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Jul 10 2014 11:15am

Is Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Batman v Superman Doomsday

Bleeding Cool is reporting that concept art exists for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice featuring the character Doomsday, whose primary claim to fame is beating the crap out of Superman so hard that Superman died. The 90's were like that.

And, you know, at this point why not? The film already features Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Lois Lane, Alfred, Perry White, and is rumored to be including hints of Arrow, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and others. Surely the addition of Doomsday will be the thing that finally excites us? We hope Paul Giamatti is playing him. His Rhino was effortless and beautiful.

Jul 10 2014 10:00am

If Wishes Were Horses, Apes Would Ride Them: Why Planet of the Apes Will Always Blow Our Minds

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

If we had an infinite amount of apes banging on an infinite amount of typewriters, I think we can all agree, they’d eventually write every single Planet of the Apes movie, and then rise up and enslave us humans as their copy-editors, gaffers, and interns who get them coffee.

Basically there’s no way any of us are ever going to get over the idea of talking apes, like, ever. But why?

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Jul 9 2014 12:06am

Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus Gods and Kings trailer Gladiator

Is Ridley Scott back in Gladiator form? Maybe not, but I’m a sucker for a “sword and sandal” movie. Exodus: Gods and Kings, the story of Moses and Ramses, staring Christian Bale, Sigourney Weaver, and Joel Edgerton, is due out this December. Watch the trailer below, along with a promo for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

[Watch the trailer below!]

Jul 8 2014 2:15pm

17 Minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy Was Not Enough

On Monday July 7, Marvel hosted an exclusive preview screening of Guardians of the Galaxy at several movie theatres across the country, and I was one of the lucky few who got to attend (Pro tip: Annual Plus Membership on Marvel’s Unlimited app gets you all kinds of sweet perks). However, unlike other preview screenings I’ve attended, this was only a 17-minute sneak peek, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. I know that sometimes movie studios will release a short scene for free online to promote the film, or attach it a 5-minute preview to another film in theatres, but...showing up at the movie theatres to watch 17-minutes of a movie that comes out in a month? That’s kinda weird, right?

And yet, I did it. I went, and I stood in line to watch a 17-minute “extended preview” of Guardians of the Galaxy, and I regret every second of it.

[Spoilers to follow]

Jul 3 2014 1:00pm

Watch All the Movies That Earth to Echo Was Derived From Instead

Earth to Echo

Here to suck some time out of your precious holiday is perhaps one of the most unoriginal sci-fi films of the past decade. It’s not just that it lifts material—it’s that it lifts that material in the laziest way possible. And if I sound a bit too harsh on a children’s film, it’s probably because this sort of film is always an easy sell for me. Alien/robot making connection with kids in need of a friend, the evil adults who are simply missing out on the wonder and trying to drag it down to the dirt.

I was less moved by Earth to Echo than I was by Real Steel, for god’s sake. That’s right, a Rock’em Sock’em Robot film was better at eliciting an emotional response from me than this movie.

[They should have called him Space Ninja, like Tuck wanted.]

Jun 30 2014 4:30pm

Best Dad Ever Photoshops Daughter Into Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films

dad photoshop daughter baby girl sci-fi fantasy movies Pacific Rim X-Men Star Wars Harry Potter best dad ever adorable feels

Coolest dad ever Grant Davis captured a hilarious photo of his adorable daughter Winter—we’d love to know the context for it—and decided to Photoshop her into his favorite movies. To see Winter co-starring in X-Men (baby Magneto!), Space Jam, Harry PotterDie Hard, and more, you can check out the whole gallery at Imgur.

It also proves that you only need one pose to fit into a variety of movies. This Pacific Rim one has already bowled us over with the INSTANT FEELS.

