Feb 17 2009 4:23pm

Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket covers re-imagined

Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket covers

M. S. Corley has reimagined Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket as Penguin-esque covers. I believe “full of awesome” is the correct response here. It’s like Saul Bass meets Greek vase painting...and I’m in love, and suddenly wondering what The Wheel of Time would look like as such... Hmmmm....

[Via a Twitter friend. (Thanks, Ryan!]

Brian Murphy
1. murfman
These are so cool! Reminds me of library sales and digging through baskets of books at estate and garage sales. ;)

Here are the Spiderwick Chronicles as well!
Eric Braddock
2. EricBraddock
These are so great, I love the stylization and different approach. Like black & red figure art from ancient Greek pottery. I love it.
Jo Walton
4. bluejo
They look so terribly plausible. Irene, you can totally do any of my covers like that!
Arachne Jericho
5. arachnejericho
I love these covers.

What does Twilight look like?

(On the other hand, the Twilight covers are all pretty stylized in the first place.)
Jason Denzel
6. JasonDenzel
Love it. Thanks for sharing. My favorite is Harry Potter 7. So creepy.

And yes, somebody PLEASE do the WoT novels.
7. MSCorley
Thanks for the kind words everyone!

These series are quite enjoyable to make, I have never read The Wheel of Time series but I'm certainly open to it.

There are many more book series' I have planned to make for this project, so stay tuned.
8. V47
I'd have to say for density, excellent visual narrative and good graphic design I prefer these to the originals.
9. sofrina
what's cool about the hp's is that you pick the element on which each book most hinges. nothing in SS matters as much as Harry receiving his call to adventure and in DH nothing matters so much as his choice to sacrifice himself for everyone else thereby making it possible for Voldemort to truly be defeated.

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