted something awesome to display in her profile page at her job, so she commissioned Fan Art Exhibit, previously famed for inserting Alison Brie as Captain America into The Avengers, to turn her into Superwoman using the costume aesthetics from Man of Steel. What resulted is something that looks very much like a spoiler for the movie!

You can also see FAE’s depiction of all the Avengers as women here, or get yourself fashioned into a superhero!

Meanwhile, your morning roundup is wondering where Threepio will be and watching TSA agents mess with a wookiee.

[Read more]

May 10 2013 8:00am

If we were to caption this, the caption would read, “No seriously George, I’m way too good for you.” Oh wait, we did do that. It’s sort of weird Han Solo wasn’t allowed to wear sunglasses for real in the Star Wars movies. It kind of makes sense, and he would have looked slick flying the Falcon whilst wearing aviators.

Your daily offsite links are leaning up against a tree, mad-dogging George Lucas. Highlights include, tons of Star Trek stuff, fake spoilers, real spoilers, and My Little Pony.

[Read more]

Mar 7 2013 9:00am

David Bowie Harry Potter father

Coming from artist Madéleine Flores is the biggest plot-twist spoiler alert of all time: David Bowie is Harry Potter’s true father! We always thought James Potter was a little underdeveloped in the latter books, and now we know why: he was a ruse to hide the Bowie! We do wonder what house Bowie was sorted into, though. Was it Hufflepuff? Gryffindor? Viacom?

Your daily offsite links are are full of stardust, man. Highlights include:

  1. Bambi will scare you. Again.
  2. Carrie Fisher is really, for sure, going to be in Star Wars again.
  3. The Doctor asks for hand-outs.

[Read more]

Mar 1 2013 1:30pm

Don't Touch That Dial: Midseason Comedies and Supernatural Dramas

Hello again! With this edition of “Don’t Touch That Dial,” we’re dealing with comedies and supernatural dramas. Two of the shows are Canadian imports that have already finished their seasons in the Great White North, but I’m playing by the American schedule so midseason premieres they are. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to turn off the TV for the first time in two months and take a walk outside….

Be warned, a lot of these mini-reviews contain moderate SPOILERS. Nothing worse than what you’d get by checking out the show’s summary on its network site, but still, don’t come into this post expecting to keep your televisual virginity intact.

[Risque Canadians is the name of my new band.]

Feb 27 2013 8:30am

British Genre Fiction Focus: A Conversation About Community

In advance of a most excellent extended weekend for sci-fi fans from far and from wide, it’s time for another edition of the British Genre Fiction Focus,’s weekly column dedicated to news and new releases from the United Kingdom’s thriving speculative fiction industry.

We have some especially exciting stories to talk about today, including an impassioned diatribe regarding the reach of the community revolving around genre fiction; a weird dream about another London, similar yet set apart from our own; and the reveal of a new monthly magazine which looks to reintroduce us to the slow burn satisfaction of serial storytelling. But if you ask me there’s no bigger news this week than the Sci-fi Weekender, which begins just a few short hours from now... and I’ve got the rundown on the best of the festival.

[Read more]

Feb 25 2013 10:00am

Calvin has crashed his flying saucer IN THE REAL WORLD! This great series of images imagines what the world would be like if Calvin and Hobbes found themselves in real-life settings. It almost makes us wish our plush tiger would come to life and eat us have adventures with us.

Highlights include of your daily offsite links include:

  1. Superman tells us he’s selfless.
  2. The latest hints about Game of Thrones season 3.
  3. Han Solo should be a girl.

[Read more]

Feb 4 2013 6:10pm

Can you count the number of pop culture/geek references in the first brand new trailer for Community, which kicks back on this week? We barely could, but we’re pretty excited! Watch the full trailer below.

(via Comic Book Resources)

[Read more]

Dec 17 2012 11:00am

11 Odd, Campy, Surreal Holiday Specials That Should Be Classics

Four years ago around this time, I wrote a post about some of my favorite bizarro holiday specials to help ring in our very first Cthulhumas/Life Day/Krampusnacht/Solstice celebration. While a lot has changed since 2008, my abiding love of strange and unusual holiday-inspired lunacy is as strong as ever, so please enjoy this updated guide to some classic (or should-be classic) yuletide entertainment….

[From recent to retro, 11 shows to make the holidays a little bit more surreal...]