Around the Web: Iron Man 2, robot warriors, and 12 movies no one wants to see

What’s around the web this Turkey Day Eve.

Robert Downey, Jr. on Iron Man 2 and The Avengers – “If we don’t get it right it’s really, really going to suck.”

Battle Bots – The future of war?

Today in Geek History – The publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Stargate Atlantis gets something scientific right – Being that physicists are squabbling egomaniacs who can’t cooperate in the face of a crisis.

12 upcoming remakes of classic films – AKA “Things That Shouldn’t Be Remade.”

Aliens? Yes. UFOs? No. – The Bad Astronomer weighs in.

Helvetica’s History with the NYC Subway – For typography geeks.

A spotlight on Max Fleischer’s Superman cartoons – Thank you, Lines and Colors.

And a classic…

Star Trek TOS meets Camelot – This works too well.

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