I Speak Fluent Giraffe

I Speak Fluent Giraffe: The Accursed Waning Ossuary

The Accursed Waning Ossuary

It lurks in darker monoliths,
And disembodied, feeble glades;
In noisome crescents to reveal,
Unspoken slabs of charnel shades.

Miasmal ichor of the tomb,
And aeons anxious gibbous sleep;
Inflexibly gelatinous,
As desperate portals lapse the deep.

Repellent, vivid, terrible!
The moist facades of sentience,
Assumed grotesque and obdurate,
Some damnable arcane intents.

An aperture of effluence,
Connote a mausolean span;
While shadowed cenotaphs repel,
The blasphemous array of Man.

Illustration by Brian Elig.
(Click on image above to see full scale.)

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