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Feb 6 2015 12:26pm

Come Talk About Geeky Feminism at Housing Works for Geek Week!

Oliver Barrett Chun Li feminism we can do it

Want some geekiness in your feminism? Want some feminism in your geekery? February 15-28 is Housing Works’ annual Geek Week event, and they’re marking the occasion with sales on sci-fi, horror, and graphic novels, plus some rad programming. A panel of awesome women, including Tor Books editor Diana Pho and’s own Emily Asher-Perrin, will be speaking on the Geeky Feminism panel on February 23!

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Jan 26 2015 6:00pm

Steampunk Events for February 2015

Steampunk Events February

This month, the steampunk blogosphere is getting prepped for Year Two of Steampunk Hands Around the World, where dozens of bloggers from over 15 different countries plan to share about their local communities with the rest of the world. Come join the event at the Airship Ambassador website.

Besides the virtual world, steampunks across the globe can populate their social calendar with fantastic escapades. Party like its 1900 in Meiji-era Japan at Steam Garden 8 in Tokyo. Run away to Las Vegas for their inaugural steampunk convention or enjoy a convivial in Surrey, England. Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador and I have collected some of the most exciting events for February. It may be a short month, but it packs a lot of brass.

[February 2015 steampunk events]

Jan 6 2015 5:00pm

Steampunk Events for January 2015

Steampunk Events January 2015

Many happy returns for 2015! As we prep for a new year and beyond, Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador, and I are already looking at the array of social events for the retrofuturist set. Meet and greets are happening across the globe, and we’re lighting some from Wales, Canada and the US. You can also pay a visit at the Steampunk Snowdown in Colorado or take a cruise aboard the Queen Mary!

[January 2015 Steampunk Events]

Dec 9 2014 11:15am

World Book Night is Back

World Book Night 2015

65% of the population of Great Britain read for pleasure regularly. Not a bad number, compared with some countries. On the other hand, that leaves 22.4m folks who don’t even dream of reading—and that’s just not on. Not according to the minds behind World Book Night.

Since 2011, World Book Night has brought together “a powerful collaboration of [...] partners—publishers, printers, distributors, libraries, booksellers, private donors, trusts and foundations—to inspire more people to read.”

To that end, many millions of books have been given out over the years by teams of volunteers... yet in 2015, World Book Night will be a decidedly less worldly event than it once was, with the United States having had to “suspend operations after failing to secure outside funding.”

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Dec 3 2014 6:00pm

Steampunk Events for December 2014

Steampunk Events December

‘Tis the season everyone suddenly enjoys a touch of the (neo)-Victorian. To brighten up your holidays, check out some of these events in December. Put your dancing shoes on at steampunk balls happening across the United States and throughout the world. Pack a basket for the NYC Nostalgia Ride. With the help of Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador, we have gathered a selection of events for the retrofuturist in everyone.

[December 2014 Steampunk Events]

Nov 20 2014 3:35pm

“A Giant of Literature”: Ursula K. Le Guin and Neil Gaiman at the 2014 National Book Awards

Ursula K. Le Guin National Book Awards

Last night at the 2014 National Book Awards in New York City, Neil Gaiman presented science fiction and fantasy legend Ursula K. Le Guin with the National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, an honor that has previously gone to such luminaries as Joan Didion, Ray Bradbury, and Toni Morrison.

Gaiman spoke of the debt he owes Le Guin, who was a major influence on him as a young writer, while Le Guin’s acceptance speech highlighted the importance of the award as a recognition of the place of science fiction and fantasy in literature. She also called upon the next generation of writers to push for the liberation of their art from corporate demands and profiteering.

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Nov 19 2014 3:20pm

Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler in the Great Book Giveaway!

Neil Gaiman Daniel Handler Great Book Giveaway

What’s the perfect way to pit acclaimed authors Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) against each other? Challenge them to give away the most books to a park full of eager fans, while also fending off the biting New York City cold! Gaiman and Handler came to Washington Square Park’s Garibaldi Plaza early this morning to take part in the the National Book Foundation’s Great Book Giveaway, alongside a portable reading room provided by the Uni Project.

Check out more photos from the event, plus a quick clip of Neil and Daniel facing off in their quest to give away the most books, below!

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Nov 13 2014 12:25pm

The BFI Celebrates Sci-Fi

BFI Virtual SciFi Festival

Love science fiction?

