C.J. Cherryh’s Morgaine Cycle Novels Optioned for Film

Extremely prolific and beloved author C.J. Cherryh may have a series of her novels adapated into a series of films. Variety is reporting that producer Aaron Magnani has optioned the four-book cycle of Cherryh’s Morgaine stories and with screenwriter Peter Arneson, hopes to make it into a film franchise called “The Gates of Morgaine.”

The Morgaine cycle chronicles the high fantasy sci-fi tale of Morgaine, a mysterious woman who can travel between distant worlds and times through a series of gates. Morgaine also holds the ability to destroy these gates and is sought after by a variety of interests. Notably, the series always depicts Morgaine through the eyes of others, allowing the reader a variety of interpretations as to her actions.

[News via Variety via The Mary Sue]


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