[h/t The Mary Sue]

Photos: Grant Davis

Jun 30 2014 3:00pm

“Know your place. Accept your place. Be a shoe.” Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer, Chris Evans, Jamie Bell

Going into Snowpiercer, the most important thing to remember is this: at its core, it is a horror film, though its sci-fi packaging would suggest otherwise. Remember how Danny Boyle’s Sunshine sucker-punched you the same way? Well, this stars Chris Evans, too. He seems to have an affinity for these sorts of films when he’s not wearing spangly outfits.

[Living at the tail]

Jun 27 2014 12:40pm

Will Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot Be Like Chronicle?

Fantastic Four reboot similar to Chronicle Josh Trank director Michael B. Jordan Miles Teller Kate Mara Jamie Bell

In a recent interview, Fantastic Four screenwriter Simon Kinberg described the 2015 reboot film as “somewhere in-between the joyfulness of [Sam] Raimi's Spider-Man movies and the reality and drama of Josh [Trank]'s Chronicle.” Now, more intel suggests that it could hew even closer to Trank's found-footage superhero indie.

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Jun 27 2014 12:09pm

What Can We Expect From Star Trek 3? Deep Space

Star Trek 3

Five years in space, you guys! Director/writer Robert Orci recently let slip a little more about the story for 2016’s Star Trek 3 on new podcast Humans From Earth. According to Comic Book Movie, Orci admitted:

The first two films—especially the 2009 [Star Trek]—was an origin story. It was about them coming together. So they weren’t the characters they were in the original series. They were growing into them and that continues on in the second movie.  So in this movie they are closer than they are to the original series characters that you have ever seen. They have set off on their five-year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space.

Orci has previously stated that the film will be exploring the grey areas of the Federation’s peaceful exploration and expansion, which would line up easily with the story of a deep space mission. What do you do when faced with the hard questions, far away from the Federation, far away from support? Original Series Kirk had to make some bold, kind of weird, decisions in his time, now it looks like Pine-Kirk will be learning how to do the same.

Jun 27 2014 10:10am

Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem Finally Has a U.S. Release Date

We finally know when we’ll get to see Zero Theorem! Terry Gilliam’s latest film was formerly slated for this August but then vanished after debuting a trailer last summer. Now it appears that the U.S. will get to see the film in limited release starting September 19th. The good news for the not-New-York portion of the country is that the film will also come out via On Demand and iTunes, so those of you who feel despair when you see the words  “limited release” and “Terry Gilliam” in the same sentence, take heart.

The film promises to be the Gilliam-est of Gilliam movies, with Christoph Waltz playing a computer genius named Qohen Leth who is tasked with either discovering the meaning of life, or finally proving that life has no meaning. Matt Damon and Tilda Swinton will most likely speak in improbable accents, and, this is just a guess, but True Love might make an appearance.

Jun 27 2014 9:26am

Guillermo del Toro Announces Pacific Rim 2 for April 2017

Pacific Rim 2

Legendary Pictures and Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro released a video message late last night announcing a confirmed release date for Pacific Rim 2!

[Watch it now]

Jun 26 2014 12:25pm

Everything We Know About Mad Max: Fury Road

first look Mad Max: Fury Road Charlize Theron Tom Hardy everything we know about Mad Max reboot

Right when you were starting to think that maybe Mad Max: Fury Road wasn’t coming out, or maybe wasn’t even real, Entertainment Weekly whips out this cover story about the near-mythical fourth Mad Max film. Consider it a “we’re still here!” with badass leather outfits and bionic arms.

Seeing as it’s been a while since there’s been Mad Max news, let’s refresh our memories on everything we know about Fury Road so far.

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Jun 25 2014 10:50am

Peeta Stands With President Snow and the Capitol in First Mockingjay Teaser

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay teaser trailer President Snow Peeta Mellark Josh Hutcherson propaganda

On the heels of its striking “people of the districts” propaganda ad campaign, the Capitol has released its first propaganda video featuring an address from President Snow...and his newest supporter, District 12 champion Peeta Mellark. NO PEETA WHY.

