Jul 20 2009 8:00am Anniversary Giveaway #8: From the Earth to the Moon and a Lunar Lander model kit

The Prize: Two prizes in one! The first is a DVD set of From the Earth to the Moon, a 12-part HBO miniseries about the Apollo missions. The second is a InAir E-Z Build Model Kit - Lunar Lander with Moon Rover (that’s a mouthful—just think of it as a complimentary toy).

The Rules: To get this giveaway, all you need to do is comment (once—duplicates won’t count) on this post. The winner will be selected at random. You have until 12pm EST on Tuesday, July 21st, to comment here. No geographic restrictions apply. You may enter yourself to win as many of these giveaways as you’d like, but if you are randomly selected as the winner you are ineligible to receive any others, so make sure to pick the ones you want!

Paul Weimer
2. PrinceJvstin
Its not in the show, but seeing this giveaway has reminded me of the old ELO song "Ticket to the Moon".
Adam Lipkin
3. yendi
This has been one of those DVD sets I've thought about buying any number of times. Can't say I'd mind winning it for free.
4. DingoTea
I've always been meaning to either watch more HBO (especially a miniseries) or build a model of something. Even if I don't win, these are two products I'd seriously considering buying. Happy Monday!
5. C.A.Sizemore
Congrats on the first anniversary you guy rock.
James Butterfield
7. jimmyb
Fly me to the moon
Let me sing among those stars
Let me see what spring is like
On jupiter and mars

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby kiss me

Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore

In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you
Dave Ciskowski
8. dcisko
Happy anniversary! Can't believe I haven't watched the videos yet...
10. jdkube
Nice. Love the site.
14. JaneinPA
very cool! Thanks.
16. Helen E. Kourous
Yes but who *took the footage* of Neil jumping down... :)
18. amcbdc1
This would be a great gift for my Dad on his Birthday which is coming up next month.
19. Rick Hawn
This may be odd, from an admitted addict to television and movies, but honestly, I'd rather have those models than anything else. When I was a kid, and I watched the moon landing, I was tiny, but my folks bought me model kits, and my elder brother would help me (okay, did most of the work, I was only 4) put them together, and I'd play with them until they'd fall apart, and then I'd get new ones. Even though the memory of the missions is something wonderful, the memory of those models is just more personal and warm to me. I don't think I'll win anything, I rarely do, but it's a nice thought, just the same.
20. TonyE
I was just about to buy this.
21. SimonH
Glorious! I love series about space.
23. Tom Merritt
Love it! Don't forget to the moon landing over at !
Angus McIntyre
24. angusm
Bang, zoom, straight to the moon!
25. Robert Corr
Pick me, please.
27. bonnieclyde
it took a lot of courage to get in that rocket!
29. isnochys
Please, pick me!
Tricia May
30. may602
If I won this, I think I could finally get my nephews interested in space! Please help me educate the next generation.
31. cvrowe
I don't want to live on the moon, but I'd like to visit.
Jeff Soules
32. DeepThought
I loved this series. Even with the cheezy Tom Hanks intro monologues that all ended with "From the Earth to the Moon," as though we needed reminding every week of the name of the miniseries.

I'll throw my hat in for this one.
33. pam1374
my son would love this!
Philbert de Zwart
34. philbert
First publishers on the Moon! Grats!
35. SteveP
One small comment for man, one...awesome prize package hopefully for me!
37. Garyfury
I'm new to It's fantastic that the site's birthday is in sync with the Apollo anniversary.
39. RFLong
I'd love this but my husband would possibly crawl over hot coals to get it. We could find out! ;)
Sumana Harihareswara
41. brainwane
My household is currently watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos (for free on Hulu) and From The Earth To The Moon would be a great followup.
42. Barnum004
making a man crawl over hot coals for his toy fix is needlessly cruel
James Poole
43. Davion22
That looks like a pretty cool gift pack
49. Shaun McGregor
Look! Toys! I like Toys.
Marcus W
50. toryx
Hurray for the moon landing anniversary!

