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Jan 28 2015 2:45pm

These DIY Labyrinth Barbies Will Make You Do the Magic Dance

DIY Labyrinth Barbies photos

We’re not sure who to award the title of “coolest ever” to: The father who hacked Barbie dolls to turn them into Jareth the Goblin King and Sarah Williams; or his seven-year-old daughter, who asked for Labyrinth dolls in the first place. Redditor just_s0me_guy shared his fantastic DIY work on Imgur, explaining how in the absence of Labyrinth toys, he got creative.

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Jan 26 2015 1:16pm

Emma Watson Will Play Belle in Disney’s Live-Action Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson Belle Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s live-action remake of Cinderella isn’t even out yet, and the studio is already looking at other classics to adapt: Next up is Beauty and the Beast, to be written by Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and directed by Bill Condon (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Parts 1 and 2). And Emma Watson has just announced that she’ll be playing Belle!

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Jan 26 2015 10:30am

This is Why Obi-Wan Lied to Luke Skywalker About His Father

Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan

The Star Wars films aren’t exactly complicated fare, particularly the original trilogy. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) Luke Skywalker’s journey is pretty cut and dry, a solid line from farmboy to superbad in several short years. The Empire falls, the Rebels win, everyone is back on Endor in time for stormtrooper stew.

But how do you topple a galactic Empire, really? How do you get a boy who’s never known a life outside the sticks to become a galactic savior in the same amount of time that it usually takes to earn a bachelor’s degree?

The plan is likely less perfect than it appears.

[I’m coming with you to Alderaan. There’s nothing for me here now.]

Jan 23 2015 11:21am

X-Men: Apocalypse Casts Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Plus Storm and Cyclops

Sophie Turner cast as Jean Grey X-Men: Apocalypse

We’ve known for a while that 20th Century Fox was testing various actresses to play young psychic Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse, but Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones) had only just entered the (casting) game before she officially nabbed the part. And she’s not the only new cast member! Bryan Singer took to Twitter to lay out the teen X-Men we’ll be seeing next summer, including Cyclops and Storm.

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Jan 22 2015 11:26am

Simon Pegg to Co-Write Star Trek 3

Simon Pegg write Star Trek 3 script

Scotty is beaming himself up: According to Deadline, Simon Pegg will co-write the Star Trek 3 script with Doug Jung (creator of TNT’s undercover cop series Dark Blue). They’ll be working with Fast & Furious’ Justin Lin, who recently replaced Roberto Orci as director.

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Jan 21 2015 5:00pm

This 4-Hour The Hobbit Recut Focuses on Bilbo Baggins, Like It Should Have All Along

The Hobbit 4 hour recut Bilbo Baggins TolkienEditor

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy has been concluded for barely a month, but already one ambitious Tolkien fan has recut the bloated, eight-hour adaptation into a much more manageable affair clocking in at a little less than four and a half hours. How did the anonymous TolkienEditor do it? By cutting out the Tauriel/Legolas/Kili love triangle and by bringing us back to the movie’s star, who we forgot to care about along the way: Bilbo Baggins.

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Jan 20 2015 6:47pm

Daniel José Older’s Bone Street Rumba Series Optioned for TV/Film

Half Resurrection Blues Bone Street Rumba optioned Daniel Jose Older Anika Noni RoseDeadline reports that Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, Elementary) has optioned the TV/film rights to Daniel José Older’s urban fantasy series Bone Street Rumba. The first book of the series, Half-Resurrection Blues, was published January 6 by Roc Books; you can read our review as well as an excerpt of the novel.

Rose has optioned the series through her production company Roaring Virgin Productions. It’s unclear if she plans to adapt the Bone Street Rumba books into a series of films, or if we’ll be seeing another urban fantasy TV series in the future.

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Jan 16 2015 11:00am

Birdman is Actually Just a Muppet Movie

Some people have told me they never want to see another movie about an aging white dude trying to find himself, repair his marriage, and confront the prospect of his own death. Those people may not like Birdman.

