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Saturday morning cartoons: “Parallelostory” and “Father and Daughter”

Parallelostory: Of course I love all the Saturday Morning Cartoons equally but if I had to pick some favorites, the quiet and sweet outer-space visit in Leo’s Song would be among them. So, I was super thrilled when the creators contacted me last week to say they have a new animation out in the world. Once again, they have created something so simple and tender it can break your heart. (2.20 minutes)

Father and Daughter: This is also a favorite of mine. I’ve been impatiently sitting on this since the start of Saturday Morning Cartoons. From the filmmaker, Michael Dudok de Wit, “‘Father and Daughter’ is a film about longing, the kind of longing which quietly, yet totally, affects our lives.” (8.30 minutes)


Parallelostory from impactist on Vimeo.
(For a larger version, follow the link above.)

Father and Daughter
Michael Dudok de Wit

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