DJ Spooky v. Cory Doctorow: a CBLDF mashup! video

Here, for your enjoyment and edification, the first sixty minutes of Thursday night’s CBLDF fundraiser with DJ Spooky and Cory Doctorow, in seven bite-size parts.

Part 1- DJ Spooky gives a shortened version of the presentation that accompanies his new book, Sound Unbound:

Part 2- DJ Spooky continues:

Part 3- Cory Doctorow takes the stage and talks about issues pertaining to his new book, Little Brother:

Part 4- Cory continues:

Part 5- Cory continues, and then sits with Spooky:

Part 6- Cory and Spooky:

Part 7- Cory and Spooky:


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