Morning Roundup: Marina Sirtis is The Evil Queen

Like a submarine racing a huddle of penguins inside of a hollowed-out iceberg, you’ve made it the finish line of your week. Good job! Now it’s time to use your flippers/propellers for other uses. Like getting in line to see Marina Sirtis as the Evil Queen. Check out that and other great off-site links now. (Video above is a commercial of a play version of the classic story Snow White. The video is a present for you.)

Other Highlights include:

1.) Have a character named after you in A Memory of Light!

2.) Star Trek casting and Doctor Who movie tidbits.

3.) College Humor’s Troopers returns.

4.) Zombie attack Barbie.

From our handy “Of Interest” sidebar:

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of  Stubby is so excited for A Snow White Christmas 2: Shinzon is The Fairest Of of Them All.


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