Mar 22 2010 10:47am

He’s Back! Dr. Who Returns

Great news for Dr. Who fans everywhere: he’s back! I grew up with Dr. Who so am an addict from early on... can’t wait to get my Dalek fix!

For the latest, links galore below the fold.

Media Coverage:
BBC News: New Doctor Who Matt Smith hopes series will 'thrill'
The Times: Doctor Who: from awkward boy to debonair man in an hour
Independent: Doctor Who - Has age withered this Time Lord?
The Guardian: Doctor Who: Matt Smith makes debut
The Telegraph: Doctor Who 'will feature scariest scene yet'
Daily Mail: Details of new Doctor Who revealed as Matt Smith and Karen Gillan step out at premiere
The Sun: Just what the Doctor ordered
Den of Geek: Spoiler free verdict: Doctor Who Series 5 episode 1 - The Eleventh Hour
Sky News: Doctor Who Review: The Eleventh Hour
Western Mail: Rapturous applause for new Doctor Who
Peterborough Today: New Doctor Who 'will have it all'
Standard: Expect 'madness and tenderness' from new Doctor Who

Series Six is also confirmed:
Digital Spy: 'Doctor Who' airdate officially confirmed
Digital Spy: 'Doctor Who' confirmed for Xmas, sixth series
ATV Network: Six Season of Doctor Who confirmed
TV Overmind: Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special and 2011 Season confirmed

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Ben Frey
1. BenPatient
What the heck is a Darlek?


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Face of Boe.
2. Brian2
I think the Daleks have been a bit overworked, however their name is spelled, but yes, great news, particularly with Steven Moffat running things. Thanks for the links.
3. sofrina
agreed. they've done the daleks to death in the eccleston/tennant eras. and the cybermen as well. i'll take anything else (except the ood).
Teresa Jusino
5. TeresaJusino
Also, Neil Gaiman has confirmed that he's going to be writing an episode for Series 6! How awesome is THAT?! :)

I, too, can't wait to meet the Eleventh Doctor!
6. Brian2
He's already written it, I believe -- they just didn't have the money to produce it properly in Series 5.

From what little footage has been released so far, Matt Smith will be incredible. The overall reaction to his casting seemed to be, well, he doesn't look very promising, but trust Moffat, and yeah, that seems to have been absolutely right.

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