Create a Six Word Fantasy Story!

Earlier this morning we asked folks following us on Twitter if they could create a 6 word fantasy story!

So far we’ve had some very recognisable fantasy tropes in there, including:

“Slay dragon, rescue princess, defeat evil” by @Figures

“Gone on quest. Found magic sword!” by @Pallekenl

“How did I become a frog?!?” by @SPAZinOL

As well as some that made us laugh…

“Sleepy dragon looking for burglar alarm” by @tapsiful

“Kings clash, peasants die. Bloody typical” by @grouchotendency

“Wanted: Deux Ex Machina – will pay” by @quasigrue

“Lonely Mountain. Needs Mate. Apply Here” by @Angus_A

Some of these tweets really do tell a story, though:

“She fell and found her wings” by @ceitfianna

These tweets are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out lots more responses by seaching for the #sixwordfantasy hashtag. Add your own on Twitter, or leave some in the comments below!


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