Jun 17 2009 9:30am

Happy Birthday, Michael Mitchell

The hour is nearly at hand...

Kate Nepveu
2. katenepveu
That was . . . really horrifying.

And an interesting exercise in the tension a story can create through the default intrinsic sympathy given to a point-of-view character. Who turns out not to be the victim here at *all*.
Mark Wheatley
3. Mark Wheatley
Jo - I continue to be your fan. This is a perfect example of a simple idea told exceptionally well. Hitchcock would be very pleased. And the color is tops!
Mark Wheatley
4. mxdp
Oh, WOW! This was, well, amazing! Well done!
Dan Sparks
5. RedHanded
That was good, but for a minute I thought it was going to go all Dark Half on me.
Mark Wheatley
6. Andrew Sands
This is everything that a great neo-noir short story should be.

You go, Jo!
Mark Wheatley
7. Joeysaurus
WOW. Amazing, Jo :) From someone who doesn't read many comics, this was really, really awesome. I had goosebumps by the end.

Mark Wheatley
8. Michael S. Anderson
Awesome, and I agreed with Mark about Hitchcock. This would make an excellent short film subject.
Mark Wheatley
9. Engelen
Mark Wheatley
10. Ribby
Wow... that was amazing! I completely didn't expect the twist at the end (and I'm *very* creeped out, but in such a good way!), and it broadsided me. Enough that I'm a little breathless. *grin*

And of course, me being me, the "twins" thing made me grin like a loon. But you know that. *snicker*

So utterly cool, Jo!

Mark Wheatley
11. Kosagi

I remember watching you grow as an artist at the club and man, you KEEP growing.

Want more!
Steven Gonzales
12. skycowboy
I am so proud of you, Joanna! I LOVE THIS! Yes, I agree with Kosagi...we want more! (grin!)

Your big bro...Steven.
Mark Wheatley
13. Karaii
This was incredible. I love the darkness of this comic, and right from the start BAM you get the feeling something creepy's coming and it's amazingly delivered. I loved ALL of this
Mark Wheatley
14. Traci Spencer
Fabulous, Jo. I remember seeing you start this--having it finished and online is like getting a surprise present! As always, your work is stunning!
Mark Wheatley
15. Tim Beedle
So great to see something new and different from you, not to mention much more in line with my sensibilities. I'll add to the chorus calling it Hitchcockian. It really is. Stellar work!
William Crawford
16. wccrawford
That was awesome! (Okay, in my head, there were curse words involved, but it's the same sentiment.)
Mark Wheatley
17. lrgshadow
sorry, i don't get it.
Mark Wheatley
18. Chuck NYC
Wow that was great! Really glad I sat down and read that.
Wendy Chua
19. wchua
Chillingly brilliant! I really enjoyed the buildup and the suspense.

Is there more to this?
Mark Wheatley
21. Dermot Meehan
Where did that come from???
Mark Wheatley
22. J.C. Vaughn
OUTSTANDING! Beyond cool.
Mark Wheatley
23. _W_o_o_d_
Wow, I totally didn't expect that ! That's a really good story, and well told.

Have you ever read "I am Hans Krunkel" by Chris Baldwin ?

A totally different story, on the same theme...
Mark Wheatley
24. JJR
Keep all your stories with tights and capes, this is where it's at. I linked to this site from another site and I am glad that I did. Love the art!
Mark Wheatley
25. Mistux
Nice story, kind of creepy the title though! From my point of view that is! ;-)

--Michael Mitchell
Mark Wheatley
26. C. Edward Sellner
Excellent story all around! Agree with the Hitchcock reference. Perfect blending of story and art!
Nechama Frier
27. soltian
Ahh, that was shockingly gorgeous! I'm so glad that I found this, every page was perfect!

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