Too bad we haven't built that Lunar city yet.
51. gwensdad2003
Always wanted to see this
Samantha Brandt
52. Talia
"picking the ones I want" isnt hard. I want them all! :D
56. INCyr
I'd love the chance to see From Earth To The Moon - I've heard great things about it.
57. ChrisOD
I love all the posts online about people that can remember exactly what they were doing at July 20. I was 1, so I obviously don't!
58. melbatoast
Just finished reading Jim Ottaviani's T-MINUS, which was incredibly timely, and got me well-prepped for the anniversary fever that's been sweeping the news services.
59. Bill Fisk
the HBO special was great, not sure if my 56 year old nerves are still up for model building.
60. mapthis
Consider this commented.
i e
61. klio911
want. too young for the moon landing...but i got choked up on a family visit to cape canaveral. amazing stuff.
Phil Sutherland
62. philsuth
A good reason to have a multi-region DVD player in Australia!
Brian Peterson
63. brianpdonovan
I was 15 when I watched as the first men walked on the moon. I was 45 when I first saw "From the Earth to the Moon" and felt the same excitement I had experienced 30 years before. Now, at 55, I wonder why so many of us have forgotten to dream. Whoever wins these DVDs, you who come to, at least you're the ones who haven't forgotten what it's like. Thanks for keeping all the big dreams alive.
Virginia Hendricks
64. macbeaner
another cool giveaway my nephew would love
66. Dietes
Mmm...Dvd set
David Miller
68. Dimitrii
I Tivo'd the series and enjoyed them twice until the call of space (hard drive space) culled them. I would enjoy these and look forward to any DVD extras.
70. Patmcc19
YAY HBO always the best
71. thx1138
This is really amazing stuff.
Adam DeConinck
72. jagso
All the gifts today are cool, but this is really the best one for the date. Yay Tor!
73. JulieS
Cute kit! I'd love to win either of these prizes.
74. cGk
Very nice-Happy B'day!
75. pat3001
I'm loving all things moon today, but I still have one burning question. Why hasn't Google made a moon-oriented logo for their homepage?
76. DavidA
I hope I win this DVD set.

I was sixteen in 1969. I watched on television as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren walked on the moon, but I kept running outside to look at the moon in the sky and think "There are guys ON THE MOON walking around RIGHT NOW" then dashing back in to see them on TV. Incredible.
79. Kevin Brennan
That miniseries is great. Well worth watching.
81. Dhympna
Space toys and show!
82. AnarioN
Great initiative!
83. DougF
DavidA #76- We took the TV out on the porch so we could see both that and the Moon simutaneously.
84. Beable
Commenting yay!
Anthony Aziz
85. aaziz
I have nothing witty to say, I just want the toy.
87. StephenW
*crosses fingers*
89. Secco98
I remember watching this when it first was aired on HBO and being enthralled. Its an incredible story told very well.
90. Maltheos
It was 40 years ago today.
91. Alasdair
It's an incredible piece of TV, very much the spiritual companion to Band of Brothers.
Rick Grant
93. brevoort
A marvelous giveaway on today or all days
94. DCN
I had a model like this when I was a kid.
javier vasquez
96. javasa
This would be nice for my birthday (on the 22nd)
98. krereed
I've loved reading everyone's chronicles of where they were and what they were doing. Today's posts have been fantastic--thank you.
Erik Hovland
99. microe
Gotta win...Gotta win...Gotta win!
100. LizM
this would be a great DVD set to own...
101. Mike(y)
Thanks Tor, for celebrating in style this great milestone in SF-come-to-life.
Allen Wright
103. awright69
Checking in! This would make a great gift for my son, the scientist.
104. Celso N.L. Gajo
Great set.
I hope when you say "no geographical restrictions" you really mean it...
Jenn Baker
106. Shadowsedge
I've been wanting this set for a long time!
Katrina Templeton
107. katster
You had me sold on the DVD set, but I gotta admit, the prize inside is what takes the cake. Besides, I love space and I love Cold War history, so this works out very nicely. :)

Madeleine Lee
110. keita12686
I've never seen it! You should give it to me to rectify that immediately.
111. mudhawg
This is fun!
112. fheywood
I would love those DVDs - and the models would look spiffy on my desk!
114. Sally Book Lover
The models would be cool!
115. KyleN
Love the show, and the toy!
Carl Cunningham
116. wayspooled
We don't rent pigs! (from Lonesome Dove)
118. aleistra
This would be a great late birthday present (the 18th) for myself!
Kevin Walton
119. Dryth
Would love this prize. Anything moon related is awesome. Nice timing w/ the anniversary too :).
120. KMN
*Models*. And for the miniseries, I hadn't known there was a DVD version out there!
121. JohnW
Happy first anniversary,! I know this will be a popular giveaway choice, but on this 40th anniversary of the moon landing, it's got be my pick!
Keith Quigley
123. keithq
As a kid (I was not quite 13 when we landed), I followed all the space shots and knew all the astronauts names, as well as their missions. I even built my own lunar lander model, taking it with me on a family vacation 'up north' to visit relatives in Michigan.

