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Jun 26 2014 12:25pm

Everything We Know About Mad Max: Fury Road

first look Mad Max: Fury Road Charlize Theron Tom Hardy everything we know about Mad Max reboot

Right when you were starting to think that maybe Mad Max: Fury Road wasn’t coming out, or maybe wasn’t even real, Entertainment Weekly whips out this cover story about the near-mythical fourth Mad Max film. Consider it a “we’re still here!” with badass leather outfits and bionic arms.

Seeing as it’s been a while since there’s been Mad Max news, let’s refresh our memories on everything we know about Fury Road so far.

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Jun 25 2014 10:50am

Peeta Stands With President Snow and the Capitol in First Mockingjay Teaser

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay teaser trailer President Snow Peeta Mellark Josh Hutcherson propaganda

On the heels of its striking “people of the districts” propaganda ad campaign, the Capitol has released its first propaganda video featuring an address from President Snow...and his newest supporter, District 12 champion Peeta Mellark. NO PEETA WHY.

[First Mockingjay teaser trailer. Run, don’t walk.]

Jun 25 2014 10:00am

Party Like Dick: The Charming Audacity of Radio Free Albemuth

Very early on in the film Radio Free Albemuth, we’re straight-up shown an alien satellite in orbit shooting a zap-beam into the head of Nick Brady (Jonathan Scarfe), the movie’s protagonist. This scene almost dares us to just accept what is going on, but when you’re making a Philip K. Dick movie, a disconnect between reality (even a science fictional one) and “normal stuff” is bound to happen. And instead of avoiding that inherent disconnect, this film embraces it. Because if you’re not willing to have a tonally jumbled movie, one in which the movie itself seems to almost parody the human experience, then you can’t adapt Dick.

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Jun 24 2014 5:00pm

Rest Easy—The Into the Woods Movie Did Not Cut “Any Moment”

Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, Into the Woods

Everyone who knows the musical Into the Woods was likely dismayed by the news Stephen Sondheim gave during a master class at NYU—that the song “Any Moment” was being removed altogether, along with a key dalliance between two characters.

Looks like the concern was premature, however. Sigh of relief time.

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Jun 24 2014 4:35pm

Snow-capades in Latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Trailer!

TMNT movie trailer

We’re pretty sure this is the final TMNT trailer, and what it tells us is that hard-hitting reporters definitely capture news on the iPhones these days. (They do, right?)

[Watch the trailer...]

Jun 23 2014 12:05pm

Nathan Fillion is in Guardians of the Galaxy For a Moment

Nathan Fillion Mal pretty floral bonnet

Not since Abed’s sudden cameo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier have fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had so much to look forward to. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, when pressed over this past weekend, admitted that his Slither buddy Nathan Fillion has a cameo in the upcoming spacefaring-goofballs-meet-serioustimes flick.

Gunn refuses to say who or what Fillion is, but rules out a cameo as Nova. Perhaps we’ll find him lounging behind glass in the Collector’s museum? Or maybe he’ll appear in flashback as Star-Lord’s goofball dad. Or...OR...the movie is set in space. Would it be so weird if a Firefly class ship was seen zipping by? It’s not like fellow Avengers poobah Joss Whedon would say no to such a thing.

Vin Diesel is a tree. Anything can happen.

[via Bleeding Cool]

Jun 23 2014 9:30am

You Wanna Get Nuts? Let’s Get Nuts! The Schizophrenic Excellence of 1989’s Batman

Twenty five years ago today, Michael Keaton uttered the words “I’m Batman,” twice. The first was while wearing the iconic rubber bat-mask complete with eye-makeup underneath, but later he repeated this sentiment with his regular non-Bat face, too. All these years later, many of us either love this film or loathe it, but which is the correct way to think about it?

Like the duplicitous nature of Batman himself, the answer is you should both love it and be suspicious of it. Batman (1989) is great because its mash-up of good decisions and bad decisions make it an accidentally perfect tribute to the Dark Knight.

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Jun 20 2014 3:40pm

Looper’s Rian Johnson to Write and Direct Star Wars: Episode VIII and IX?

Rian Johnson write direct Star Wars Episode VIII IX J.J. Abrams rumor

Deadline is reporting that Disney and Lucasfilm have offered the director and writer's chair for Star Wars Episode VIII to Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed the recent time travel movie Looper, as well as high school noir Brick and several episodes of Breaking Bad. He is also to provide a story treatment for Episode IX.

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Jun 19 2014 11:50am

Into the Woods Movie Cuts Its Sexiest Song, Because Disney

With all the casting news and other tidbits around the movie adaptation of Into the Woods, we had nearly forgotten that it’s a Disney film. But some recent insights from Stephen Sondheim make sure we know exactly what’s up—as the movie cuts a major death and a majorly sexy song. (Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the musical.)

[Find out who doesn’t die and who doesn’t have sex]

Jun 17 2014 6:00pm

New Resident Evil Movie Probably the Last

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter last movie

Do you love your Milla Jovovich kicking ass and taking names (as if there’s any other kind of Milla Jovovich) as Alice in the Resident Evil franchise? Hang on tight, because the T-Virus tour will most likely be stopping at the sixth and—according to the writer/director—last movie. If such a thing is possible to say about a zombie movie franchise.

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Jun 17 2014 1:00pm

8 Great Science Fiction Movies Where No One is Murdered

Star Trek IV

Being the genre of the future, or at the very least, of speculation, science fiction needs to both be awesomely creative and, more importantly, relatable to its audience. As such, sci-fi movies often fall back on plot devices and tropes common across all genres, especially to ratchet up the tension and keep things exciting—and what’s more exciting than death? And murder is even better—the more ruthless the bad guys(s), the more we’ll root for the good guys.

