Pixar’s Up

I think Pixar and Obama may be the only two things where I literally don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan. Is it even possible to name your favorite Pixar? The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Finding Nemo… No, it’s like trying to pick a favorite Sondheim musical, it is not possible.

A number of sites are showing the new Up trailer. People are a little skeptical of a feature about an cantankerous old man. I have to say, I’m not thinking this’ll be a problem.  Exotic jungle setting set with Ed Asner-voiced crankiness feels like a winner to me. It’s Cars 2  that I’m dreading.

Via Cartoon Brew, here is a quick report from The Fire Wire, who got see an early cut of the movie: “A little morose compared to other Pixar fare.” See! All good omens.

PixarAlso of interest, there is a newly started fan-initiated site on the art of Pixar. A little sparse, but it looks poised to be a great resource as more people contribute to it.


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