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Jul 8 2014 10:00am

The City that Never Sleeps or Goes Away: Harlan Ellison and Star Trek, Again

Leonard Nimoy William Shatner Harlan Ellison City on the Edge of Forever Star Trek

Growing up, I was that annoying kid who was suspicious of The Next Generation like five years after I was potty-trained. Precocious and pretentious about all things Star Trek doesn’t begin to cover it, and when a library book called Inside Star Trek gave me a glimpse of the story behind the story of the most famous classic Trek of them all—“City on the Edge of Forever”—I nodded knowingly. Affectation is a powerful force and when you couple it with little-kid intuition, weird truths can be uncovered. Because even back then, when I first watched Kirk and Spock leap through that giant donut time-machine, something about this adventure felt incomplete.

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Nov 20 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Ultraman Rides AT-AT in Imperial Rodeo

Imperial Rodeo by artist Franco Brambilla

Over on, there's this nice piece of fan art from Franco Brambilla of what appears to be Ultraman riding an AT-AT. Looks like Vader is down there watching, too. We love it, and it seems oddly fitting for the approaching holiday season. (More fun art on What does the rodeo clown of this scenario look like?)

Highlights of your daily offsite include:

  1. Pick your favorite crazy Star Wars rumor.
  2. All about Ender's Game.
  3. The Doctor Who snowmen are coming, they're coming, they're coming.

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Aug 30 2012 11:15am

I Wish Guinan Was a Time Lord: IDW’S Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation2 #4

A review of ST: TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation issue #4I’ve always loved the way Guinan was portrayed in the early days of The Next Generation. Was she a special creature with super powers? A shape-shifter? Did she have power rivaling that of Q? Or maybe even...a Time Lord? Sadly towards the end of the show and then in the film Generations, the mysterious qualities of her character and alien species were drastically reduced.

Happily, in the new issue #4 of IDW’s miniseries comic  Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who crossover, some of that awesome Guinan mystery is back.

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Jul 19 2012 11:00am

How Boring You Make the TNG Crew, Doctor. IDW’s Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who #3

If you’ve ever found yourself worried that the 90’s Star Trek: The Next Generation staff writers ripped off the notion for the Borg from the Cybermen in Doctor Who, stop worrying because it’s probably true.

This is actually okay as TNG did the Cybermen better and more nuanced and terrifying than the Borg, partly because the name “Borg” is a little scary, whereas “Cybermen” sounds just as silly in 2012 as it must have sounded in 1966.

Either way, the idea of cyborgs like the Borg and Cybermen is a widespread trope of science fiction. But what’s interesting about the current IDW Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover is it might be accidentally showing how much more organic Doctor Who’s characters are contrasted with some of the more robotic characters of TNG. And that’s counting the actual robots.

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Jul 18 2012 2:50pm

Straight from Roberto Orci: Current Trek Comics are Canon!

Over on Trek Movie, they’ve been running a two-part exclusive interview with screenwriter Roberto Orci. Both parts of the interview are fascinating reads and well worth a Trekkie’s time. As with previous interviews going all the way back to 2008, you get the sense that of all the creative forces involved with New Trek, that Orci is the biggest fan. He sounds like one of us when he talks about this stuff.

Below the cut are a few things the interview clearly spells out about the future of booth big screen and small screen Trek. Plus: what the reveal about the current ongoing IDW series being declared canon means for the next film’s baddie!

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Jun 28 2012 4:30pm

The Doctor Remembers Klingons: IDW’s Assimilation2 #2

IDW’s gutsy Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation comic book crossover Assimilation2 has released its second issue in an eight-part mini-series. How is the Doctor getting along with the crew of the Enterprise-D? So far, so good, but with the Cybermen and the Borg teaming up, both the crews of the TARDIS and the Enterprise’s days are about to get a lot tougher. Check out what happened in issue#2 of this ongoing series, and what I think of it so far.


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Jun 19 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Hard-Boiled Blade Runner

Tuesday’s collection of offsite links is coming at you from an alternate universe where Blade Runner was originally a film that was adapted by a time-traveling hard-boiled 1940s writer, which was re-adpated into a short story by Philip K. Dick. The proof is this cover.

(We also may have found this cover on a Wil Wheaton’s Tumblr. Art by Tim Anderson.)

Today’s highlights include:

  1. Catwoman costume problems.
  2. Magic rules! (The rules of magic)
  3. Would your really change your name if you were named Han Solo?