To echo Robert Silverberg's post, I get a little misty eyed thinking about what we accomplished... and then lost. Maybe one of these days ~ Mars!
125. Shireling
Trying to post again -- nth time lucky? Thanks,
Linda George
126. Lingeorge
I was still a newly wed, and absolutely entranced with the whole moon expierence. Glued to the TV
Jen Moore
127. Jenavira
Comment! (Thinking about the moon landings always makes me cry, because humans are just so awesome. I'm going to be sniffly all day.)
129. PaulM
This is a comment.
tatiana deCarillion
130. decarillion
Space is truly, still, the final frontier.
Happy Anniversary, Tor!
133. Ian Randal Strock
This sounds good... No, I mean this sounds bad. No one should want it; no one else should comment, right?
138. mikedeepo
140. jafoca
Cool! THanks and good way to celebrate!
Martin Zinser
142. zinser
I've build a LEM model a long time ago, but it got lost during various moves. Would love to do another one.
144. John Callaham
Loved the mini-series
146. Tom Whitmore
Does it come with an actual trip to the moon? Or at least a space-suit as third prize?
Rebecca Zmarzly
150. bowlwoman
Ooh...I could replace my parents' copy on VHS.
Lowell Gilbert
153. lowell
Thanks for all the fun today, Tor.
156. DBW
Fly me to the moon!
161. Meggan
That's fantastic!
Scott Atwood
163. coron78
That will go nicely with my Baron Munchausen figures!
165. Plamadude30k
The want is strong with this one.
Munro Sickafoose
166. diamondheart
All those years ago, I recorded the audio on my dad's 10" reel to reel and took pictures of that first step from the TV set..

Way cool. Mars was supposed to be next..
172. Iain Moffat
Congrats Tor, on your anniversary - may there be many more!
Sherrye Nichols
173. san301
Oh please, pretty please, pleasepleaseplease pick me me me me me.....thank you.
Todd Johansen
175. Gher06
I'm commenting to enter the contest. ;)
176. AJM7100
Wow...this is a biggie...fingers crossed...
179. Malveaux
so many great things...
Marc Houle
180. MightyMarc
This is probably the most I've ever come to this site.
181. Zanzjan
I wasn't old enough to remember the moon landing, but I keep hoping we'll get there again soon.
Darice Moore
182. daricemoore
Oh, this is fantastic. My daughter, who has a fine collection of space vehicle models, would flip for this.
Sean Pratz
183. Galoot
Please, gods of chance, I want this.
184. jsmith54
186. SonOfTheSouth
How about, "From Birth to the Womb: A Backwards Look at the Beginning".
Matt Hornland
187. meat
yes! I had a similar MicroMachines set that I believe is long since garage-saled.
Dusty Jewett
189. hatsix
winning this would be out of this world!
191. Admiral
I would like please ;)
193. GoofusMcNoofus
194. LadyCrow
Ground control to Major Tom!
Ken Slauson
195. kslauson
This is the one I want the most, I think.
197. JenL
This looks good.
Shelby Michlin
199. BaronGreystone
I so totally need this to brainwash my daughter into becoming the astronaut I never was!
Christopher Davis
200. ckd
I'm young enough to have never lived at a time when men hadn't walked on the moon...and old enough that in my lifetime, eight men have.
208. denelian
i hope this isn't a duplicate - if it is, i'm very sorry - i hit "preview" and everything i wrote disappeared...

but - ooooh, i want this, its soooo very cool!
210. Sirtomster
1st post!

Steven Janowsky
211. sjanowsky
Didn't they use those little model kits to fake the landing?
212. Spontaneous Pixel
Awesome contest! Thanks Tor!
213. Chris Eagle
Can't miss the make-your-own-fake opportunity.
214. QuantumLeaper
t-minus 5 seconds.
216. Steve Halter
These are nice. We just need to get back to the moon.
217. Aaron Fuegi
Would like.
220. Jacob P. Silvia
And back!
Kevin Sanders
221. ksandersbna
Can't believe it's been a year! Congrats!
222. alwayslurking
Another fine-looking prize.
225. tressi
i love space stuff! yay, 40th anniversary of the first moon landing! i hope we get around to going back one of these days.
226. t2350
Fire up the lander!
227. t2350
Fire up the lander!
229. Keith M. Soltys
Happy anniversary (both of them)!
Oliver Thiessen
233. thiess
You mean I can re-enact the landing while seeing it?
234. Mugsy's Moll
My desk needs those awesome toys. They will make my coworkers so incredibly jealous that they'll act like they don't even care about my awesome toys, and may even go so far as to question why a grown woman would even want things like that. Yeah--THAT jealous!
237. nancileigh
Marshall Caudill
238. MCaudill
I would *love* to have those DVDs. I wouldn't mind decorating my monitor with the toys, either.
Ted Clawson 3
239. Sea
Happy Anniversary Tor and continued success
241. LibrarianKas
Space history DVDs are cool! So is Tor for offering this give-away.
248. margaret Rutledge
Happy Birthday to you!
249. selidor
It's a toss-up for me which is my favourite episode in this: "Spider", with them building the LEM, or the one on Apollo 12.
Normandy Helmer
250. Chimaera
Just wish my kids could experience a world-wide science thrill like the moon landing.
Steve Sedlmeyer
252. bigbubba65
one of these days Alice, one of these days
254. ericthecat
Happy anniversary!
Louis Richards
255. lummer5000
Not having cable, I never got to see this.
Jim Edwards-Hewitt
259. Redshift
Very nice! Happy Anniversary! (Gimme! :-)
Kate Baker
261. Kate_Baker
My father would absolutely love this, and so would I, but really, think of my father.

