Lilypad Cities

Soon, we may well all live on peripatetic pond-fodder, lazily riding the currents from sea to sea to sea. Vincent Callebut is a Belgian architect with a penchant for grandiose post-apocalyptical thinking. His ‘Lilypad Floating Ecopolis’ (pictured here) is a self sustaining, amphibious structure which houses approximately 50,000 people. Its design was inspired by the prospect of having to house coastal refugees after the polar ice-caps have all melted away. Take a look at his website, which, along with the Lilypad, serves as showcase for two other concept projects, both equally SFnal: The ‘Anti-Smog’ of Paris and the ‘Perfumed Jungle’ of Hong Kong. If nothing else, the beautiful renderings will hold your imagination hostage for quite a while. (Via CNN.)



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