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May 30 2012 12:00pm

A Time Lord, an Android and a Cyber-Borg Walk Into A Bar: IDW’s Assimilation2 #1

Russell T. Davies said he always hoped to do a crossover between Doctor Who and Star Trek. But when Who finally came back to television in 2005, the last Star Trek series, Enterprise went off the air. Now, the dream of the Star Trek universe crashing into the Doctor’s has come true in comic book form. The eight-part IDW mini-series Assimilation2 (that’s assimilation squared) launched today with its first issue, and the Cybermen and the Borg have invaded Federation space!

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Apr 5 2012 10:00am

Make It So Timey-Wimey: Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossovers Then and Now

Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossovers Then and NowPerhaps buoyed by the surprise success that was the very entertaining Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes comics crossover mini-series, IDW Publishing announced last month their plans to bring Doctor Who to the final frontier. Assimilation2 will unite the Eleventh Doctor (as portrayed by Matt Smith) and the crew of Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s Enterprise in a special eight-issue event beginning in May. As if that’s not enough, the adventure promises to bring together popular adversaries from each franchise: the Borg and the Cybermen.

Somebody pinch me! Yes, I admit that crossovers in general often can be something of a goofy notion, with the level of absurdity depending upon the…uh…crossed parties, but it’s not like we’re talking about Dexter and My Little Pony here. Star Trek and Doctor Who at least are in somewhat co-located wheelhouses, right? I mean, has this actually happened before?

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Apr 3 2012 12:00pm

Green-Blooded Hooligans: IDW’s Star Trek #7

Vulcan’s Vengeance Part 1 Written by Mike Johnson. Art by Joe Phillips. Colorist: John Rauch. Letterer: Neil Uyetake. Editor: Scott Dunbier. The IDW ongoing Star Trek comic series has started to boldly go where it hasn’t gone before: a totally original storyline. All the prior installments of this series have, up until this point, been retellings of classic 60s Trek stories, with both major and minor alterations to the plots, characters, and outcomes. Because current Trek screenwriter Roberto Orci is a creative consultant on these comics, it’s possible some of these developments could be considered spoilers for the new continuity of the current film series. With a limited amount of information available about what is happening in the new Trek universe, these comics are an interesting window into the continuing voyages of not just the Enterprise, but everyone else who lives in the same galaxy.

So what is the first IDW original story about? Well, it’s called “Vulcan’s Vengeance” and as you might guess, the Vulcans are pretty pissed about the destruction of their home planet. And they’re fighting back…

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Mar 2 2012 5:00pm

Do Spock and Uhura Live Together Now? IDW’s Star Trek #6

Star Trek comics from IDWWhile it remains to be seen just how much of this continuity will carry over into the next Star Trek film, the ongoing IDW series continues to add strange, new ideas to the lives of the rebooted Enterprise crew. In part 2 of the reimagined version of “Operation: Annihilate!" the deadly parasites of Devena are driving a bunch of colonists insane and Kirk is faced with some tough choices, as well as some family drama from the past. Did everything shake out the same way it did in the original version? Yes and no. Spoilers ahead!

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Jan 27 2012 4:00pm

My Brother Sam Has A Moustache: IDW’s Star Trek #5

“Operation: Annihilate!” was the 29th episode of the original run of Star Trek, and in 1967 it ended the first season with a dignified zap. The story involved a solid (though familiar) science fiction premise and everything was ramped-up with family drama and testing of the big friendships. At one point, Kirk even has to consider killing a million people to prevent the “infection” of the multi-celled alien intelligence from spreading across the galaxy. In short, “Operation: Annihilate!” would be a great episode to show someone who had never seen Star Trek, and also a perfect one to revisit if you’d forgotten why you the old show is so fun.

Now, IDW’s ambitious comic project to re-imagine classic Trek stories inside the new film continuity continues with their take on “Operation: Annihilate!” Will the flying parasites look like ridiculous mushy pancakes as before? Will Kirk’s brother essentially just be a version of Kirk with facial hair?  Find out below!