263. tan42
Happy Anniversary!
265. Bethanyfig
My husband and I loved this series.
Yitzchak Schwarz
266. shyisc
Incredibly suitable for me, seeing as I've recently studied some astronomy.
les kaye
267. hapax
If I don't win this, I'll prolly buy it.

Oh, and the DVD series, too.
Brandy Thomas
268. Roese
Watching all the footage again today of the moon landing still gives me goosebumps.
270. kjohnson989
Happy Anniversary!
272. Charles G. Childers
Luke Thompson
274. thom9894
Haven't seen the miniseries, but sure would like to :)
CE Petit
275. Jaws
This was my kids' favorite miniseries when it was first broadcast.
Allen Westenbarger
276. Ghidora
This is another one of those shows I've always meant to pick up on DVD.
279. Wyndhammer
free stuff rocks!
281. LU!5
What a great show!
Scott Pierson
282. p13r50n5
Thanks for doing these giveaways. Great stuff.
285. sndmaven
286. lafemme
I have always wanted to go to the Moon. Seriously.
288. Medic3
Awesome miniseries.
289. angie camp
let's do some winning
292. digitalbeachbum
Clifton Royston
294. CliftonR
Now this would be awesome. Still trying to get my son to fully understand how amazing an accomplishment this was. Please.
296. cylis9
Nice set. July 20th is my birthday so the moon landings have always had special meaning to me...
Chris Weigert
298. StrangeTikiGod
Oooh, ooh, pick me! I'm askin' you with my brain!
Zed Lopez
299. ZedLopez
Managed to overlook this one until I tried the "worthy" link on Making Light.
Susan Wilson
301. lawizard
I would love this for the next generation in my family!
302. Leroy F. Berven
Great combination: a (true) story that helps explain how and why we so enjoy playing with these types of toys (especially at larger scales), and an opportunity to do so again . . .
304. LawyerKevin
Love this series!
305. BradW3
Nice website! Nice set! Would be super nice to have!
306. kibrika
I'd love the model kit! (But wouldn't be sad about the miniseries either.)
308. FJManero
Been wanting to see it for a long time.
Dimitris Lykourias
310. lykouri
Just right for the 40th anniversary !
314. Abhishek
Contest entry! :)
socrate badeau
315. socrate
A lunar kit,,This woul be a great prize to win. Thanks Tor
318. bte101
Second favorite HBO show, after Band of Brothers
Espen Arnesen
320. zarkzervo
I'll build my own lunar base. With blackjack... and *******... ;)
Douglas Warren
321. BukaHobbit
Must have space toys for the boy...yes master.
323. Ben Harrison
Would love to win this one!!
324. Shana R
I know some kids who will adore this.
Rich Gold
325. richg25
Thanks for the chance to participate!
326. J.C. Stoner
Perfect chew toy for my new adopted puppy!
328. Christi Koenig
Possibly the best mini-series ever, but I really want the toys too.
Eric Hartwell
329. ehartwell
Not to mention the moonmen's fruitcake recipe...
John Lampe
330. johnslampe
This show was AWESOME! And I've been wanting a copy for a long time.
331. Mary Win
This is an awesome series! I would love to own it!
wendy isicson
332. wi4
i know exactly where these will go in my barren cube. :)
C.D. Thomas
333. cdthomas
I want this prize the most -- I've never seen this show. And yes, I am a bad person... but if I don't win, I'm going to Amazon and make amends, promise....
Kimberly Woods
335. Calli
Too bad there isn't a Blu-Ray edition offered, but oh well. This still looks awesome!
Eric Filion
336. audiozobe
You know, it's getting harder and harder to decide which of these prizes I'd rather have!
337. Michael Habif
i want
341. goldendelicious
Ooo I would love to have this.
342. MichaelK!
Joann Zimmerman
343. joann
Never had HBO, never had a chance to see it.
John Fitzingo
344. Xandar01
This would be great to display in my wife's classroom
345. apt2501
Yes, please.
347. Alex C Telander
Here's hoping, happy Moon day everyone!

Alex C. Telander
BookBanter: Author Interview and Book Review Podcast
349. Greg Ioannou
Made it just in time!
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