Everyone else: if you have room for even one more of those movies in your heart—if you are ever going to watch another guy try to figure his life out on screen again—let this be that film. It’s a wonderful hilarious kinetic tale of a dysfunctional writer-director trying to pull a theater crew of misfits, losers, and closet cases together for a killer opening-night performance without going crazy. The special effects are beautiful and low-tech, I laughed so loud I almost made the people in front of us move, and the soundtrack’s excellent.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, Birdman is the grown-up Muppet movie you never knew you wanted.

[Here’s how it breaks down]

Jan 15 2015 2:38pm

If Science Fiction Can’t Be the Enemy, Then Your Movie Doesn’t Deserve Recognition? On the Interstellar Oscars Snub

Interstellar Oscar snub

The 2015 Oscar nominations are out and everybody is delighted and upset. Some actors, like Selma’s David Oyelowo, were obviously slighted just as some actors, like Eddie Redmayne’s performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, were honored. Meta-fictional genre-blending film Birdman also got plenty of nominations, which should make people happy who love movies about Raymond Carver and comic books. But there's a planet-sized hole in the nominees list and that is the exclusion of one of the best and most heartfelt science fiction film in years: Interstellar. The reason why this movie didn’t get nominated for anything other than “Original Score,” is because mainstream media gatekeepers and a big portion of audiences still don’t really care for a science fiction movie about science fiction.

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Jan 15 2015 11:46am

Birdman and Science Biopics Lead the 2015 Oscar Nominations, But The Lego Movie Got Snubbed

Oscar nominations 2015 Birdman The Theory of Everything The Imitation Game

The 2015 Oscar nominations are out! While science fiction and fantasy-based films have a firmer foothold than they have in recent years, garnering some Best Picture/Actor/Director nods, it’s a concentrated few who are getting honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year. With Birdman, The Imitation Game, and The Theory of Everything collecting the most nominations, the winning formula seems to be an SFF context with more real-world, human themes. But where the hell is The Lego Movie?

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Jan 14 2015 3:30pm

Idris Elba Will Bring Demon-Fighting Edgar Allan Poe to the Big Screen

Poe Must Die movie adaptation Idris ElbaEdgar Allan Poe was pretty superfluous in the serial killer movie The Raven, but maybe if movie producers give him more agency, he’ll make a more convincing protagonist on-screen? That could be the reasoning behind Idris Elba’s newest project, an adaptation of Marc Olden’s intense-sounding 1978 novel, Poe Must Die.

According to Variety, Elba is developing Poe Must Die as a trilogy of movies, through his production company Green Door. While it would be too cool to see him take on a role in this historic/supernatural thriller, so far there’s no word on if he’ll also act.

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Jan 14 2015 12:15pm

James Cameron Delays Avatar Sequels to 2017

Avatar sequels delayed 2017 James Cameron

In case you were wondering if we could all collectively prevent the Avatar sequels from ever happening by pushing them out of our minds, James Cameron wants to let you know that he hasn’t forgotten. In fact, he made sure to tell The Hollywood Reporter that he’s delaying the release of the first of three (groan) sequels to 2017 because the writing process is “very involved.”

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Jan 12 2015 12:00pm

Whatever Will Be Will Be: Predestination and The Time Travel Movie


In theological terms, the idea of predestination holds that god creates human beings with a specific destiny. Because god is all-knowing and all powerful, the theory goes, humans are traveling a path known and ordained by the creator. This applies not just to this life, but to the next. Of course, there are those who disagree. Lorenzo Dow, one of the key figures in the Second Great Awakening, once mocked Calvinist predestination theology as “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” Dow, like many others, believed in free-will, which teaches that people have the ability to choose to follow the righteous path, and thus change both their temporal and eternal destiny. So which is it? Are we traveling a path that’s been laid out, or are we forging our own path?

This is just one of the questions that pops up when you see Predestination, the new sci-fi drama from Michael and Peter Spierig (billed together as The Spierig Brothers). I use the term “sci-fi drama” pointedly here because although it is billed as a thriller, and the advertisements showcase star Ethan Hawke with a gun, in fact Predestination is a more of a character study than a shoot ‘em up.