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Jan 4 2012 2:30pm

The Galileo Seven Rises: IDW’s Star Trek #4

When we last left the comic-book interpretations of the rebooted classic Enterprise crew, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Rand, Boma and some random yahoos had crash-landed the shuttle Galileo 7 on the planet Taurus II where large, ape-like creatures are threatening to tear them apart. Meanwhile, Kirk is frantically searching for the missing shuttle, but may have to abandon his efforts soon owing to a visiting Federation High Commissioner forcing Kirk to pursue other obligations; namely the delivery of medical supplies to Makus III. Will Spock and company survive? Will everything shake out the way it did the original episode? Read below to find out.

[Highly illogical spoilers]

Dec 5 2011 4:00pm

The Galileo Seven is Down! IDW’s Star Trek #3

The reimagining of classic Star Trek episodes continues in comic book form with this classic Spock-centric episode “The Galileo Seven.” In 1966, the story featured a wonderful, if hard-to-swallow premise: members of the Enterprise crew are literally lost in space and the Enterprise doesn’t have any idea where they are. To make matters worse, Kirk is being bossed around by a high ranking government official who wants the Enterprise to hightail it to a colony in order to drop off medical supplies. Because the shuttlecraft only has a limited amount of oxygen, and the Enterprise has a limited amount of time, the clock is ticking. Meanwhile on the shuttle, Spock is in charge after a tricky crash-landing. Now with the dynamic between Kirk, Spock, Bones and everyone else slightly altered in this new Star Trek universe continuity, how does the new version of the story differ?

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Nov 2 2011 3:00pm

Gary Mitchell Strikes Back: IDW’s Star Trek #2

Gary Mitchell Strikes Back: IDW’s Star Trek #2In the previous issue of IDW’s reimagined Star Trek comic series, the original Samuel A. Peeples episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was given some lens flare and Chris Pine action. Because this story takes place in the new continuity, several relationships have been subtly altered, and a few characters are gone. The most notable absence is the character Dr. Elizabeth Dehner who, along with Gary Mitchell, in the original story was also converted into a creepy glowing-eyed space demigod. But now, Mitchell’s going solo, and like in the original episode, Kirk is all set to strand him on Delta Vega.

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Sep 26 2011 12:30pm

Where No Rebooted Enterprise Crew Has Gone Before: Star Trek #1

Where No Rebooted Enterprise Crew Has Gone Before: Star Trek #1If you were to detonate a little red matter, create a black hole, and then travel back in time to have lunch with yourself ten years in the past, the last thing you’d probably want to mention is the fact that someday the original Star Trek characters will all be recast in a movie made by some guy famous for Alias. Your past self might not understand why you weren’t outraged, and instead in support of this new Trek.

Now, the Star Trek powers-that-be are doing something even more controversial to a die-hard Trekkie of the past; a new comic series has launched featuring the new cast but re-telling original series episodes in this alternate universe continuity! Blasphemy, you say? From the look of IDW’s first sold-out issue, the series looks to be anything but.

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Apr 22 2011 1:03pm

Monthly Who: The Doctor In Print

The Doctor and his Stetson

BBC America has been working hard to promote Doctor Who here in the U.S. and they’re being rewarded with an audience that continues to grow in leaps and bounds. BBC One and BBC America have finally wised up and have been airing and making Doctor Who available at the same time on both sides of the (Amy) Pond. Finally, it seems like we’re getting recognition as a legitimate fan base!

As we wait for the series six premiere tomorrow, I thought I’d spotlight a couple of new ways in which to appreciate The Doctor here in North America. We’ve now got our own Doctor Who magazine, called Doctor Who Insider; and the Eleventh Doctor and Amy are finally going to be in IDW’s Doctor Who comic, which started this week in the first part of a four-part story arc called “A Fairytale Life.”

[The Eleventh Doctor in print]

Jan 24 2011 2:16pm

Holographic E-mail Spam Invades the TARDIS! Comics Review of IDW’s Doctor Who #1

Doctor Who #1 IDWBecause a lot of the earliest popular science fiction began in comic strip format, it makes sense that a hit sci-fi TV show would create a comic version of itself. Certainly the larger-than-life and tongue-in-cheek adventures of our favorite Time Lord have a kind of comic book flair, so it makes sense that he has existed in comic and graphic novel format throughout time and space. IDW recently hit the reset button on their ongoing Doctor Who series, wrapping up their original Tenth Doctor stories and, now that the Doctor’s Eleventh incarnation is strongly solidified in the minds of Whovians everywhere, starting anew with Matt Smith. But how does the first issue fare? Is this comic book bigger on the inside?

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