Live Feed From JordanCon, Day Two!

Once again, for everyone wishing they were at JordanCon right now, Steve Godecke and the awesome folks at have been gracious enough to create a live feed of the Con. Join us now (11:30 AM, ET) for today’s freewheelin’ Wheel of Time discussion, “The Future of The Franchise: Movies, Outriggers, and Graphic Novels, oh my!” featuring Harriet McDougal, Jason Denzel and Melissa Craib:

Watch live video from Portalstones on

Also, if you’re on Twitter, you can follow along with the #jordancon hashtag using Twitter Search. For a full list of live Twitter feeds, fan sites, forums and everything you need to get up-to-the-minute JordanCon updates throughout the weekend, check out this handy guide thoughtfully provided by this year’s Toastmaster Supreme, Matt Hatch.


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