Aug 19 2009 2:56pm

Paul Cornell drops the Hugo Graphic Story gauntlet

Novel, comics, and TV writer extraordinaire Paul Cornell (yes, he of Doctor Who fame) is jumping ahead of the game. Fresh from WorldCon in Montréal and presenting some of the 2008 Hugo Awards, he’s compiled a fantastic and relatively comprehensive list of thirty comics worth considering for the newly minted Best Graphic Story category for next year’s Hugo award (this year’s award went to the steampunk webcomic Girl Genius).

The Hugo Awards for 2009 are going to be presented at the World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne in September next year. The Best Graphic Story category is only a year old, and I think SF fans might benefit from a broad brush introduction to some of the many comics out there that they might consider nominating. I'd like this to be the first of many such articles, from many people.

His suggestions are solid, including personal faves such as Ex Machina, Scott Pilgrim and DMZ, as well as titles I've been meaning to pick up, such as Terry Moore’s ECHO and Jeff Smith’s Rasl. He’s also taken a rather firm (yet to my mind completely correct) line in regards to tie-in or adaptation work: no-go (which, coincidentally, disqualifies both Doctor Who and Torchwood comics, which goes to show just how much of a gentleman Mr. Cornell is). He goes on to explain that he’s by no means an expert in certain categories of comics, such as Manga or webcomics, so he’s asking you, dear readers, to chime in and suggest additional titles worthy of nomination. So what are you waiting for? Get over there and let Paul Cornell know about more good comics to read!

Pablo Defendini is the producer of, a printmaker, a bookmaker, and a general rabble-rouser. He was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, one of the most SFnal places on Earth. He is secretly a Cylon.

seth johnson
1. seth
I would like to see the Hugo awards avoid pandering to contemporary trends.

Blue Tyson
2. BlueTyson
Yeah. Should wait until an art form is 200 years old, not a measly 100.

Oh, wait, maybe that would eliminate all the other categories.
3. joten
The comic writers are getting nervous because a webcomic won, and a lot of them probably didn't know the category existed. It'll definitely become a more hotly contested award now.

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