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Jan 9 2015 12:40pm

A Wicked Movie Could Come As Soon As 2016

Wicked movie release date 2016

What is this feeling? / Fervid as a flame / Does it have a name? Yes...

Excitement: Marc Platt, one of the producers to bring Into the Woods to the big screen, recently told Film Divider that his team has begun the process to adapt the Tony-winning musical Wicked into a movie. Even better, if all goes well, we could see it as soon as 2016.

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Jan 8 2015 4:45pm

The LEGO Movie 2 Will Be Meta, But Not About Its Sequel-Ness

The LEGO Movie 2 plot hints

Screenwriting team Phil Lord and Chris Miller currently have the market cornered on hilariously self-aware movies: Last year’s The LEGO Movie was a surprise hit with all age groups for its commentary on conformity, creativity, and imagination; not to mention that 22 Jump Street skewered itself for being a sequel rehashing the laughs of the original, thus managing to become something entirely new.

Now, Miller and Lord have to find a way to write The LEGO Movie 2 without going the 22 Jump Street route, while still retaining the Specialness of the original. And they’ve given some hints as to how they’re going to do it.

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Jan 8 2015 3:13pm

Viola Davis is Prepping to Play Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller

Viola Davis Amanda Waller Suicide Squad casting

When the majority of Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad cast was announced last month, comic book fans wondered who would play a part just as important as the rogues gallery-turned-government black-ops force: Amanda Waller, who brings together the Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Rick Flag, Boomerang, and Enchantress. Immediately there were rumors that Oprah Winfrey and Viola Davis were in the running; now, recent comments from Davis all but confirm her involvement in the movie.

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Jan 8 2015 11:00am

All Tim Burton Movies Occur in the Same Universe

Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton, Burtonverse

Tim Burton—a director often noted for his visual vernacular, his love of the macabre, and his dedication to heroic outcasts. A director who creates worlds where the mundane and the fantastically strange collide messily, often resulting in magic or terror. There is a certain flair, a flavor to Burton films that easily set them apart from the work of other directors and the majority of mainstream cinema.

But could it be more than that? Could these films actually exist in the same world—could all of them apply? And would that finally explain why every character looks like Johnny Depp?

[Before he came it never snowed.]

Jan 6 2015 1:00pm

Journeys, Desolations, and Battles: Jackson’s Trifold Hobbit in Review

The Hobbit

Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films get a lot of flak for being overwrought and overlong. Many of the criticisms are valid enough (I have some of my own), some are a matter of taste, and some, I feel, are simply misguided. My view, as a fan of Tolkien first and Jackson second, is that the naysayers are judging the films for what they’re not. They are not a cinematic translation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic novel but an adaptation in the truest sense of the word. And they are specifically an adaptation of events in Middle-earth 60 years prior to Bilbo’s eleventy-first birthday party which include those covered in The Hobbit and the appendices of The Lord of the Rings.

[Unlike the lost Seeing-stones, all six films are all accounted for at last. Spoilers below!]

Jan 6 2015 12:25pm

The Gambit Movie Gets a 2016 Release Date

Gambit movie release date 2016

When 20th Century Fox confirmed its Gambit standalone film starring Channing Tatum a few months ago, we wondered where it would fit within the X-Men film slate. Now that the release date has been announced, we have a better idea of how all three of 2016’s X-Men movies will link into one another. That’s right, all three.

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Jan 5 2015 4:09pm

Snoopy Chases the Red Baron Through Paris in the First Full-Length Peanuts Trailer

Peanuts movie trailer

The first full-length trailer for the CGI Peanuts movie doesn’t tell you much about the plot, but it does help you get used to the different animation style. The comforting sight of Snoopy taking flight after the Red Baron gets even more familiar when he throws his snout in the air à la the Snoopy dance. Plus, Charlie Brown can’t even catch a break in his own movie.

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