Writing Advice from Neil Gaiman: Embrace Boredom!

Neil Gaiman has advice for all the young writers out there: LET YOURSELF GET BORED. As he says, “Ideas come from daydreaming. They come from drifting.” And that isn’t going to happen if you’re on Twitter (or Snapchat, or Tinder, or…Kiwi? Is that a thing?) long into every night.

Gaiman stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about writing, becoming a diva for American Gods, and tattoos! You can check out both halves of the interview below.

First, he discusses his new collection, The View from the Cheap Seats, and that time his Weirdness Meter broke:

And then he digs into the very real magic of getting bored:

Good stuff! Now get off the internet and write!

[via Vox.com!]

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