Then you’re in luck, because the British Film Institute does too. As a matter of fact, they’re in the middle of “a major celebration of film and TV’s original blockbuster genre.” Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder is a season-long salute to the tales of tomorrow we here at spend much of our time trumpeting. The programme is primarily arranged around a series of screenings—over a thousand at last count—but it also takes in talks with some of our favourite creators; discussions with directors, actors, screenwriters and the like.

Which is all well and good... but what about the books?

Once again, the BFI has our back. In partnership with HarperCollins’ hallowed genre fiction imprint Voyager, they’re staging the first #BFIVoyager Virtual Sci-Fi Festival this weekend, which proposes to explore “the link between science fiction literature and film with events on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other platforms.”

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Oct 30 2014 1:30pm

Steampunk Events for November 2014

As the days grow colder, we’re looking for more reasons to eat, drink, and be merry—with some historical subversiveness thrown in for good fun. Stop in for a dance (or a bite) at the historically-inclined vampire balls on All Hallow’s Day. Attend steampunk conventions in San Antonio, TX, Wichita, Kansas, or Lafayette, Louisiana. Gab with authors at Clockwork Couture’s book signing or party on the Prime Meridian at the Greenwich’s National Maritime Museum. These events and more are the gems that Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador, and I had pulled out from the brassy bits of the internetz to add to your social calendar.

[November steampunk events]

Sep 29 2014 2:00pm

Steampunk Events for October 2014

Photo credit: subversively

Finally! Welcome to the only time of the year where mainstream society thinks it’s okay to walk down the street in steampunk gear (not that many steampunks care about mainstream society anyway). To celebrate dropping temperatures, changing leaves, commercially-sponsored sugar-highs, and retrofuturist-gothic adventures, take a gander at events gathered with the help of Kevin Steil (the Airship Ambassador) and author S.J. Chambers.

This month, attend a Girl Genius-themed ball in California, party with Lord Saint Germain in Japan, or spend an evening with Edgar Allen Poe wherever he may pop up!

[October 2014 Steampunk Events]

Aug 28 2014 4:00pm

Steampunk Events for September 2014

Steampunk events September 2014

Autumn approaches, and along with copper, brass, and brown colors of the foliage, there are many steampunk events of note happening across the globe. Eurosteamcon prepares to take the entire continent by storm. Electro-swing inserts some retrofuturistic jazz into the Atlanta music scene. A murder mystery of sepia proportions is happening in Ohio. The steampunk band Abney Park takes the stage in New York City, along with Unwoman and Frenchy & the Punk. All of these events and more are featured this month, gathered together with the help of Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador and Arthur Morgan, the proprietor of French Steampunk.

[September Steampunk!]

Jul 23 2014 5:00pm

Steampunk Events for August 2014

Mechanical Masquearade Atlantis

The hottest time of the summer is here, but you can stay cool at these fan- & propeller-friendly events. Attend a kinetic carnival in California or the Steampunk Experience in the UK. Stroll through retro-fitted small towns or party like its 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas at the Mechanical Masquerade: Atlantis in Atlanta, GA. All of these events and more are selected with the help of Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador and this month’s guest contributor author Tee Morris.

[August 2014 steampunk events]

Jul 15 2014 12:30pm

Hey, You Coming to Our 6th Birthday Party This Week? party 6th birthday

Now we are six! And we’re having a meet-up this Thursday, July 17th!

And you’re invited! You should come and waggle elbows with sci-fi/fantasy publishing people. (Get us tipsy we are full of secrets.)

The party is in the upstairs bar at our Professor Thom’s in Manhattan (2nd Ave between 13th and 14th). It’s from 6 to 11 and we’ll be there, whomever we are, to talk about comic book movies, gender representation, funky fresh dance moves...whatever brings the fun. You can RSVP on Facebook here. Or just show up and say hello!

Jul 11 2014 12:10pm

The Summer Meet-Up is Next Week!

Stubby the Rocket

Now we are six! And we’re having a meet-up next Thursday, July 17th!

YOU SHOULD COME WE LIKE YOU to the upstairs bar at our Professor Thom’s in Manhattan (2nd Ave between 13th and 14th). It’s from 6 to 11 and we’ll be there, whomever we are, to talk about comic book movies, gender representation, funky fresh dance moves...whatever brings the fun. You can RSVP on Facebook here. Or just show up and say hello!

