Reminder:’s 4th Birthday Party in Two Weeks!

For those of you lamenting August and its lack of excitement, Stubby will deliver you from boredom! is having a 4th birthday meet-up, and we want you to be there! (Especially you.)

The details: the meet-up is FREE and starts at 6 PM on Thursday, August 2nd. Professor Thom’s is located at 219 2nd Avenue between East 13th and 14th Street. Come have a drink and hang out!  We’ll have a special cocktail and some special party favors, and at this point, our meet-ups are legendary, so you can’t miss it.

RSVP at our Facebook invite here.

Kirk/Spock DJ illustration by Chris Whetzel

Stubby the Rocket loves all its people puppets. Ahem, the crew, it meant to say.

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