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New York, NY
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Fraser Sherman
10 months 3 weeks ago
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Announcing Urban Fantasy by at Mon Jan 10 2011 2:04pm
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brc brc said (4 years ago):
you have this shoutbox and i write things on it! mohahahah no shouts for you.
Betterthenyouknew Betterthenyouknew said (5 years ago):
Only in NY City... ... Do I find a Duane Reade sales clerk named: Asm Uddin... And a bank teller named: Fyielle How ridiculous is that? Thought you might enjoy that tidbit as well.
fritzfoy fritzfoy said (6 years ago):
I used the Ikea bookshelves as deviders in a room to create a separate dining area and had books spine out on both sides Aaron VD uses them for his album collection Dont put down IKEA bookshelves
supertailz supertailz said (6 years ago):
Friiiiend me. Without the validation that your intertube site can give me I shall never believe that we are forevar friends. Rly.
fritzfoy fritzfoy said (6 years ago):