Frozen Becomes the Highest Grossing Animated Film!

Frozen—the Disney film that stars two female leads and openly challenges the fairytale tradition of marrying a dude you’ve known for a day—has just become the highest-grossing animated film of all time* by besting the previous record-holder Finding Nemo. As of this week it’s earned over 800 million dollars globally, and it still hasn’t opened in China or Japan.

We’ll hold still for a second while you think about that.

This movie, the one with the giant, soaring, gorgeous song about overcoming a bad childhood and tapping into your own unique talents, sung by a woman who doesn’t need a guy at all? That’s the highest grossing animated movie of all time. This means that not only are two female-directed films among the most successful of 2013, but also that apparently films with female leads can do OK at the box office.

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew.

*These numbers reflect non-sequel animated films, in their initial release. 


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