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Xenith Xenith said (6 years ago):
Let me try this
aedifica aedifica said (6 years ago):
Yay! I'm happy it worked out.
aedifica aedifica said (6 years ago):
I'm uploading them to a file server and I'll send the link as soon as they're done uploading. I compressed the files to send them, so let me know if anything doesn't decompress right. Also, let me know if you need instructions--I have no idea how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with computers, I just know you can get online. :-) Enjoy the books!
aedifica aedifica said (6 years ago):
Re your comment about not being able to download the free ebooks because they'll be gone before you get highspeed internet: if you send me a private shout with your email address after you get highspeed, I'd be happy to email them to you! I downloaded all the ebooks in all the available formats. :-)