Dec 22 2008 9:00am

The 12 Days of Zombie Christmas

We’re thrilled to be working again with the talented and hysterical Sean Bieri, who first came to as part of the Better Zombies Through Physics team. Now we’re publishing Sean’s solo work, on a series of holiday-themed zombie comics we’re calling The 12 Days of Zombie Christmas. Come back every morning between December 22nd, 2008 and January 2nd, 2009 for a new look at how the undead spend their holidays. To go directly to a particular comic, click one of the links below.

Day 1: Gift of the Zombi
Day 2: Real Santa
Day 3: Rooftop Attack
Day 4: Stocking
Day 5: Misfit Toys
Day 6: Pundead
Day 7: Scrooge
Day 8: Sweater
Day 9: Bummer
Day 10: Resolution
Day 11: Champagne
Day 12: Hangover

some guy
1. NateTheGreat
Shouldn't you have posted days 5 and 6? This is the 25th of December, and 25-19=6 (days 5,6,7 actually, but let's not quibble).
Liz Gorinsky
2. TooMuchExposition
NateTheGreat @ 1: You're totally right--not about the posting schedule, but that we screwed up. The first strip went up on the 22nd, not the 19th. So we're on schedule, but we put the wrong start date on all our posts. Not sure how we all managed to miss that, but I'm grateful that you pointed it out.
3. tripencrypt
I am loving these comics! Keep up the great work.
James Finlay
4. MadeinFinland
Yeah, these are pretty hardcore. I love them!
6. Invenanet
I want these for my Christmas cards!
rain lewis
7. girlinnewdress
This reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner. The air starts to cool which simply means that as early as September it is Christmas in some parts of the world.
Japeth Maierhofer
9. sirmobiledudecap
This is a horrible 12 days of Zombie X'mas...ooooh scary.
Gabriel Joshua
10. bestguybiz
It suits halloween that is almost near...hope kids won't be scary of this 12 days of zombie christmas...
Leon Jackson
13. autocheaperdude
12 days of zombie Christmas...X'mas is about giving love and care...not scaring kids...peace!

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