May 1 2010 11:53am

Tove Jansson’s The Hobbit

Tove Jansson, The Hobbit

While others are getting all Moominized, I thought I’d take the opportunity to point out Tove Jansson’s drawings for The Hobbit. Charles Vess turned me on to Jansson’s work a few years ago. I’m glad he did, these drawings are funny and sweet and every bit as heroic as a highly rendered oil painting can be.

Azara microphylla
1. Azara
They're beautiful! The strong vertical lines in many of them are reminiscent of Tolkien's own illustrations, but where his are rather static Jansson's have much more life and movement.
Gabriele Campbell
2. G-Campbell
They are very different from the Howe/Lee paintings I've come to love, but yes, they are cute and heroic, and so very Scandinavian.
Rf P
3. readforpleasure
I'd never heard of these! Bilbo looks like a member of the genus Snuffkins.
Gabriele Campbell
4. G-Campbell
Well, Hobbits and Moomins have a few things in common. They both like food and merriment. :)
David Still
5. David Still
Yes! It was this version of the book that got me hooked on Tolkien way back in 98. Tove Jansson is a national treasure here in Finland, but I don't think everyone here really appreciate her skills as a draftswoman and artist as much as they ought to. Like Quentin Blake, her pen and ink stuff just gets better and more expressive the simpler it gets!
Susan James
6. SusanJames
These are wonderful. I too love pencilwork. Thanks for posting. @Azara- They also remind me of Tolkien's own drawings.
David Still
7. stampey
I love these.

Read her novel, The Summer Book. It's incredible.

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