But, just like a good majority of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories don’t have a dead body in them, cool science fiction movies are not required to feature death and killing if they don’t want to. With high stakes expected by mainstream audiences, it’s tempting to kill characters off, but here are a few sci-fi flicks that manage to forego death (almost) entirely.

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Jun 15 2014 11:00am

The Lion King Turns 20 Today… and It Was the Most Unlikely Success Story You Will Ever Hear

The Lion King

You can often separate your generations out by Disney movies, though it seems a strange thing to do. And one of the movies that was absolutely key for mine happened to be The Lion King.

But here’s the kicker—The Lion King wasn’t intended as a golden egg-laying goose. In fact, it was the unloved cousin that Disney wanted swept under the rug from the outset. It was expected to fail. So for its 20th birthday, here are a few tales, a few behind the scenes gems that make it clear why this odd-ball project that was based on no fairy tale whatsoever became something of a classic.

[The horse no one would bet on…]

Jun 13 2014 12:10pm

What Are the Odds This is the Justice League Movie Line-Up?

JL8 by Yale Stewart

Hollywood tipster Nikki Finke has posted a list of the Justice League slate of movies that Warner Bros. is expected to announce at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. (Which is only in a month? Geez.) The list of films is extensive and seems to introduce an Avengers-style shared movie universe, but is it accurate?

[Justice League slate of films]

Jun 12 2014 9:00am

The Perfect Retcon to Star Trek Into Darkness?

Benedict Cumberbatch, Khan, Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness showed up on Netflix recently, and I decided to watch it again (against my better judgement). And there are still some fun moments in that thing, but overall, it’s… really disheartening. Many have said this, so I won’t add to the summit of Mount Critique. We know how it went: None of the shout-outs to former canon were ever earned, Kirk degenerated into a raging frat boy, Carol Marcus was practically an unperson who existed to be RoboCop’s daughter—it’s all been said eloquently and amusingly across various webispheres.

But I did have an idea on how they might fix one of the film’s biggest problems.

[My name is Khan?]

Jun 6 2014 10:00am

No One Ever Made Them Like This! 7 Little Known Facts About Ghostbusters


With its 30th anniversary looming just around the corner (this Sunday, in fact!), we got to thinking about Ghostbusters even more than usual. In our view, its still one of the most perfect films of all time, and easily the best science fiction comedy. But sometimes what happened behind the scenes on a great film like this is almost as interesting as what we ended up seeing. Derived from the excellent director’s commentary track on the Ghostbusters DVDs, here are seven things you might not know about the boys in grey and the strange things going on in your neighborhood.

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Jun 5 2014 1:30pm

Indiana Jones Reboot? Robert Pattinson!? This Casting Rumor is Freaking Us Out

Robert Pattinson

With Harrison Ford officially occupied with Star Wars for the foreseeable future, it would seem that Disney has gotten impatient with the status of Indiana Jones and thrown around the “R” word—reboot.

But it’s this Robert Pattinson casting rumor that has our attention.

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Jun 3 2014 12:05pm

The Millennium Falcon is Being Built Right Now

You know what this is, don’t you? You’re already giddy and we can’t exactly blame you. TMZ has some super secret set pictures from Star Wars: Episode VII, and it’s clear that the Millennium Falcon is getting a second life... and there’s more!

[She’ll make .5 past lightspeed.]

Jun 2 2014 11:30am

Maleficent is Too Busy Taking Names to Worry About the Haters

Maleficent, Angelina Jolie

So... Maleficent has been panned by a lot of people. And while it is lacking in certain technical and structural merits, I’m not going to deny it—it’s lovely. Got some flaws, but if you’ve been holding out for a fairy tale retelling that manages to truly empower, this is where it’s at.

You’re just going to have to get over any issues you might have with Angelina Jolie. Yes, you.

Major spoilers for the film below.

[There is no such thing as True Love’s Kiss]

May 28 2014 9:30am

X-Men: Days of Future Past Saves Mutantkind By Teaching Professor X to Respect Women

X-Men Days of Future Past, Charles Xavier, James McAvoy

At the end of X-Men: First Class, Charles Xavier lies paralyzed on a beach while Magneto makes a stirring speech about mutants and their need to separate themselves from humanity. Erik is trying to win others over to his cause, and he succeeds—half of the youngsters take his hand and vanish from sight. It’s hard not to notice that Magneto has taken with him all the female mutants and mutants of color… while Charles is left there with three white male mutants and a human.

It’s impossible to leave unnoted because X-Men Days of Future Past is concerned with precisely this dialogue, and how it might have impacted the future of mutants and humans alike. Because despite Charles Xavier’s experience and affability, he is far from infallible. And it turns out he had one more essential lesson to learn.

Spoilers ahead for X-Men Days of Future Past.

[Are you Charles’ Raven?]

May 23 2014 11:00am

“You’re afraid. I remember.” X-Men: Days of the Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

When X-Men Days of Future Past was announced at San Diego Comic Con, and every single X-Man was brought out on stage to take a bow, it was hard not to be excited at the prospect of such an ambitious film. But it was also a little frightening to conceive; could this melding of generations possibly work? Could this many X-Men on screen at the same time even make sense? What is a day of future past anyhow?

Springboarding off of 2011’s First Class and the aftershocks of the contemporary movies, DoFP brings together a decade and a half of X-films without breaking a sweat. And not just by putting all the actors in the same film, but by unifying these stories on the same front to teach a powerful lesson about how history might be righted in the face of an untenable future.

Minor spoilers for the film below.

[It was supposed to be you.]