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Welcome, Browncoats! Firefly was a short-lived space Western created by Joss Whedon, with a strong fan following, as the show is gorram shiny. We’re going to re-watch it and analyze why that is for In other words: We aim to misbehave….




Introduction: Firefly Re-watch: Calling all Browncoats.
by Richard Fife




Episode 101: Serenity
Episode 102: The Train Job

Episode 103: Bushwhacked

Episode 104: Shindig

Episode 105: Safe

Episode 106: Our Mrs. Reynolds

Episode 107: Jaynestown

Episode 108: Out of Gas

Episode 109: Ariel

Episode 110: War Stories

Episode 111: Trash

Episode 112: The Message

Episode 113: Heart of Gold

Episode 114: Objects in Space
Series in Reflection
Serenity: Those Left Behind Part 1
Serenity: Those Left Behind Part 2
Serenity: Those Left Behind Part 3
Serenity: The First Half
Serenity: The Second Half

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