The Twelve Doctors of Christmas

The Twelve Doctors of Christmas is a series of posts on from December 26th to January 6th celebrating the many incarnations of the Doctor, the enigmatic Timelord at the center of the long-running science fiction series Doctor Who.

Join a host of writers, artists, and fans as they single out their favorite aspects of each Doctor (and then some).

The Twelve Doctors of Christmas 12/21/10 – Announcing the Twelve Doctors of Christmas!
The First Doctor, William Hartnell 12/26/10 – The First Doctor of Christmas by George Mann
The Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton 12/27/10 – The Mystery of the Cosmic Hobo (or, Bow Ties Are Cool!) by Nick Abadzis
The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee 12/28/10 – The Third Doctor by Paul Cornell
The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker 12/29/10 – Born to be an Alien by Nicholas Whyte
The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison 12/30/10 – Shifting into Fifth by Pia Guerra
The Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker 12/31/10 – The Joy of Six by Josiah Rowe
The Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy 01/01/11 – The Tea is Getting Cold by Seanan McGuire
The Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann 01/02/11 – His Humanity Proven by Steve Mollman
The Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston 01/03/11 – The Walking Wounded by Graham Sleight
The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant

01/04/11 – Because I’m Clever by Nasty Canasta

The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith

01/05/11 – Chicks Dig the Eleventh Doctor by Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea

01/05/11 – Fezzes Aren’t Cool by Mark Waid

The Twelfth Doctor, Jason Henninger 01/06/11 – The Twelfth Doctors by Jason Henninger
The Twelve Doctors of Christmas 01/07/11 – Wrapping Up the Twelve Doctors of Christmas with a Song

Enjoy these Doctor Who articles posted in conjunction with the Twelve Doctors of Christmas!

Doctor Who come with me 12/27/10 – How to Get Into Doctor Who in One or Two Easy Steps by Chris Greenland
Doctor Who crafting 12/28/10 – A Smithmas Smorgasbord of Doctor Who Crafting and Building by Ruth X
Doctor Who paradoxes 12/29/10 – Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey: Top 5 Doctor Who Paradoxes by Ryan Britt
Orbital with Matt Smith 12/30/10 – Frequency Rotation, Orbital with Matt Smith, “Doctor Who” by Jason Heller
Doctor Who fashion tips 12/31/10 – From Bow Ties to Sneakers: Fashion Tips From the Doctor by Ryan Britt
Doctor Who Matryoshka dollls 01/04/10 – Cool Doctor Who Stuff Around the Internet by Stubby the Rocket
01/05/10 – “My Doctor Could Out-Sonic Your Doctor!”—A Plea To Fellow Whovians by Emily Asher-Perrin
01/06/10 – Why a Madman is Always Better if He Has a Box by Emily Asher-Perrin

Need more Doctor? Enjoy these reviews and recaps by Teresa Jusino of Matt Smith’s first season as The Eleventh Doctor!

04/21/10 – S5, Ep 1: “The Eleventh Hour”
04/28/10 – S5, Ep 2: “The Beast Below”
05/11/10 – S5, EP3 – “Victory of the Daleks”
05/21/10 – S5, EPS 4 & 5: “The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone”
05/28/10 – S5, EP6: “The Vampires of Venice”
06/09/10 – S5, EP7: “Amy’s Choice”
06/23/10 – Eps 8 & 9: “The Hungry Earth”/“Cold Blood”
07/14/10 – S5, EP10: “Vincent and The Doctor”
07/29/10 – S5, EP11: “The Lodger”
08/02/10 – S5 Finale: “The Pandorica Opens”/“The Big Bang”
12/26/10 – S6 Special: “A Christmas Carol” by Teresa Jusino and Ryan Britt


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