Morning Roundup: Sean Bean Gets Stabbed, Finishes His Beer, Continues to Inspire Us All

Happy Wednesday! In this morning’s offsite links roundup we’re:

1.) Gaping in open-mouthed terror at the shivering brilliance of Sesame Street’s Spider-Monster: The Musical.

2.) Belatedly celebrating the 30th birthday of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

3.) Wondering when our own cells can be outfitted with bacteria that focuses light into lasers. And wondering who will be the one who ends up halting our laser rampage.

4.) Marveling at the fixed point in time that is Sean Bean. No orc, no stab wound, no fictional death can stop him.

From the “Of Interest” Sidebar:

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby would like its new nickname to be “Beefy Bean.”

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