Jul 7 2014 3:15pm

Come to the Summer Meet-Up on July 17th! meetup

Man, we can’t remember the last time we threw a party that wasn’t a reading, or trivia, or the launch of an entire imprint! is having a summer meet-up this month, on Thursday, July 17th at the upstairs bar at our always-reliable mainstay Professor Thom’s in Manhattan (2nd Ave between 13th and 14th). It’s from 6 to 11 and we’ll be there, whomever we are, to talk about comic book movies, gender representation, funky fresh dance moves...whatever brings the fun. You can RSVP on Facebook here. Or just show up and say hello!

Kirk/Spock DJ illustration by Chris Whetzel

Jul 1 2014 3:00pm

Steampunk Events for July 2014

Summer steampunk is underway for July. Dance the night away at full costume balls in Cornwell, England or Brisbane, Australia. Discover the Lost Circus or a secret speakeasy in New York City. Learn how to fight like Sherlock Holmes for a weekend, or race through the streets of Vallejo, CA, on your DIY ride to win the Obtainium Cup. All of these events, conventions and more are happening this month, gathered with help from Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador, and guest contributor Jean Martin, editor-in-chief, writer and photographer for Science Fiction/San Francisco.

[July 2014 Steampunk Events]

Jun 26 2014 10:00am

The Magicians Author Lev Grossman Explains Why Larry Niven is So Great

Lev Grossman Larry Niven Lust for Genre

Tomorrow, the bookstore Singularity & Co. will once again host the reading series Lust for Genre. Curated and hosted by Ryan Britt, this series has been in existence since 2012. Its mission is to feature authors and performers reading from works of genre fiction which have influenced them in some way. Friday’s line-up includes Nelly Reifler, Emily Asher-Perrin, and Keith R.A. Decandido.

Below is a sample of what the series is like. Here, Lev Grossman (The Magicians trilogy) talks about why Larry Niven is not only great, but what wonderful ideas he stole outright from the author. It was a dark and stormy night at the time of this reading, so all that rain and thunder is totally not a special effect.

[Watch Lev read Niven]

Jun 18 2014 7:30am

A Festival of Ice and Fire

Edinburgh Internation Book Festival

Welcome back to the British Genre Fiction Focus,’s regular round-up of book news from the United Kingdom’s thriving speculative fiction industry.

Last Wednesday, the programme for the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014 was published. Taking place “just weeks before Scotland’s independence referendum on 18 September,” the hundreds of events it heralds include a fair few which will be of interest to genre fiction fans—including a signing by the author of a certain fantasy saga who threatens to overshadow everyone else in attendance—so while I can still safely consider myself British, I wanted to bring the best of the rest to your attention.

Also featured in the Focus this week: some compromising cover art by way of new books by Ben Aaronovitch and Tad Williams.

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May 28 2014 7:30am

A Touch of Tours

Half a King Joe Abercrombie

Welcome back to the British Genre Fiction Focus,’s regular round-up of book news from the United Kingdom’s thriving speculative fiction industry.

This week, Claire North, AKA Kate Griffin, AKA Catherine Webb, talked about her next novel, Touch. Several exciting signings made headlines, not least Joe Abercrombie’s timely tour of the UK, and in Cover Art Corner, Mythago Wood gets a lovely new look.

Later on, in a particularly long Odds and Sods, news of note relating to the likes of Paul Cornell, Karen Lord, Jeff VanderMeer, Ben Okri, Nathan Hawke, Melinda Snodgrass, Ian Sales, and an array of other awesomesauce authors.

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May 27 2014 1:00pm

This Week at Book Expo America, Douglas Preston, John Scalzi, and Tom Doherty Discuss the Future

John Scalzi Lock In Douglas Preston The Kraken Project Book Expo America 2014The publishing industry’s annual convention Book Expo America is this week and Tor Books will be there to discuss...the future!

Read below for information on panels featuring science fiction authors Douglas Preston and John Scalzi. The pair will be discussing the similarities behind their near-future A.I.(-ish) techno-thrillers: Preston’s The Kraken Project and Scalzi’s upcoming Lock In.

Read the beginning of The Kraken Project.

Read the first five chapters of Lock In.

That’s not all! Read on for information on more panels, speeches, and book signings at Book Expo America 2014.

[Tor Books at Book Expo America]