[First Mockingjay teaser trailer. Run, don’t walk.]

Jun 25 2014 10:00am

Party Like Dick: The Charming Audacity of Radio Free Albemuth

Very early on in the film Radio Free Albemuth, we’re straight-up shown an alien satellite in orbit shooting a zap-beam into the head of Nick Brady (Jonathan Scarfe), the movie’s protagonist. This scene almost dares us to just accept what is going on, but when you’re making a Philip K. Dick movie, a disconnect between reality (even a science fictional one) and “normal stuff” is bound to happen. And instead of avoiding that inherent disconnect, this film embraces it. Because if you’re not willing to have a tonally jumbled movie, one in which the movie itself seems to almost parody the human experience, then you can’t adapt Dick.

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Jun 24 2014 5:00pm

Rest Easy—The Into the Woods Movie Did Not Cut “Any Moment”

Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, Into the Woods

Everyone who knows the musical Into the Woods was likely dismayed by the news Stephen Sondheim gave during a master class at NYU—that the song “Any Moment” was being removed altogether, along with a key dalliance between two characters.

Looks like the concern was premature, however. Sigh of relief time.

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Jun 24 2014 4:35pm

Snow-capades in Latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Trailer!

TMNT movie trailer

We’re pretty sure this is the final TMNT trailer, and what it tells us is that hard-hitting reporters definitely capture news on the iPhones these days. (They do, right?)

[Watch the trailer...]

Jun 23 2014 12:05pm

Nathan Fillion is in Guardians of the Galaxy For a Moment

Nathan Fillion Mal pretty floral bonnet

Not since Abed’s sudden cameo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier have fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had so much to look forward to. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, when pressed over this past weekend, admitted that his Slither buddy Nathan Fillion has a cameo in the upcoming spacefaring-goofballs-meet-serioustimes flick.

Gunn refuses to say who or what Fillion is, but rules out a cameo as Nova. Perhaps we’ll find him lounging behind glass in the Collector’s museum? Or maybe he’ll appear in flashback as Star-Lord’s goofball dad. Or...OR...the movie is set in space. Would it be so weird if a Firefly class ship was seen zipping by? It’s not like fellow Avengers poobah Joss Whedon would say no to such a thing.

Vin Diesel is a tree. Anything can happen.

[via Bleeding Cool]

Jun 23 2014 9:30am

You Wanna Get Nuts? Let’s Get Nuts! The Schizophrenic Excellence of 1989’s Batman

Twenty five years ago today, Michael Keaton uttered the words “I’m Batman,” twice. The first was while wearing the iconic rubber bat-mask complete with eye-makeup underneath, but later he repeated this sentiment with his regular non-Bat face, too. All these years later, many of us either love this film or loathe it, but which is the correct way to think about it?

Like the duplicitous nature of Batman himself, the answer is you should both love it and be suspicious of it. Batman (1989) is great because its mash-up of good decisions and bad decisions make it an accidentally perfect tribute to the Dark Knight.

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Jun 20 2014 3:40pm

Looper’s Rian Johnson to Write and Direct Star Wars: Episode VIII and IX?

Rian Johnson write direct Star Wars Episode VIII IX J.J. Abrams rumor

Deadline is reporting that Disney and Lucasfilm have offered the director and writer's chair for Star Wars Episode VIII to Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed the recent time travel movie Looper, as well as high school noir Brick and several episodes of Breaking Bad. He is also to provide a story treatment for Episode IX.

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Jun 19 2014 11:50am

Into the Woods Movie Cuts Its Sexiest Song, Because Disney

With all the casting news and other tidbits around the movie adaptation of Into the Woods, we had nearly forgotten that it’s a Disney film. But some recent insights from Stephen Sondheim make sure we know exactly what’s up—as the movie cuts a major death and a majorly sexy song. (Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the musical.)

[Find out who doesn’t die and who doesn’t have sex]