Morning Roundup: We Promise We’ll Never Grab Jar-Jar’s Tongue Again

In honor of May the Fourth, The Nerdist’s Amy Ratcliffe rounded up a few of the most ill-advised Star Wars collectibles ever produced for a mass audience. We’re not really sure how any of these made it past the inter-office memo stage, but we had to feature our favorite, the horrifying Jar-Jar-tongue-lollipop nightmare featured above. Full disclosure: someone in this very rocketship owned one of these.

Morning Roundup apologizes for any Jar-Jar-related trauma, and dives headfirst into news! There is a casting call afoot for Episode VII, which will give us clues to the far, far away galaxy Abrams & co. are building. Marc Webb talks about villainy, and Seth Rogen talks about Preacher!


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