Dead Island trailer

It seems that this jaw-dropping new trailer for the first-person shooter Dead Island is already causing plenty of controversy for its disturbing portrayal of a young girl and her parents being slaughtered by zombie hordes. Due out later this year, Dead Island is being promoted as a new twist on the zombie video game, with greater emphasis on storytelling and role-playing elements.

Both developers at Techland and publisher Deep Silver have refused to release any further details about the game, but it’s clear that they expect it to have a major impact on the gaming scene; while it still doesn’t have an official release date, the trailer certainly has people talking, for better or worse. So, what do you think—too violent, or just too awesome for words?

Bridget McGovern is still waiting for somebody to come out with Zombie Oregon Trail (where dying of dysentery will finally be the least of your problems).


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