Morning Roundup: Pac Labyrinth. Yes.

We’re sort of surprised that this PacMan knock-off for the movie Labyrinth never actually existed. But we give mad props to Josh Gilbert for coming up with the idea and rendering it in such a shiny way.

Your other daily offsite links will only give your baby brother back if you solve the Labyrinth in thirteen hours….

  1. BSG: Blood and Chrome is here!
  2. Spielberg turn down Star Wars.
  3.  Urine is being used to turn on the lights.

  • Now Liam Neeson is going to be in that LEGO movie?
  • Nope, it doesn’t look like Steven Spielberg wants to direct the next Star Wars film.
  • Steven Moffat asked Neil Gaiman to make Cybermen scary again.
  • Watch the first episode of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome (if you haven’t already!
  • This dog has a Bantha costume. Wow.
  • Find out how the Poltergiest remake is doing from the mouth of its screenwriter.
  • So, urine was used to make water in Waterworld and here it’s being used to generate… eletricity?
  • You should probably see Skyfall in IMAX because you’ll miss about 26% of the screen if you don’t. Yeesh
  • Mark Millar is insistent that The Wolverine will begin building Fox Studios superhero films the way that Iron Man did for Marvel. (All the other X-Men films that people liked don’t count, apparently?)
  • This prosthetic arm and hand looks like it could come out of The Terminator, and works well enough to type and peel vegetables. It also has a skin-colored glove that makes it look like a real hand for those more Luke Skywalker days.

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